February 5, 2023

We’re The Federalist Academiacs We’re Here To Help You Out Of Everything You Think You Own

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We’re from the Federal -State Department of super enlightened academics of all things because we says so.. We’ve gone to college and that means we’re qualified to tell people like you what to do how to do it and when.. and we have this degree we got through the process of curriculum vitae, we have accreditation , we drew off of the coursework from other institutions we read searched environmental, agricultural even industry standards. We are qualified to help you, honor us because we have the degree and we have a lot of us that went to college to the Mind Control University and we’re gonna decide for you.. we’re gonna help you and when you tell us no I don’t want your help then we’re gonna get mean with ya and force you to take our help one way or another. We’ll come in with guns, we’ll arrest you, we”ll show you you little peon.. You’ll be subservient to our help or else.. We’re the experts..We’re the department of super enlightened academics we’re there to help you.. We don’t like someone refusing to listen to us and not doing as they’re told by us because we know we know best.. Thats why we works for the big daddy Vicar of somthin or other.. If you argue with us, we’ll sue you, we’ll lien your tenant status on that land, we’ll freeze your bank accounts, we’ll shoot your dogs and we’ll sell your horses.. We’ll do you up right… You’re to listen and shut up.. We’ll burn your haystacks, we’ll confiscate your children, we’ll get the attorney general after you peon.. We’ll block your complaints, your contrary arguments, we’ll take those guns off ya too peon.. You will kiss our ass and swear fealty to us by gawd because this is OUR America…..Since we can’t talk you down we’re gonna take you down.. This is the New World Inquisition of Academiacs.. We’ve a special apartment complex for mouthy peons like you.. We have the small box underground special and the above ground stacked units.. You better shut up..

Be sure and enjoy that freedom now ya hear…