January 30, 2023

Your Comment Is Awaiting Moderation In The Brave New World of Rugged Individualists

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This is the cowardly cyber world of the internet.. Scared shitless that someone will swoop into their blog articles comments section and counter their propaganda with some other propaganda.. Some “rubbish” that couldn’t possibly be truthful in any way.. After calling your thoughts “rubbish” they usually go into an anti conspiracy theory tirade.. To funny.. Labeling Something a Conspiracy Theory Does Not Reduce Belief in It nor prove it isn’t a larger conspiracy than officialdom claims it is…”Your Comment Is Awaiting Moderation” for chicken little’s hiding in their chicken huts online…Hahahahahahaha!

Whatever the issue may be.. Criminal, Historical, and of course “scientific” theorizing.. People spend way to much time fearful of conspiracy theorizing when they have become completely brainwashed with out right provable historical lies, and by scientific hoaxes.. Not to mention their willingness to step into the legalism arena of legal fictional theories and espouse their expert opinions there as well.. The Psychology of Conspiracy Denial knows no bounds in this totally divided and apparently brain dead society.. Everyone from every culture are convinced that they are somehow immune from the ravages of propaganda. Yet all of these various groups of individuals have spent a lifetime being manipulated by commercial television or a broken down educational system, mainstream books, historical myths, scientific myths based in the Kabbalah, political lies and Biblical false interpretation myths by various false prophets teaching a false Gospel.., in other words- believing lies. None of us are immune..

For example if you repeat the lie that the Earth is a ball flying through space and it is a planet lie enough times for over 500 years now almost everyone will believe it and so it has come to pass.. The Bible does not support a globe theory nor that the Earth is a planet theory.. So the Globe lie is believed to be true is an obvious operational component of this societies pure “educational” propagandized worldview.. I’m just going to go from example to example here; Such as this one; Those who implemented the wolf programme are constantly called law breakers by various anti wolf groups… So apparently those people behind that wolf programme conspired against hunting, ranching and farming… Apparently there has been misappropriation of funds, no permits, incorrect health certificate data, if there even were health certificates…

Evolutionism; The dumbest theory of them all;

How could I forget that one; Of course there is that theory of Evolutionary Darwinism where that mentality manifests into an inhumane consciousness that basically exists inside everybody who allows this inhumane consciousness to enter into their thinking.. Then when we hunt kill and eat animals same as the animals do the leaf lickers whine about it… psycho-spiritual separation that exist inside the collective consciousness of everybody that also connects to the physical manifestation of believing that you live on a flying globe spinning round and round while that you a believing that you are a manifestation of nothingness and believing that you are more of a manifestation of animalistic characteristics that are being preached to you with this evolution theory, this heliocentric model and the way society is promoted through government public education and their mainstream media and their definitions of hued man perverted into their “human” nature philosophy that includes bombing other nations and even depopulating their own citizens and just the most heinous and inhumane actions they’ve trained their automatons to believe in that they are more animals than they are man, hued into their human toys, not to even mention the fact that they don’t even go into what mankind actually is and should be based upon the intellectual property owner of what a man is versus their perversion of a man into a human is.. And most will never comprehend what the difference between those two definitions really is..

So another conspiracy theory to add to the long list of conspiracy theorizing.. I do not see “conspiracy theorist” which is critical thinking theorizing as a whole as entirely without merit, as in all lines of inquiry there are those with good intent seeking real answers,and there are others who simply want to use ‘knowledge for power’. Ironically true believers are some of the most apt to fall into the second category. We know about belief versus knowledge don’t we dear reader… The label used as denigration has been highly successful in fomenting division.. Who does the division serve? You? me? Hardly… All of you protesting the REWILDING and the WOLF mess have fallen into division amongst yourselves and obviously none of you have the intellectual capacity to stop it and step up and speak out more openly.. You are conspiring yourself, against the World Government that wants to REWILD the Earth.. OK.. Everything they’re doing is legal according to international law… Illegal or in violation of the Law of Nations… Not illegal in the sense of national law..

As the COTUS states international law is the supreme law of the land, as international law has been entered into agreement here via treaties.. So the UNEP, A 2100 – REWILDING was set up legally, and has been being implemented for so long now it has set a legal precedence… So many ranchers farmers and hunters are dissenting against it.. I am also.. Ah shucks, we’re conspiring to expose it… oops… REWILDING is Sustainable Development and that my friends is slow motion genocide, eugenics on steroids.. Thats what the UNEP BS is.. depopulation.. I don’t beat around the BUSCH I call it out for what it is..

Now here’s another nice theory going around out there in stupidville; Political Theories; If people haven’t learnt by now, that the political system is an exclusive system representing whoever is controlling the various alphabet agencies of this world’s systems managements interests, and that it is impossible for any party regardless of what is said of their political leanings, to genuinely represent people away from those prioritising interests of who those managers are, then they deserve what they get. To reiterate, all, absolutely all political parties represent the exclusive interests of the elite leading this shit show wherever it is they think they’re taking it; that is what is happening regardless the party, left, right, moderate, or extreme, or what the cognizant minds out here in la la theorizing land want, agree with or disagree with.. We’re going there and we aren’t even slowing them down..

Now here’s another theory: The American citizenry has been dumbed down.. Thats right, allowed to believe in total horseshit.. No matter where we go and read there is some truth sprinkled on a lot of horseshit.. Nobodies immune.. In fact the servants of Satan, working to fulfill Satan’s destiny here, those Satan’s seed family line Yeshua the real Christ warned us of are the dumbest people of all in this world.. As heavenly father stated himself, “Thinking themselves wise they are fools”. And of course they’ve made a lot of fools along their way to setting up their little gODs horrifying last governmental structure he’s ever going to own.. See, that’s another crazy theory as well.. Just ask any theorizing Atheist about how there is no GOD yet all men are gods and these gods are building a Kingdom for themselves minus most of us because we’re over populated..

See.. Theories are endless.. Here’s some more for ya; The conspiracy of psychology theories about conspiracy theories is always laughable material to read… Conspiracist ideation; *Monological belief system: a self-sustaining worldview comprised of a network of mutually supportive beliefs. The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories and the Conspiracy of Psychology Theories; We have had an exponential expansion of Newspeak jargon after the events of WWI then WWII then the creation of the U.N. out of the League of Nations via that Lucis Trust. {I suggest reading the Luciferian Doctrine; Another grand theory going on all around us.} An obviously well funded campaign spearheaded by Whoever manages the wealth of the World Bank and the IMF…, as well building on the earlier CIA conspiracy to promote “Conspiracy Theory” as a meme to be denigrated back in the late 1960’s to demonize critics of the Warren Commission Report. We are seeing the creation of the Ministry of Truth in it’s 21st century manifestation.Everyone is a conspiracy theorist, including you… Awe shucks.. That reminds me, there is even a dark chocolate conspiracy theory floating around this household these days.. Somebody keeps pillaging mine..

How about the theory of democracy; I call it the imagination of having a democracy by the crazy masses;

Anyone who can still speak to “democracy” and not recognize that there is only one kind that has existed in world history since Ancient Greece is simply and utterly uninformed. This one and only form is Bernaysian Democracy, one based on the manufacture of ‘consent’ by a manipulative Public Relations Regime, or as Orwell put it, the establishments Ministry of Truth…I bid anyone who does not comprehend this to read the first chapter of Bernays’ book, PROPAGANDA, wherein he lays this out in no uncertain terms. And then read Walter Lippman’s, PUBLIC OPINION for a refresher course. An examination of Gustave Le Bon is warranted as well…

Don’t forget the greatest theory of them all; That the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and all of those U.S. codes were intended for us all to make our lives magical wonderful and bitchin… No doubt about the bitchin part.. Everyone is bitchin about this magical wonderful freedom charade.. Then of course the whimpering about the federalists political charter not being applied even steven to us all…Hilariousness is reading a Constitutor going on and on about being a Constitutionalist..Go test the U.S. constitution against the U.S. Code… They have courts awaiting your arrival… Go test it.. It’ll be your own test. Several brave men and women long before the new “constitutionalists” came along already tested the COTUS versus the U.S. Code in their courts.. Most of them gained decent rooms in stacked housing units for their trouble..Especially funny is Constitutionalists don’t like federalism and quote federal constitutional myths in arguments against federalism.. Gawblesmurka…

The Supreme Court even has a theory about the COTUS theory;

“But indeed, no person has a right to complain, by suit in Court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution, it is true, is a compact (contract), but he{YOU CITIZEN} is not a party to it. The States are a party to it…”. [Padelford, Fay & Co. vs. The Mayor and Alderman of the City of Savannah, 14 Ga. 438 (1854)]

The Framers of the United States whom I refuse to refer to as the Founding Fathers sought to perfect their own nature. By subjugating you to the admiralty maritime laws set up in every state legislative body and passed off into their courts and by framing you, the 14th Amendment Constitutor Citizen’s for liability of the debts of the United States. The United States being Congress in Session.. The state legislative bodies are also the united states in session.. It’s all federalism..Oh shit these theories are endless…You owe 20 trillion+ now dear constitutor..Perhaps that has something to do with inventorying you and your assets via their clever census?

I have some advice for those who want to frame “Conspiracy Theory” as a mental disease; You had damned well better know the facts of the conspiracies throughout history that have been proven beyond reasonable doubt.The topic must also be understood from a systemic analysis. Otherwise there is nothing of substance behind the ‘psychological theories’ being put forth. The anti conspiracy theorist who is the epitome of critical thought and questioning of official reality has had their pants yanked down in public, displaying their micro-penis intellects, that is; the lack of any substance whatsoever in their official theories are truth quack nonsense. Unless this agenda to frame Conspiracy Theory – real critical thinking and suspicion of official theories as a form of psychosis is successful in creating legislation criminalizing such thought, and we end up with show trials akin to the absurdities in the Soviet Union under the tutelage of Beria: Those who promote this fraudulent nonsense under the banner of “science” will remain liable the judgment of the rational analysis of an awakened public. Those who throw their lot against the side of truth can never survive in the long run.

21st Century Schizoid Man
Insane by your own stated standards. Moral relativity – hypocrisy of shifting standards.
Amoral relativism, which relativizes the truth of moral claims, follows logically from a broader cognitive relativism that relativizes truth in general.
Linguistic relativism, the Humpty Dumpty position of ‘words mean what I say when I say them’ [Through the Looking Glass].
These are some of the issues at the core of my critique of postmodern culture. A scientifically engineered culture, via the social engineering of the Public Relations Regime. Wherein the culture is a synthetic solution – the scum grown in a petri dish.
[See; Bernays – Lippmann –Gustave Le Bon – Hegel’s Hegelian Dialectic]
Just Notes – Pellucity


Jacques Ellul – PROPAGANDA

“A related point central in Ellul’s thesis, is that modem propaganda
cannot work without “education”; he thus reverses the widespread notion
that education is the best prophylactic against propaganda. On the
contrary he says “education” or what usually goes by that word in the
modem world, is the prerequisite for propaganda. In Fact, “education”
is largely identical with what Ellul calls “pre-propaganda”—the
conditioning of minds with vast amounts of incoherent information,
already dispensed for ulterior purposes and posing as ‘facts* and as

Ellul follows through by designating intellectuals as virtually the
most vulnerable of all to modern propaganda, for three reasons: (1 )
they absorb the largest amount of secondhand, unverifiable information;
(2) they feel a compelling need to have an opinion on every important
question of Our time, and thus easily succumb to opinions offered to
them by propaganda on all such indigestible pieces of information; (3 )
they consider themselves incapable of judging for themselves.

They literally need propaganda.”~Konrad Kellen – Introduction 1965

And last but not least to my Roman Catholic friends I say this;

If we were in the time of Tyndale I’d be on the burning wood and you’d be watching me burn…. Nothing has changed.. Now Rome intends to burn us all… Perhaps Russel Means should have said, how does it feel to be in the end times fires of Rome…

Here’s a theory; You shall know them by their fruits, actions… Ah ha! great scott! I think they lied to us about everything…oops..

Another theory; It is said that the lunatics have taken over the asylum. But I would argue that it was the lunatics that built the goddamned place.

Hey, I theorize that the lunatics built this goddamned illusion we’re all experiencing…

Thats my rant and I’m sticking to it..