March 24, 2023

Pagan Christmas: “I’m Really Thinking About the Birth of Jesus!”

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Yesterday I was having a brief discussion with someone about the Pagan rituals of the bastardization of the birth of Jesus Christ…THE Savior. I stated that I was so tired of listening to “Christians” say that they know the Pagan Christmas holiday is wrong to celebrate but while participating in all the blasphemous rituals, including those of “worshiping” Satan Klaus, they are really thinking about the birth of Jesus.”

I was thinking of an analogy that might help drive home to “Christians” why celebrating with the Pagans might be considered by the LORD GOD as blasphemous. So, here goes.

A man gets found out by his wife that he has been visiting a whorehouse for the past many years. When the wife confronts her husband about his actions, his reply was: “I know it is wrong to be doing what I’m doing, but really, whatever I was doing with all those women, I was really thinking about you.”