May 24, 2019

Beware: World’s Moose “Experts” to Descend Upon Maine

According to the Bangor Daily News, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is playing host to a bunch of self-proclaimed (?) (or at least proclaimed by the BDN) moose experts from around the world. One has to wonder what kind of scientismic Romance Biology will be spread throughout the echo chambers. There’s one thing about scientism; the ignorant, which most often includes the “experts” don’t know what’s truth and what is fiction.

The BDN brags that the 75 to 100 “experts,” “…will include experts with decades of experience in moose management and research.” I wonder how many of these “experts” promote Climate Change as the main cause of dwindling moose populations in many areas of the world? Most can’t, or won’t make the correlation that with a world population of wolves and other protected large predators, the moose population is in trouble. Nothing to see here. Please move on. We have more Climate Change information to lie about.

And how many of these “experts” believe that it is also Climate Change that is causing the infestation of winter ticks, now found to be a leading cause of moose mortality in Maine?

This group of “moose experts” will get together and will be reported by the press as something remarkable. Scientism at work with the science of moose – one lies and another swears to it.

But wait! There’s more. There will be an open-to-the-public question and answer session where you can ask such profound questions as: “How much longer before we are all gonna die from Climate Change?” And, “Do the moose have any hope of survival as long as evil hunters kill moose and contribute to global warming by farting while in the woods?”

The “public” is as ignorant about moose as those who promote the lies. The media echo chambers simply repeat the nonsense and then they show up at these meetings impressing everyone in attendance with their vast knowledge of propagandized fairy tales.

Yessiree boy! And I wonder how much this event is costing the MDIFW to put on? Looks like we’ll be in for another round of license fee hikes to cover the propaganda shows and spread of scientism.

Oh, to be such a downer. Sorry, I just can’t stop exposing the truth about all this malarky.

And where is this forum going to be held where gobs of people can attend? You guessed it. Out in the middle of nowhere at Sugarloaf Mountain Ski Resort. Perhaps one of the six people who attend will be asking about Climate Change.


Maine: More Moose Permits, Fewer Deer Permits

According to the Portland Press Herald, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW), with approval from the Wildlife Advisory Council, is going to increase the number of moose permits up to 2,820, up from 2,500 last year. No reason for the increase was given in the article.

It would seem that MDIFW is heading in the right direction, in tiny increments, in issuing more moose permits to further mitigate the winter tick problem…if that is the real reason for increasing the moose permits by 320 permits.

It appears that MDIFW is planning to reduce the number of “Any-Deer Permits” (ADP) after a record number of 84,745 permits were issued (recklessly) last year.

According to the article, MDIFW head deer biologist, Nathan Bieber, stated that for the first time in over a decade, the department exceeded their doe-harvest objectives – 9,659 does tagged, objective was 8,959.

The question has never been honestly answered as to why doe harvest objectives were not being reached. In an attempt to convince somebody as to why this year the objective was reached, the news article states: “There were three rainy weekend days during the fall hunt last season, making for poor hunting conditions on days most hunters go out. As a result, many hunters who were unable to harvest a buck earlier in the season took advantage of their any-deer tags so they didn’t go home empty handed.”

Seriously? I’m not even sure I want to respond to this. I guess when you don’t have a clue one excuse is as good as another. It may be true, it may not. Am I being unrealistic to expect that in order to responsibly manage deer a manager should have a good handle on the demographics of what’s taking place and why they can’t seem to meet doe-harvest objectives without some kind of weather phenomenon?

At least one thing was accomplished last deer season even if it was at the peril of the deer herd. MDIFW was able to get the total deer harvest up to a number that exceeds abysmal. Keep pumping out those ADPs and in time MDIFW won’t need a head deer biologist.

Help Wanted: MDIFW is looking for a head piping plover biologist. No experience necessary.


Climate Change: The Sky Is Falling…Again

In case you hadn’t figured it out…yet…Climate Change is a Left vs. Right thing. Why is that? Well, you see…er…um…actually never mind.

But, here we go again. One more time someone takes the time to show anyone interested that Climate Change, as sold to a gullible, brainless, society, makes no sense.

What isn’t discussed, because you’d be labeled a member of the tinfoil hat club, is that Climate Change is the excuse the government wants to destroy/control whomever they wish.

Let’s back up a moment. The question might be how did this society get to a point where they insist on believing in the theory of Climate Change (as presented by the government et. al.)? A society must be prepped in order that they accept this premise regardless of whether or not the proposed results are actually achievable.

Through careful planning, an entity, such as the American Government which already wields extraordinary power over a people, when presenting a theory of global warming, must first begin by blaming this event on the people. This is the guilt factor.

Once established, and believed/accepted, that because we live in a modern era, we are causing global warming, we are then shamed for our behavior.

With guilt and shame in full destructive mode, it is a snap to instill fear in everyone. With a scared society, anything is possible.

Now that our society is scared of the effects of Climate Change, riddled with guilt and shame because it is our fault, we are primed to accept virtually anything as being the result of Climate Change. And here we are!

In the article linked to above, we see an example of how Climate Change has lowered the water level of the Great Lakes, followed by how Climate Change has caused the water level in the Great Lakes to rise – an example of the irrational fear that pervades this society.

Why might the government, or perhaps more accurately the Global Power Structure, insist on Climate Change? All that is ever discussed, but on a limited basis, is that the government pushes Climate Change for money. Government makes no bones about the fact they want to tax carbon – something the government has convinced us is a major cause of Climate Change. They also will need to tax everyone more money to fight Climate Change, much in the same way as we have been taxed for decades to fight poverty, education, drugs, etc. (How are those wars going?)

What is not discussed is how technology has become a cause, not a cure, of this so-called war on Climate Change.

I remember when Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, under Bill Clinton, told a joint session of Congress, back in the 1990s, that the United States has the technology to manipulate the weather/climate. This, of course, was related to the use of such technology as a weapon of war.

Where do you suppose this technology is some 25 years later?

If you might agree that our government is corrupt and capable of many sinister acts to punish and control the people (please go read historic accounts), doesn’t it make some sense that if they were to perpetuate Climate Change and blame every weather phenomenon on man-caused (guilt, shame, fear) Climate Change, it would give them a great cover for when they use technology against us?

If any kind of Climate Change exists, it is the government-caused weather manipulations foisted on a fearful society willing to do what they can in order to abate the guilt and shame of their acts of how they live.

And on it goes!


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SAM’s Compromise Gun Bill That Isn’t a Compromise That is a Compromise

Nonsense is coming from David Trahan in a notice sent to Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine members that although he is working on a compromise to a proposed “Red Flag” gun control bill that will determine whether somebody ought to be denied access to guns because of someone else’s perspectives on their behavior, he is not compromising our rights given in the Second Amendment. The bill is question is LD 1312.

In his notice sent to members, Trahan says that he has been working with Governor Mills administration to “…determine whether there was a way we could improve Maine law to better identify individuals in crisis and honor our individual liberties as it relates to due process and the constitution.”

Perhaps the best way to “improve” Maine’s law in regards to making a determination as to whether a person is in “crisis” is to stop pretending to act like a god. Whether a person is in “crisis” becomes a value-weighted determination based upon somebody’s perception determined by perverted, post-normal societal values. What could possibly go wrong. When somebody, living in La La Land thinks that a “LAW” can be created or amended that would “honor our individual liberties”, etc, reveals the ignorance of what freedom is all about. Any LAW is a direct restriction on any and all freedoms and cannot coexist with thoughts of “honoring” individual liberties.

Trahan somehow finds comfort to know other false gun rights groups have joined in the discussion to further restrict and water down gun rights.

Trahan assures members his efforts at a “compromise” is not a compromise to a “Red Flag Law.” What’s the difference. Anyone wishing to compromise any portion of the Second Amendment is not a friend of the rights of any individual.

The executive director of SAM is asking members to trust him: “…that your leaders are protecting firearm owner’s rights and your best interests,” and that when he is finished with his compromise that isn’t a compromise, “Maine people will be pleased.”

I have little confidence that he or any others working to compromise my gun rights away are looking out for my best interest. To think that any person or group of persons can equitably determine whether another person is in “crisis” and do it in any fashion that is within the scope of a person’s rights, not just gun rights, is unrealistic and fanciful thinking. It is, perhaps, the greatest tragedy of a person’s rights when others, equipped with political and personal ideologies, attempts to determine the condition in which another person is capable of exercising rights or should be removed from the normal activities of society.

Who in the hell do we think we have become?

Is it that we now believe that employing the evils of democracy we can, while instituting our own twisted, post-normal societal values, determine the fate of others while claiming we are protecting our rights?



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Dogs In The Dentist Office?

Here is another example of how out of whack this society has become when it comes to their pets and the forcing of this perverse lifestyle onto the rest of us whether we like it or not, potentially placing many people at a health risk.

I was at the dentist office (no names or places) this morning, sitting in an examination chair waiting for the technician to return. Out of the examination room next door to where I was, appears a patient, her dentist doctor…and she was carrying her small dog with her.

I know that some people simply cannot function (with or without their dog) without their dog with them. It is very sad. But hey! There are other people in this post normal, very screwed up society and there are far bigger concerns over a dog being present in a “sterile” health care environment…or SHOULD be. Are you kidding me?

Potentially, that dog could be carrying a myriad of viruses, parasites, and other diseases that could be very harmful, perhaps deadly, to humans. I do not know whether this dentist office has a policy about dogs in examination rooms and the prerequisites of making it so, like proof of all vaccines, treatments, and approval from a veterinary office that the dog is “clean.” I also don’t know what “clean-up” steps were taken after the woman and the dog left the examination room to ensure the next patient wasn’t exposed. I did not see anyone go in there to clean before the next patient arrived.

This is a very modern facility, with branches across the country.

For certain, this world has gone completely bonkers…at my peril.

Beam me up….PLEASE!!!


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