January 30, 2023

AI: Taking Away The Power of Words and Independent Thought/Style

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Well, here it comes! I knew it was only a matter of time. With the expansion of what is being promoted as “Artificial Intelligence” the rulers of this world will soon be the police of everything anyone tries to write or think – unless, as was suggested to me by a friend, said writer opts to revert back to pen, ink, and paper. How will these villainous creeps control pen and paper?

What has already been at play for awhile now, Microsoft announced that it is introducing a new application of their Word word processing program that will, in addition to spell-check and grammar suggestions, make a person’s choice of words politically correct – meaning cleansed and censored to fit the social acceptance devised by brainless fascists who run everything.

When spell-checking software first came on the market most people thought it was quite cool…that is until some discovered that this form of artificial intelligence wasn’t all that intelligent. (Kind of like when a GPS sends you down a dead-end road.) Some think AI is some magic formula whisked out of the sky that knows things nobody else does – a god. But, truth reveals that it is only as good as the dumb bastards who design it – they can’t spell and their vocabulary is limit, at least by some people’s standards.

After the spell checking, then we began to get these extremely annoying pop-up suggestions for words and grammar. In Google’s Gmail, they have added this to their software, offering the lazy, idiot emailer an option to click on little balloons in reply to an email. Should you be one of those who insist on using your own words, then you stand to be inundated with a continuous barrage of pop-up suggestions. This annoyance also exists with “smart” phones. Not so smart really.

In some cases, this software doesn’t provide the user with an option. It simply changes what you write to what IT wants you to write leaving you powerless to do anything about it.

Now that most of this post-normal society is primed and ready, there has been a heavy onslaught for the takeover of thought and now a premeditated solution to automatic word processing devised by someone or something else who has dictatorially decided what is right and wrong, what is grammatically correct and not, and what is politically correct in order that nothing written can be construed in any fashion as offensive.

While I can, I say fuck you! (Sorry. I had to make a point.)

For the most part, to this point all this AI gadgetry is optional. But, don’t think that it will remain this way. All the AI players have already decided what it is you are thinking, or better, what you ought to be thinking, and THEY will change your thoughts and words for you.

Some of us still remember when society changed the idea that somebody had to be a winner and somebody became a loser, to all participate and get a ribbon. This is but a continuation of that. Let’s render the guarantee that nobody will tower above anyone else with their word-smithing and, in some rare cases, independent thought. There will be no need for writers anymore because something will be providing us with all that is needed to know, and besides, once this is firmly in place all writing will be generically boring as hell.

In this existence of automatons, it will be just like an 6-year-old on Christmas morning – the discovery of AI.

All the ignorant and lazy slugs of this world are being given the gift of a lifetime…they think.

As a post script: If we convert AI to a number we get the number 19. With Strong’s Concordance, the Hebrew translation of 19 is defined as “slaughter.”