February 6, 2023

Food For Thought If Still Possible In A Dumbed Down World

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Largest False Idol Graven Image and Alter in the Vatican=Divine Serpent

U.S. Capitol

Notice the latest Toyota steering wheel.

A continuation of the steering wheel, which is a replica of the largest alter in the world

inside the mouth of the Divine Serpent Vatican.. With one eye open, one eye closed, it’s a

vagina sitting above the lap of the male drivers.. This is this world, that is

very sick… Stench has to be reaching Heaven..

This thing owns this world system.. All actors, musicians, politicians corporations are mocking YOU

all who have no eyes that see nor ears that hear… And the best part for them is, you’re

whats being hunted for Dinner… You’re their food.. You’re their energy..

Time to get a clue..