September 22, 2023

The Crowd; A Study of the Popular Mind

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The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind

by Gustave Le Bon, 1899.  

Keep in mind that people passing this around, some of them, will not consider themselves under similar mind control crowd control.. it’s those other people over there in that crowd.. It’s those people! My group is immune to such mind control… Uh huh… It doesn’t seem to occur to people that where there are multiple groups, crowds, religious, philosophical, political, even legalisms, this study of how to control each of them means all of them are under this persuasion.. And anyone that breaks out of any of these various mind controlled crowds, is of course the lunatic..

noun: matrix; plural noun: matrices; plural noun: matrixes
1. an environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure.
“free choices become the matrix of human life”

The matrix is a system that has been pulled over your eyes to keep you from seeing reality….

The matrix is the world system that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth…

Anyone who can still speak to this nation/state as being a certain type of REPUBLIC which defines out as a corpration or a “Democracy” and not recognize that there is only one kind that has existed in world history since Ancient Greece is simply and utterly uninformed. This one and only form in play here now is a Bernaysian Democracy, one based on the manufacture of ‘consent’ by a manipulative Public Relations Regime, or as Orwell put it, the establishments Ministry of Truth…I bid anyone who does not comprehend this to read the first chapter of Bernays’ book, PROPAGANDA, wherein he lays this out in no uncertain terms. And then read Walter Lippman’s, PUBLIC OPINION for a refresher course.

Power never leaves the Posterity so since you’re powerless as a subject of the will of the Legitimate Posterity you are not nor were you ever of the Posterity.. PERIOD.. The real Posterity are laughing at the U.S. citizen clowns…They’ve made clowns of their chattel property… This ought to piss you off, it did me.. I became very pissed off about this trick.. But you clowns instead of facing up to this reality only got mad at the messenger.. because after all you’re clowns..

Have a great day clowning around in your particular crowd of clowns…