September 27, 2022

I Was Watching a Freak Show, When a Rigged Football Game Broke Out

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Last night I watched the Super Bowl. That’s nothing new. I often do and I must admit curiosity is the driving force as once television ads used to be funny and oftentimes entertaining, luring even the quasi sports fan to watch. That has changed…or I have.

What was different from last night versus all other Super Bowl games of the past 30 years, I opted, out of curiosity again, to watch the half time show. I wish I hadn’t.

All I will really say about the commercials and the half time show is it really drove home to me (and made me angry as hell) that I am an alien being held prisoner in this evil, confused, insane, decadent, immoral, disgusting existence. IT MUST END QUICKLY…IT MUST. I don’t belong here. I don’t want to be here. I relate to nothing.

And, to top off the evening of near uncontrolled anger, was the rigged football game. If you could not see the rigging, like all other things, you are willfully blind. Here’s what happened.

Aside from a couple of unsportsmanlike penalties (which is no surprise in this out of control society), there were no penalties called by the officiating crew…NONE, that is until the game got to be within the final 2 minutes. This is when, with a series of 3, or was it 4, penalties called against Cincinnati, it was to insure the Rams would score the winning touchdown.

It was the most blatant display of corruption of a multi-billion-dollar sporting event. Should we be surprised? But most believed it was all real.

It’s morning now and I have tempered my anger and disgust over the evil display that obviously the majority of this continent totally loved and worshiped. It is time to go home. I wish desperately to return to my original habitats and get on with eternity void of all the filthy crap.

I hope you join me.