December 1, 2022

Operation COVID-19

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Now I get it! COVID-19 worldwide is, in actuality, a stealth military operation without tanks and bombs…yet. Coronaviruses were first “discovered” in the mid-1960s. Man-made versions of these viruses, i.e. SARS and MERS “showed up” beginning in the early 2000s.

COVID-19, officially named by the Global Power Structure (translated to mean C= Angel of the Bottomless Pit, OVID = Sheep, and 19, in the Bible, means Slaughter – Satan, Sheep, Slaughter) is really not a biological disease. It is more like a vast undercover military operation and as such should be called Operation COVID-19.

There have been wars since Adam and Eve. What the servitude is told the reason for wars, i.e. military operations, is never what the real reasons were and are for invasions of other countries and/or supposed “retaliation” for events, such as the attack on Pearl Harbor, or Operation Iraqi Freedom, when the U.S. “retaliated” against Saddam Hussein and the country of Iraq because they had “weapons of mass destruction.”

Of course over the past twenty years we are not allowed to forget the “retaliation” in Afghanistan, Operation Enduring Freedom, for what we were sold as a terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York City.

All of these operations were designed for a specific purpose. Whether we were ever told the truth or discovered the truth about any of them is a matter of many hours of research and discovery and a willingness to believe the truth when you find it.

Operation COVID-19 is no different. It is designed to achieve a desired end result. In this case, to fulfill Bible Prophecy. Bible Prophecy tells us that in the Last Days, Satan’s army of “Locusts” will come up out of the Bottomless Pit and will take over the world. This race of controlling scorpions/locusts are nearly complete. They run all of the world governments, including the United States Corporation. Their goal is to kill all of the Lord God’s children and/or get rid of us. In order that THEY complete takeover of the world, they have devised Operation COVID-19 (Satan, Sheep, Slaughter) to first essentially lock up the world in their homes, while giving themselves the power to arrest and kill anyone who doesn’t assimilate. With this lockdown, THEY will be able to more easily carry out their mission – keep the masses scared to death and they will submit to anything. It is being proven out as I write.

For some, this sequestration and ball and chain doesn’t seem as harsh as what I’ve described but wait for it. It is coming.

The plans for Operation COVID-19 have been laid out for a long time. All systems are go, right down to the “Mark of the Beast,” where we have all learned that Bill Gates has an “electronic capsule” ready for implant into your right hand or your forehead. Being sold as a safety device to monitor and control their latest coronavirus, don’t be fooled. It is much more than that, for without it you will not be able to buy or sell. Think about what that entails…every aspect of your life.

Operation COVID-19 is the modern version of what we saw in Nazi Germany where nobody was allowed to move about, to work, to shop, to buy and sell, without “papers.” ID2020, or perhaps it will be some other name, is today’s version of “papers” necessary to be able to do only the basic necessary things.

Please try to understand that you are being lied to, deceived, and led to the slaughter. COVID-19 is not a disease. It is a stealth, global military operation with but one purpose and it isn’t concerns for your health.

Never before in the history of man, has an entire world civilization been under house arrest. Shouldn’t that tell you something? This is more than just an inconvenience.

The end is near. It is time to repent. It is time to recognize and admit to the LORD GOD, that you messed up…you are a sinner and seek forgiveness. Your escape from this mad, Satanic rule, came when the Almighty EL sent his son EmmanuEL into this twin system of Good and Evil and gave the ultimate sacrifice that we, his children, can find our way back home. Take it. It’s a simple task when you mean it.