November 28, 2022

Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine’s Digital Floundering

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Readers shouldn’t get me wrong. The Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine (SAM) serves an evidently needed purpose, regardless with whether or not I agree with them. David Trahan is a good leader and SAM should be, for the most part, pleased with him and his efforts – again, even if I don’t always agree with him.

I am not a member of SAM and I have no thoughts of ever becoming one. I prefer to remain completely independent of any and all organizations. I don’t ever want to be put in a compromising position because of such ownerships or loyalties forcing some sort of fake censorship. I don’t think biased opinions have much use in this biased age of unoriginal journalism.

My concern is about SAM’s website, or lack thereof, actually. Today, I was sent a link to an article about SAM’s intention of introducing legislation to the Maine Legislature. Part of the article was about two proposed bear hunting bills. Of course, due to the timing of this political nonsense, all any of us have to go on are titles to the proposed legislation.

Curious for more and better information, I went to SAM’s website. Boy, was I surprised to find all SAM has is a landing page with a link request to “Follow us on Facebook.”

First of all, I realize that at one time, FaceBook was stealing readers away from people like myself as well as even mainstream media Online outlets. FaceBook is a bad disease, created specifically to do what it is doing. If you don’t know what that is, you are still seriously afflicted.

Some are beginning to realize the after effects of being a slave to a toxic, government run and controlled website and are bailing out, tired of the lack of privacy and the 24/7 tracking of your actions and surveillance. You all should get out of Dodge while you still can.

However, some time ago, SAM evidently made the decision to vacate their website and replace it with a location on FaceBook. As I said, I do not use FaceBook and will never do so. So, when I am presented with having to go to FB to get SAM information, I can’t because FB’s policies prohibit viewing of this information unless you are a member of the brainwashed club.

Well, this is SAM’s choice to have a presence on FB. I think it is a terrible choice to pretty much abandon their website in favor of “all in” with FB.

I landed on SAM’s home page only to find that I had access to nothing. Even when Googling “Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine,” the results page shows old links to pages on the SAM website, but those links all produce error messages.

I understand the work involved with maintaining a website. God only knows I have done many, many, website over the past dozen or so years. If nothing else, SAM needs at least a web presence that provides vital information, not just a landing page with a link to FaceBook. This is a huge turnoff to thousands of people and certainly is doing nothing positive for SAM’s presence and image.

Often, people seeking information about SAM are going to be shortchanged once they find out you have to go to FB to get anything.

Events in Cyberspace, along with the technology, change at breakneck speed. Putting all your cyber-eggs in one faulty, dying basket (FaceBook) will leave SAM members without a needed, professional presence found on a website.

SAM should consider modernizing their website, making it user friendly, professional, and loaded with all the vital information for those who go there. Until that changes, I am left with getting SAM information second and third hand.

Would could possibly go wrong?