December 3, 2022

Where Did The Sky God Go Part Two

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When agnostics or atheists are mocking the sky god worshippers I always wonder which sky god do they mean? The Satan-Lucifer worshipers who’s sky god is in the heaven right above our heads, or the sky god worshipers who believe in YHWH who resides above the firmament that the sky gods above our heads cannot enter? I mean, in the agnostic atheists case this is all just a fairy tale, yet shouldn’t accuracy of the details of the fairy tale be held to? Kinda like mocking the J.R.R. Tolkien fairy tales inaccurately.. And if the agnostic atheists are so against those sky gods why do the agnostic atheists follow the Luciferian worshipers scientism dogma, and even advocate for it.. The Luciferian Agenda for a New World Order.. The Luciferian roots of Modern Science.. The insidious origins of modern-day Scientism, the current religion of most scientists today.. True Believers of scientism ignore the historical antecedents of Scientism, echoing back to The Secret Mystery Schools of Kabbalistic, Egyptian Hermeticism, and onwards into the true nature of Freemason and Alchemical Occultists, such as Sir Isaac Newton, and then further into the nefarious Vatican Jesuit Priesthood, whose hidden hand can be linked to the creation of The Illuminati, as well as the current Luciferian New Age Religion via Roman Priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Sovereign Jesuit himself, the New Age Humanist priest influential in bringing forth the New Age Religion. The Darwin family promoted it through the Royal Society of London, The “scientific” Lunar Cult, pushing Evolutionism. better known as Scientism to this read searcher .. Finally, the serpentine path leads up into modern Freemasonic Luciferian, NASA and their spinning flying ball earth circling their Sun god ra.. Heck the Vatican recognizes all of this as legitimate.. Oops.. The agnostic atheist dogma might be as flawed as those sky god worshipers dogmas.. Or is one fairy tale as good as another?