September 27, 2023

SCOTUS Will Decide What You Can Wear When You Vote

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Is there no end to the madness. Take me “far from the madding crowd!”

It seems Minnesota has a law the prohibits voters from wearing any “‘political’ apparel at a polling place.” This is further defined as, “…any t-shirt, button, or other item that identifies any political issue and even any organization that is known to take positions on political issues. Voters who wear AFL-CIO or NRA caps are told they must remove them before they can enter the polling place and vote. If they refuse, election officials take their names for possible prosecution and penalties up to $5,000. Lower courts upheld this law on the theory that government can ban all expression, besides voting, at a polling place.” (emboldening added)<<<Read More>>>

I thought this quite appropriate after Rattler Rider posted information as to “How the COTUS Bill of Privileges Can Be Used to Screw YOU.”