January 27, 2023

Rulers of Evil – F. Tupper Saussy

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Rulers Of Evil


If you study on these people enough, you realize they’re always telling the audience what their agenda is… They’re always mocking as well.. They will also put up the truth and make that appear as a comedy skit.. The only possible way men under obvious demonic influence can predict the future with any accuracy is to successfully socially engineer and orchestrate that future. Men working for a corporation with those agenda’s stretching into the future for 100 even 200 years.. Obviously the men are under some influence in order to pull that off.. Because where we are in history has been planned for centuries.

Obedience to authority begins with giving legitimacy to authority, and then giving trust to that authority. Both of these propositions are absurd given a sophisticated grasp of history. Man made and privately owned corporate “Government” is the Protection of itself Racket writ large.

Just another boring day watching more Tangled Star Spangled Blather.