December 2, 2022

Maine: Crossbow Hunting – To Be Or Not To Be

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Maine, once again, is being presented with a bill that would allow the use of crossbows during the regular archery season for deer. Those opposed see this as a means to kill more deer that would in turn take away hunting opportunities for hunting. Those in favor see it as the opposite.

We should toss out mostly what the Maine Guides have to say because their only position on any issue concerning hunting is all about themselves. Such is understandable…to a point, but come on…

Nobody has presented a reason why prohibiting a crossbow during archery season on deer other than for selfish reasons. I ask, is that legitimate?

If we were to take on that attitude, where would we stop. I remember when someone suggested a “primitive” muzzleloader season. That soon became not so primitive a sport so that today a “muzzleloader” is not much different than a single-shot regular firearm. Where’s the beef? Didn’t this elevation of muzzleloader take away somebody else’s hunting opportunity?

One group says that allowing crossbows will result in killing off all the deer before the rifle hunters have a chance. Are there that many crossbow hunters that they would actually force a close of the season early because the deer are all gone? We may be looking at a shorter deer hunting season but not because of crossbows. Where’s the beef?

Maybe we should ban ice fishing because ice fishermen are taking all the fish so fly rodders are left with no fish to catch?

So, do rifle hunters hold the privilege to lay out the who, what, and with what you can hunt because there are more of them?

I need something more to go on other than one group is trying to protect their own selfish interests. If I discover that there are no deer left (I think in many places that’s the case anyway) and the only chance I have to get a deer is to take up crossbow hunting, or archery, then sign me up.

How about an open season deer in July hunting with an atlatl?

I just am not the kind of person that feels justified in dictating to all others how and by what means they can hunt. Give me a good and sound biological reason, or public safety concern and I’m on board. Whine about your own shortcomings of selfishness and you get no support from me.