January 28, 2023

Dogs In The Dentist Office?

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Here is another example of how out of whack this society has become when it comes to their pets and the forcing of this perverse lifestyle onto the rest of us whether we like it or not, potentially placing many people at a health risk.

I was at the dentist office (no names or places) this morning, sitting in an examination chair waiting for the technician to return. Out of the examination room next door to where I was, appears a patient, her dentist doctor…and she was carrying her small dog with her.

I know that some people simply cannot function (with or without their dog) without their dog with them. It is very sad. But hey! There are other people in this post normal, very screwed up society and there are far bigger concerns over a dog being present in a “sterile” health care environment…or SHOULD be. Are you kidding me?

Potentially, that dog could be carrying a myriad of viruses, parasites, and other diseases that could be very harmful, perhaps deadly, to humans, according to Meschke Orthodontics. I do not know whether this dentist office has a policy about dogs in examination rooms and the prerequisites of making it so, like proof of all vaccines, treatments, and approval from a veterinary office that the dog is “clean.” I also don’t know what “clean-up” steps were taken after the woman and the dog left the examination room to ensure the next patient wasn’t exposed. I did not see anyone go in there to clean before the next patient arrived.

This is a very modern facility, with branches across the country.

For certain, this world has gone completely bonkers…at my peril.

Beam me up….PLEASE!!!