January 27, 2023

Tom Remington: What Have You Done?

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Readers might be wondering what I’ve done to the website. Well, let me try to explain. Most of the writings on this website have been focused on hunting, the outdoors in general, climate issues, gun rights, rights in general, the environment, game management, and predator control. While all of these issues are still of strong concern to me, it has become overwhelmingly obvious (to me anyway) that with the direction that everything in the world is headed, and a change in what I perceive as the outpouring of the Spirit of Truth that comes from the Almighty EL, in such a way as to fulfill His promise that “all things would be revealed,” we are definitely on the verge of the End of Days, also forecast and promised in the Holy Scriptures.

It is for that reason alone, that it was my decision to shift gears and place a much stronger focus on Scriptural Truths. This doesn’t mean that I have abandoned my passion for all previous topics, although I may have changed my approach somewhat.

Therefore, in the future readers can expect most anything especially as it pertains to Bible Prophecy, especially End Times’ prophecy, hidden truths, but also I will continue to write articles about hunting and the outdoors as I perceive them to be important and relevant of the times.

As you may have noticed if you read today’s column about the “other” climate change, you might begin to notice that while I have not changed my position that corrupt man and corrupt government organizations are pulling the wool over our eyes as they blame us for Climate Change, and they continue in hypocritical form, but to draw your attention to the fact that regardless of what or whom we might choose to “blame” for what we believe to be climate change, from this point forward all changes are the result of the Will of Heavenly Father, whether it is His hand that directly causes climate and geographical changes or through His willful influence. Climate change is at the hand of Yahweh.

Please continue to follow all of our writings. We intend to provide readers with the most up-to-date Biblical issues effecting us all over the world.

As we witness such nonsensical frenzies as the insanity on display in Washington, as hate and anger control all actions in attempts to force a president out of office; as the president declares a peace proposal for Israel and Palestine, all attention in this country is turned to ousting a president that many perceive as not of the progressive, immoral, Satanic movement sweeping the country.

Blind hatred causes millions to not recognize the World Powers’ creation of a deadly virus they have chosen to release on innocent people in order to control them through fear and quarantine. What and where is next on their most evil agendas?

The foods we eat and the water we drink are poison, combined with a chemical addiction, is causing afflictions and syndromes, some of which have never before been heard of.

These are just some of the things happening that are of the utmost importance, at least to those whose eyes are on their Creator and off the man-gods. Too many of you will continue in your false belief that man will find a cure. There is but one answer.

We should all be calling out to the Almighty EL for repentance and salvation. It is upon us.

Stay tuned!