January 30, 2023

If Gun Manufacturers Are Responsible for Gun Murders, What Next?

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The U.S. Supreme Court has sent a ruling back to the Connecticut Supreme Court saying that families of the victims in the Sandy Hook shootings can attempt to sue the makers of the Remington Bushmaster gun, purportedly used by the supposed perpetrator in the killing of students. If such lawsuits are successful, what precedence will be set that will allow any kind of death to be linked to any and all manufacturers and/or service oriented businesses?

If it is fact that Remington violated the the state’s Unfair Trade Practices Act by marketing the gun as a weapon designed for killing people, then certainly there is much consideration to be made from other products and services that are designed for killing people. Consider all the violent video games that teach people, like mass murderers, how much fun it is to systematically go about slaughtering people. But we don’t travel that route do we?

Consider music filled with violent lyrics sure to influence even the meek of this society, if only in a subversive but deliberate way.

Consider fast automobiles, marketed as high performance, capable of attaining illegal speeds in record short amount of time. All states and the Federal Government advertise that “speed kills” and yet what purpose does manufacturing a car engine that tops 200 mph have but to kill?

Do you want to discuss the role of the Pentagon???? I didn’t think so.

This is all insanity. I have been saying for some time that this society and the entire world is completely insane, and such idiotic, preposterous, and irrational acts are proof of my assertion.


Maybe the medical/psychology world is responsible just as much as anyone or anything.