January 27, 2023

COVID-19 “Relief” Package: Another You Gotta Pass It To See What’s In It

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Washington criminals are in the process of lying, cheating, stealing and using bribery to pass…God knows what. All the press has to offer is that later today, Wednesday, the U.S. Senate intends to vote on and pass a “stimulus” package that will cost the taxpayers over $2 trillion. Of course the serpent-race politicians are presenting the bill passage as something they have done out of the goodness of their hearts. News Item: None of them have a heart. To hell with them.

All the crooks want to tell people is that the Senate will be writing checks to voters and pumping corporations full of more “too big to fail” tax money. The dirty bastards created this mess and this is how they intend to appease the masses. This is nothing more than akin to getting hung with a new rope. To hell with them.

But, what none of us are allowed to see is what’s really in the 1400-page plus bill. You can rest assured these creeps have included all kinds of stuff that will further screw the people over and make us as deeper subject slaves to their kingdom of perversion, lies, and insane scorpion stings.

To hell with them all. It gives much clearer meaning to when the LORD GOD says he has a special place in hell for all the leaders of the world who oppress people. I hope this special place is very large and isolated. We wouldn’t want any of these worthless serpents to catch any “viruses” they created.