January 29, 2023

Dragon Giving Power to Beast System is Replacing What You Thought Was Normal

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What’s really going on? The Beast System is essentially everything that is in opposition to the Almighty God. Genesis 1 teaches us that Elohim created male and female, which were illusions, or phantom images. Elohim is not The Almighty God. Elohim is “OF the Almighty God.” Male and female became our trap or our prison. In other words we are trapped in a host body system, i.e. part of the Beast System.

Revelations tells us that in the final days the Dragon (Satan) will give his power to the Beast, or Beast System. The object of the Beast System is first to destroy everything the world has been programmed to believe is normal. Once completed , the Anti Christ, via the power of Satan, will establish his world government and rule. Many will be deceived to believe the Anti Christ is actually God himself, possibly thinking this new established world dictatorship is the Thousand Year reign of Christ written about in the Scriptures.

What is taking place in the world today is nothing but the systematic destruction of the old being replaced by the Beast System.