December 6, 2022

DISEASE X: Future Planned Event?

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Disease X (according to the World Health Organization) – Disease X (Disease X represents the knowledge that a serious international epidemic could be caused by a pathogen currently unknown to cause human disease, and so the R&D Blueprint explicitly seeks to enable cross-cutting R&D preparedness that is also relevant for an unknown “Disease X” as far as possible) (emboldening added)

If you have faith and confidence that any “health” organization, especially those controlled by governments, are looking out for your best interest, you’re a fool. All of the “diseases” that are infecting the world are man-made and man spread. Don’t believe it? You’re a fool then…doubly so.

When we read the news reports, which are all inflammatory lies designed to scare the crap out of us, that way they can more easily control the masses, why should we believe anything that is being reported? Then again, do these reports carry information that further lets us know that we are being lied to and they are telling us what is ahead for us?

The AP writes that the COVID-19 is “untraceable.” What does that mean? Officials are describing areas where COVID-19 is showing up in strong numbers “troubling”: “they can’t trace where the clusters started.”

Not only are they telling us they can’t trace the disease any longer but that the: “disease has begun spreading too widely for tried-and-true public health steps to stamp it out.”

So, what are they telling us? Simple, they can’t track the disease anymore and it has spread so fast and so far, there’s little that can be done to “stamp it out.” They can’t even recognize it with all the “normal” methods of detection.

In addition, we are being fed the line that “…it’s almost certainly being spread by people who show such mild symptoms that no one can tell.” Spelled out that means that those frontline methods that are being used to “detect” anyone “infected” no longer will work. We are told of cases where those who showed no signs of COVID-19, died within a few short days.

Bloomberg reports that: “…a picture is emerging of an enigmatic pathogen whose effects are mainly mild, but which occasionally — and unpredictably — turns deadly in the second week.” 

And now, any honest person would have to ask what it means when we are told, “Whether it will be contained or not, this outbreak is rapidly becoming the first true pandemic challenge that fits the disease X category.”

Disease X is what the WHO has warned about and is defined above. Isn’t the biggest “Red Flag” in WHO’s definition that part that reads: “could be caused by a pathogen currently unknown to cause human disease?”

In other words, what they are warning about is that man is going to make, but probably already has made, more diseases that they intend to infect the world population with.

You might ask how they could get away with this? I’ve shown you above. Whether true or not, COVID-19 is no longer detectable in all situations, opening up opportunity to spread more and other diseases. We have been warned that COVID-19 (by the way this means “Satan” – “sheep” – “slaughter”) has spread so fast so far they can’t stop it. Is this true? Or are they just telling us that so they can continue the slaughter? And is this another opportunity to introduce “Disease X?”

It’s easy and ignorant to sit here and say that new agencies are trying to scare people just so they can sell copy. This entire Beast System – creation of viruses and dumping them on the public – is a reality. What is it going to take before people will get it? When will they understand that they are being targeted for death? Don’t believe it? That’s okay. You don’t have to. It’s there and it’s happening. Remain blind if you choose, or begin seeking for truth. The end is near.

We are living in the Last Days. I wonder how many people who have read the Bible at any time during their lives, who read in Revelations and other passages, about diseases with no cures and that “men will seek death and cannot find it,” thought, as I did once, that the LORD God would send plagues, disease, and viruses? All things are according to the LORD GOD’s will, but few of us could even think that man, controlled by Satan, would make these viruses and deliberately infect millions, perhaps billions, of people.

Who…or what…would do such a things? Do you want to be a participant in this Beast System? There is a better option.