December 2, 2022

Locust Nugent is an ACT..

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Nugent should be in prison along with tRump and Epstein.. For acting.. Because it’s all an act.. The Epstein character is finally being killed off. The actor playing that role will move into other roles.. Same with Trump..

Noted conservationist, social crusader, and clairvoyant, Ted Nugent is an Actor playing multiple roles..

And they have fooled the leftists and the rightists.. Thats some pretty good acting… OR the leftists and the rightists really are as dumbed down and ignorant as they seem to be…

Demonically influenced but then the sad atheists will never comprehend that… It’s not talent, it’s demons… BeingDemonstrative through their human host puppets…

It’s mockery.. Via demonically influenced demonstration, acting..

The left right paradigm is an ACT.. It’s really SAD observing somewhat intelligent people being completely FOOLED by these ACTORS..