September 24, 2023

Stevens’ Call to Repeal Second Amendment Caps a Career of Judicial Subversion

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There are some very good points and interesting data in this article.

“Recognizing the dangers of “pure democracy” mob rule, our Bill of Rights defined some of the areas where the individual would be immune to the will of the collective. Stevens knows that. His ignoring it is a motivated choice.

“What this means is, no matter how many of us disagree with you, we cannot lawfully use force to shut you up, to suppress your political views, or to make you worship in the way we see fit. We cannot break into your house and search your property without probable cause and a legal warrant. We can’t torture you into confessing to a crime. Barring behaviors on your part to disqualify yourself from incarceration after being afforded full due process protections, we cannot strip you of your right to keep and bear arms.”

If the position of your argument is that the Bill of Rights was, in fact, written for “we the people” and not “We the People,” the author of this piece says that what has happened over time is a failure of the Government to uphold the Bill of Rights and therefore that same Government and its judicial representatives (former in this case) try to tell us that such guaranteed rights are nothing but relics of the past.

Yesterday in my article I brought that point up: “It would seem that when ideology, and in particular, political ideology, doesn’t care much for certain bills of rights, the call is to repeal them or demand “reasonable” limitations. Perhaps if the Second Amendment hadn’t become so bastardized from its original intent and the people were actually allowed to keep and bear arms without infringement from any other source, there would be no calling out by some of the people to repeal the Second Amendment in an attempt to rid this nation of private ownership of arms. On the same token, if all the other Amendments had not been so muted and muddled, that protection of rights might be worth fighting to save.”

I am reminded of one time as a child I watched in amazement as a childhood buddy made a hole in is PF Fliers. After the hole was cut, he took his finger and began ripping the hole bigger. I asked him what he was doing and he said, “My mother doesn’t think my sneakers are old or that I need a new pair. So, I’m making them old.”

For some, there is little that is more pleasing and exciting as a new car. If you fail to take care of it and keep it running and in good mechanical condition, it too, becomes a relic.