November 26, 2022

Ye Men Shall Put On More Adornment Than a Woman

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I chuckled aloud last night as I was reading in The Book of Enoch, in Chapter 3 of the Wisdom of Enoch and verses 10 and 11.

Enoch, the “seventh from Adam” suddenly just disappeared one day. Enoch, along with Elijah were the only two men throughout history (no longer on this earth) who have yet to experience a physical, fleshly death. The Scriptures indicate that both men will soon be returning to earth as the Almighty EL’s “witnesses” who will do battle with the Antichrist in the “End of Days.”

Enoch, being the seventh from Adam, would tell us, probably 5,000 years or so ago, that in a vision from the Almighty, he wrote what he was revealed by the Lord God and his angels. Imagine, if you can, the thoughts of anyone who read this description of “men” in the end of days some 5,000 years ago.

And yet, here we are, where men dress as women and act like women, and, for the most part, it is considered “normal.”

Further proof we are living in the Last Days.

“10. And now I swear unto you, to the wise and to the foolish for ye shall have manifold experiences on the earth.

“11. For ye men shall put on more adornments than a woman and colored garments more than a virgin; In royalty and in grandeur and in power, and in silver and in gold and in purple, and in splendor and in foot they shall be poured out as water.”