December 2, 2022

Blind Trust In The Puppet Trump’s Plan For Fools

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Just like Obama’s “change” Trump’s “MAGA” is just the same sleazy slinky back and forth on a path downstairs. You see the pendulum swing back and forth but not the descent into the pit of hell.

OBSERVING the cleverest deep state psyop of all time… Their 100% fake opposition to the deep state, their latest puppet Donald Trump… It would be hilarious were it not so disgustingly sad… Prior to this psyop was the Obama psyop, that completely fooled the leftists… Interesting how the leftists are blind to the truth of Obama yet can see Trump, and prior to Trump the rightists could see Obama, yet cannot see Trump.. Oh well.. The deep states shit show must go on… All I can say is bring on the donkey…


99 percent of the People in America have shunned The Lord Yahweh Almighty for the traditions of man’s laws and seemingly they do want a Pope-Caeasr Dagon King and that seat of powers puppet a President, recently Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump, less recent every U.S. president, to give their allegiance to rather than to the Lord Yahweh Almighty. People would rather live as they are now and read all the men in history, Plato, Servius, Paulus, Vattel, Blackstone, Story, Pardessus and the list goes on. Of course there are those who read nothing.. Not one of these men nor the politicos of the U.S. corporation has ever cited the Lord Yahweh’s Law as the ultimate law in what they have to say, rather than what the Lord Yahweh said to live by.. Although they have mocked that law.. We saw Obama openly with his mouth mocking Yahweh’s law.. The rest mock Yahweh’s law with their support of Satan’s world system, the Kingdoms of this world, the same system he offered Yeshua if Yeshua would bow down to him.. The ownership of the U.S. corporation is a legal documented fact validated in law books and law libraries.. The owner is named in the Paris Treaty of 1783… Presidents are puppets…