December 3, 2023

Virtual Reality: How to Create a Bigger, Higher Wall to Ensure Separation of Man From the LORD GOD

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A headline today stated that “the metaverse” (virtual reality) “…could be a serious problem for kids.” (not baby goats) Why only kids? Are the “adults” already so mentally far gone that they are not worth concerning ourselves with?

“Psychologists” are saying that the onset of virtual reality existences is going to create “loneliness” in children and teens. From my perspective, this has been their (those in control of the tech companies developing this garbage) goal since the beginning of time.

I recently wrote about how the “Serpent Race” (those who are taking over the world today, that have no connection to their real Creator, but fully and double-downed with the god they worship…Satan), in addition to the slaughter of any and all that don’t assimilate to their existence, in the meantime are finding more and more ways of dividing and isolating as many as possible from the LORD God and His Holy Spirit.

The Scriptures tell us that those who know the LORD God – He is their Shepherd – hear his voice and KNOW Him. If we are separated from His Holy Spirit by the myriad and growing technologies that immerse the minds of those loving this world and all that there is in it, are we then able to hear anyone’s voice other than the artificial intelligence “voice” (Satan) that is the creator of Metaverse and Oculus, to name just two?

Consider this. These virtual reality technologies and their platforms, require users (your children) to create an avatar so that each user can have an identity. This 3D avatar (the user’s identity) is such that each user can change their identity and image to become virtually anyone or anything they want. What could possible go wrong? Think of the struggles that have existed throughout time with adolescents trying to live with who they really are, exacerbated by the evil creators of all things cyberspace. They now won’t have to be that person anymore or that image. I ask again, what could possibly go wrong?

I think it is “virtually” (sorry) impossible to even imagine the evilness that will be, and already is, in social media platforms, now inclusive of 3D fantasy images, and all the fake existences that will be created worldwide that each user can and will be exposed to. I’m thinking here…everyone gets a trophy/ribbon on steroids.

The “experts” say there is a lot of good with virtual reality and “potentially” a few things could go wrong. I couldn’t disagree more. This is yet one more tool of Satan to separate man from the LORD God.

The “experts” say that it will be up to parents to monitor and control what their children are doing and where they are going in cyberspace. And how has that been working over the past few decades? Parents, generally speaking, as a whole, are clueless what their children are doing and couldn’t really care less. Why? Because over the past several decades, the same evil bastards creating virtual reality existences, have put filth in the minds of the majority of parents who are now incapable of critical thinking and the moral fiber of this rotten world has been so far torn down to the ground, there is no measuring stick for common decency anymore.

Someone asked: “I think parents will be asking themselves: Do I feel safe knowing that Mark Zuckerberg is the guy in charge of deciding who influences my children, who might be able to bully them, and whether or not they’re safe in cyberspace?”

I have to modify that statement to say …”parents SHOULD be asking themselves…” but few will. These people live on Facebook and all other social media abominations that cause desolation. And they love it. Do you really think many will ask that question?

Is it any wonder these braindead non thinkers (a planned event) want to escape this reality and replace it with another (a planned event)? The blind leading the blind…evil leading evil.