December 2, 2022

Government Will Find You and Gun You Down???

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Okay, things are beginning to get more than dicey around the world. When you read headlines from the Global Power Structure’s Media Echo Chamber terrorists that some governments intend to “do whatever it takes” to stop COVID-19, it should send shivers up and down your spine.

And just now I was reading in the Washington Post that intentions are to use cellphone data to “track” people that are infected with COVID-19. Presented as innocent efforts to save the world, idiots are complying like hungry sheep looking for green clover at the bottom of the biggest nearby cliff. So, if you don’t assimilate comply, what’s the consequence?

THEY have gotten exactly what THEY want and there’s more to come. COVID-19 is but a useful tool to carry out their plans. Evidently nobody really cares because they are scared to “death.” (Sorry)

How’s your math? The world population is 7.8 billion. According to the same Washington Post article, “more than 180,000 people globally” have been “infected” with COVID-19. What percentage is that (around 2/10,000th %) and what is the percentage of the total population that is being held under house arrest?

You friggin people are absolutely insane!!!!!!!!!!!!