September 23, 2023

Hello There Ministry of “Truth”

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We write our own dossiers on forums, Facebook, through emails. Twitter, web searches, etc. “The Revolution” whichever “Revolution” to fix the government or save the world all groups advocate for is a prefabricated controlled opposition model intended for manipulation. “Tea Party”, “Truthers”, “Environmentalists”, Leftists-Rightists,  as examples. Some brilliant spokesman as provocateur. “Bla bla bla” as central casting dialog. Everybody sings along ’cause everybody knows this song. ALL social medium platforms, Facebook, Youtube, WordPress, all the so-called free email accounts google, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail were created by the government. The same government that lies to you about EVERYTHING… That dumped wolves on you, is forcing Grizzlies on you.. Is altering this economic model from what you’ve grown up knowing to the new United Nations Environmental Economic Policies explained through new terminologies that you’re all to busy to learn or to be interested in… It’s a huge cyber-net terms game and you’re losing it hands down..


Now that everyone is extremely anti freewill and free thought in this country by proving they love the censor block and downgrade or ignore aspect of issues discovery there can be a full blown social media purge shortly and they won’t even notice unless it’s their turn in the censor block downgrade or ignore trash can…. Welcome to fake Amerika… Land of the cowards, land of the fascists….Luciferian Vampires sucking us all of our energy…