January 28, 2022

True “Believers”…of What????

If you believe this is real…


Is there ANY hope? One media report (of which NONE of them tell the truth…I repeat NONE of them tell the truth) says 1/3 of the people think (or at least echo what they’ve heard) that a third vax is proof none of the previous ones worked.

But…go get one anyway…because the government is telling you to.


The Abomination That Causes Desolation


Biden The Beast

Obama bin Biden is certainly sounding and acting more and more like the “Beast” in Revelation 13 that “causes” everyone to take the mark in order that they will be able to buy and sell within the new Beast System after the Harlot is destroyed in one hour.

Is this a preview of things to come?


…So That You Will Believe a Lie

INSANITY AND LIES…..The whole world is filled to overflowing with insanity and lies. Delusion is serving its purpose I guess.


VAXX: The Push is On

Here we go! Almost like clockwork, the push is on to get more and more people vaxxinated, double-vaxxinated, and triple-vaxxinated. (I am intentionally misspelling vaccination because XX, double female chromosome, and Biblical prophecy warrants it should be spelled with 2 Xs.)

The mandate is coming. There is no doubt about it. I have said it would come and come quickly. It appears also that there is much importance in getting as many people vaxxinated as possible; not to fight some thing called coronavirus, but that the vax must be important to the function and roll out of the Mark of the Beast. I had said earlier that how hard the world rulers/fascists would push the vax would depend on how important it was for the operation of the Mark of the Beast. Evidently, it is looking more and more as though this vax is essential.

We are now seeing more and more places, not just in the US, but around the world that are requiring proof of the jab in order that you essentially can “buy and sell;” in other words, you can’t go anywhere without a “passport.” How cumbersome and easy to counterfeit (by design). Why not just inject that RFID chip into everyone’s right hand or forehead and get it over with.

How much to push the vax? Bennett, the prime minister of Israel, is telling his people, after mandating a vax, that those refusing to get vaxxinated are “hindering the return of the Messiah.” No fooling.

Anyone attempting to show scientific evidence of the fraud of Operation COVID-19, including the vax does nothing to stop whatever the coronavirus is, and does nothing to prevent some from contracting whatever COVID is or from spreading it, are being heavily censored. Masks don’t work but they are being used to humiliate people, spread other diseases, stunt growth, and destroy cells (especially in children) and it was hoped by requiring the unvaxxed to mask up, it would become something no different than the Star of David, required of the Jews by the Third Reich during the reign of Obama Biden Hitler.

Those ignorants still clinging to the falsehood that any of these mandates are “unconstitutional,” it’s time to man up and realize the fact that there is no such thing…and never was. Congress will do whatever they deem, “necessary and proper” to kill as many sheep as possible.

Hang on the road will get bumby.


The Revelation Beast That “Causeth”

Before I share some information from the Book of Revelation in the Holy Scriptures, let me first say that there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind when I say the COVID vaccines being injected into the arms of people all over the world, are NOT the “mark of the beast” that can be referenced in Revelation Chapter 13. (More on that shortly) The vaccine is what will enhance the “mark” (RFID chip) probably as an instrument to enhance communications between the ruling Antichrist (Second Beast) and those who have willingly (which includes giving in to pressure to take the mark) taken the mark.

However, when we examine Revelation Chapter 13, we learn about the “First Beast,” that is the one that “…rises up out of the sea.” We also learn of the Second Beast, “…coming up out of the earth…” The Second Beast “…exerciseth all the power of the First Beast,” (only in the presence of the First Beast.

What becomes apparent is that the Second Beast does the bidding of the First Beast. Reading in the 13th chapter we see that the Second Beast “causeth/makes/does/exerciseth” things to happen, while the First Beast is seemingly just “worshiped” by everyone. The Second Beast “causeth/makes/does/exerciseth,” “…the earth and them that dwell therein…” to worship the First Beast. He also “causeth,” ALL to “receive the mark of the Beast” in order that they would be able to buy and sell and everything associated with functioning in an earthly lifestyle so many people adore.

In addition to these, the Second Beast also, “exerciseth” all the power of the First Beast; he “doeth” great wonders, like making fire come down out of heaven; by deception from the powers displayed before the worshipers, he uses that power to have the people “make” an “image unto the (first) Beast”; the Second Beast “causeth” all those who would not worship the image of the (first) Beast to be killed.

These four words, causeth, makes, does, exerciseth, are all found in Chapter 13 and all come from the same Greek base word (G4160), which can be found in Strong’s Concordance. If you look this word/number up (just type “Strong’s 4160” into you search window), it doesn’t take but a minute to realize the Greek word, “poieo” poy-eh-o has very diverse meanings, but essentially, what is going on here is that the Second Beast has power and through his powers (from the First Beast who gets his power from Satan) he makes a lot of things happen…seemingly whether people want it to or not.

We know that the Second Beast has power to cause fire to come down from heaven and so we can surmise that he carries supernatural power (from Satan via the First Beast).

I’ve always been interested in “poieo” and just how the Beast “causeth” things to happen, like for people to willingly (or you will be killed) take the “Mark of the Beast” and to make an image unto the Beast and then worship it. Is this all done through supernatural powers? Maybe, but then again maybe not. Maybe a lot of this “causing” is accomplished through forms of threats, extortion, bribery, etc.

Consider! How many times have we been bribed with “stimulus” money? So far, how often are some people being threatened or being intimidated to get a vaccine? Who, so far, has been told they MUST get the vaccine or else lose their jobs, etc.? More on the way! Hang on!

So what lies ahead? Perhaps, threats like: If you want your next unemployment check, get a vaccine; if you want your next stimulus check, get a vaccine; if you want your next Social Security payment, get a vaccine; if you want to continue to receive medical payments through Medicare, get a vaccine. Now you use your own imagination and see what kind of power this current government has and then try to imagine the one in charge, or at least the one who “causeth” many things, and the supernatural power he will get from the Dragon, and what kind of strong arm tactics will be used without even having to wield any super stuff.

It’s going to get ugly and fast. I believe that true believers in the LORD God sending his only begotten Son to provide us a path back to our original habitations, won’t be left on this place that is owned and operated by Satan, to experience the real ugly, but many will be left behind. There is still time and even after the Saints have gone home, if you persevere to the end, there is eternal salvation with God, not with Satan.


Master of Confusion and Supernatural Delusion

Confusion and insanity are running out of control. There is but one place this comes from…the pits of Hell, where Satan is the king over the locust race that will soon wage an attack on the “aliens” left behind.

Satan is the master of confusion. He is the author of hate, anger, jealousy, lies, everything that is bad…or at least what used to be considered bad. Satan is the ruler of this world. The Scriptures tell us we should live out our lives in this place as exiles. That means we were sent here from someplace else. It’s time for the believers to return to their original habitations.

Along the way, Satan has successfully infiltrated every aspect of life on this earth; even the churches. Yes, Satan has turned every church across the earth, even those “Christian” churches that you so strongly believe in, into bastions of lies, deceptions, confusion, and false doctrines in order that believers become deceived and are left standing with their mouths agape when the day comes they realize they were lied to. GOTCHA!!!!

Christian “doctrine” is so messed up with nonsense and lies, one might have to ask if the LORD God’s eternal salvation is even presented as a free and simple plan.

Because these screwed up churches have led so many people astray with their lies and deceit, the purposeful misleading has lured the masses into a life of trusting in man and looking to man for answers, finding themselves loving the world and the evil forces that rule it more than their Creator, the Almighty EL.

Scriptures tell us that for those who love the things of this world more than the LORD God Almighty, in the Last Days (and we are in the Last Days) He will send “strong delusion” so that those who have been deceived will “believe the lies.” This “strong delusion” is supernatural. The confusion and deception of Satan is supernatural. “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities…in dark places…”

If you are a true born-again Christian, that you have admitted your sin(s) to the LORD and asked for forgiveness, you are being targeted by Satan, his demons, and members of his above-ground Serpent Race. The Pit will be opening soon, and “smoke” will pour out and in the smoke will be swarms of “locusts.” These locusts, with faces like a man, hair like a woman, teeth like a lion, and stingers like a scorpion, will torment man for 5 months. In the interim, Satan wants to make sure as many people as possible are deceived and/or are incapable of hearing the Word of God or having any spiritual influence from the LORD God’s Holy Spirit.

We are in scary times, for those who are not sure of their eternal salvation. The above-ground Serpent Race has taken over. That’s why everything is insane. Nothing makes sense and mixed up in all this insanity is a world doing everything they can to inject as many people as possible with something being sold as a vaccine to counter something being sold as a virus.

Scared and ignorant “Christians” are passing information that the vaccine is the Mark of the Beast written about in Revelation 13. The vaccine is NOT the Mark of the Beast written of in Revelation 13. What the vaccine is is still a bit undefined. Most will never know because of the heavy censorship by governments doing all they can to prevent people from getting the truth.

Back in March, I wrote to readers warning them the vaccine was NOT the Mark of the Beast but that it was something that was going to be used that will make the Mark work…or work more efficiently. I had little information at that time. We are now beginning to find out some things.

According to information put together by J. Kleck, contained in some of the vaccines is a product called graphene. Testing done on graphene is showing that these tiny particles, when “charged” from power sources (such as 5G, or from an RFID implanted chip), string themselves together to form lines that will conduct radio signals and/or form into antennas for communicating. Kleck surmises that possibly this action will create a force field that the Serpent Race hopes can be used as a weapon against the LORD God’s Holy Spirit. Hmmmm……!!!!!!

The current madness that is taking over the world, is turning into a war of haves and have nots, but not in the sense we have come to understand over the years; like those who have wealth and those who don’t. Yet, there is no logic in what is being said and done. That’s Satan’s insanity that has taken over. It appears to be an apparatus to bid those with the Serpent Race’s “vaccine” against those who have not and are choosing not to shoot up – the Serpent Race claiming, illogically, that the unvaccinated are to blame for the continued spread of COVID, even though the same Serpent Race members are telling the world vaccinated people can infect the unvaccinated, while report after report show the majority of new COVID cases are from those who have been vaccinated.

Guess what? This “vaccine” does nothing to stop COVID. I doubt that it was ever intended to be that. Instead, COVID was an excuse to get the masses of people around the world, infected with something that comes out of a hypo needle.

Evidently, first time around, they (the Serpent Race in charge) failed at being able to successfully scare the crap out of enough people to willingly take the vaccine. I’m guessing, with all the hype about “variants” (another lie used to instill fear) if they still cannot get a big enough group of people to fearfully line up for a shot, governments will (and they are already doing it in other countries) begin mandatory injections.

How quickly and earnestly they push this urgency to vaccinate the world, is dependent upon how important having the vaccine is in the technological operation of the RFID chip, into the right hand or forehead, which will be THE Mark of the Beast. I will remind people who are clueless and think this sort of thing if no big deal, the “mark” is not just a badge of servitude that permits you to buy or sell. It is a “mark” that guarantees your eternal damnation in hell, and, the “mark,” combined with the vaccine, probably will allow whoever is in charge to do whatever they want to you mentally and physically…including death…just with the pushing of a button.

Pretty cool huh?


False Teaching: Understanding the Words in Revelation

Here is something I have become extremely sick and tired of, that I have been subjected to my entire life and it still is going on today. What I am speaking of are those ignorant Bible “scholars” and theologians who think they can tell us just exactly what the book of Revelation in the Bible means. The Internet is bombarded with false teachings and false teachers who insist they have an exact timeline of how the Last Days will play out.

One of the biggest mistakes these buffoons make is their failure to understand and comprehend the most simplest words written in the Scriptures. Why? Because knowledge of and comprehension of the entire words of the LORD God might not fit so conveniently into the narratives and agendas of brainwashed ministers and pastors who have passed along false doctrine for years, with no end in sight.

When it comes to the Book of Revelation, the biggest failure I see is the lack of understanding of the very first chapter; specifically verse 19. The LORD God was very precise in telling John what to write in this book of Revelation. His instructions were as follows: “Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter.”

“Hast seen” is a past tense. The LORD God wanted John to include in his writings things which he “hast seen.” John was one of Jesus’ apostles and many, many things (including the “mysteries”) Jesus showed John. Including those things John “hast seen” and “the things which are” takes care of just about everything from the beginning of Creation up until the present time with John on the island of Patmos. After these things, the LORD God instructs John to write “the things which shall be hereafter.” So, how then, can the Book of Revelation be only a book of prophetic uttering of things that will happen in the future?

Short of God’s Holy Spirit having complete control over a person, much in the same way as all previous prophets and any apostles with a double dose of the Holy Spirit, a person has to include ALL the things that the Scriptures include throughout history, before they can begin to determine exactly which of John’s writings are speaking of the past, present, or future.

It has become so bad that the Internet is now loaded with all these people who claim to have figured out the “mysteries” that the LORD God promised would all be revealed before the End arrives.

My only advice to readers is to do your own “studying to show thyself approved” unto the LORD God and seek your truth and direction from the Holy Spirit. Earnestly seek the LORD God’s Truth and He has promised he will show it to you…in doses He knows you can handle.

I’m not saying to disregard all of these “teachers.” What I am saying is take what they have to say and bring it to prayer and lay it up against the Word of God and see if it agrees with God’s Word.

Chaos will soon be upon us. Are you at peace with that? Do you know where you are going when Jesus comes to take his believers home?


Dumber By the Second!!!

Talk about “Strong Delusion!” It must be that this “Strong Delusion” that the LORD God is sending in these the Final Days, comes complete with dumber than a rock syndrome.

It has been determined, by the same criminal *^#holes who make everything up and then spread it like shit through a manure spreader, that those who have been vaccinated can carry virus vapors that could spread to other people. And yet, these dumber than turnips reptiles are still saying it’s the fault of anyone and everyone who has not been vaccinated.

Morons are still buying the lie that you are “protected” from COVID-19 if you take the shot, and yet, in places where this fake “Delta Variant” is supposedly infecting large masses of people, the majority of those getting infected (with this biological weapon) have had the vaccine – 74% in one case in Massachusetts.

Therefore, we can surely expect that masks will go back on for everyone, everywhere and look for the Feds and the totalitarian automatons to viciously and violently ramp up the threats that accompany the push to get everyone vaccinated.

I won’t be around for that event. They will either have to chop off my head or I’ll be sitting in the Throne Room…on the other side. Hope to see all of you there. Don’t get left behind.


The Insanity of The Final Days

(Note: There’s information contained in the below article that I am NOT going to provide links to. Do your own research. All this information is available to read if you go looking. However, there is NEVER any reasonable assurance that any of it is true. This, in case you are unaware, is all part of the insanity that is part of the complete takeover of Satan’s “Serpent Race.”)

Are you part of the insanity? More than likely you are and don’t even suspect a thing. The madness is picking up pace and spiraling out of control. Sadly, for those without any reassurance of Eternal Life with Jesus, all of this mental disorder lunacy will end with fire and destruction, finalized with an existence in the Lake of Fire.

Here’s a taste of some of the absurdity. Have you been out at all? How about driving down the road in your automobile? Yup! Witness the anger, disrespect, deliberate ignoring of any traffic laws, people in such a rush they see you as being in THEIR way and will remove you however they can.

The world governments continue to push COVID-19 (Satan, Sheep, Slaughter) and now THEIR “variants;” given such names as “Delta,” “Lambda,” and “Epsilon.” By the way, for those who study and seek Truth, Delta is representative of the pyramid which is the enemy of all Born-Again Christians. Lambda is the eleventh letter of the Greek alphabet. In the Bible, the number 11 means destruction. Epsilon is the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet. Five is most often displayed by people displaying a “V,” sometimes thought to be a representative “peace” sign. However, when “turned upside down” (Isaiah 29:16) you now have the pyramid, which is a Satanic symbol and is the enemy of all Christians. Were these Greek letter name choices merely a coincidence? Or are they representative of the one who is the ruler of this world?

The head of the CDC just announced that the world faces a new “pandemic:” the pandemic of the unvaccinated. Revelation 6:4 tells us that a red horse is released from Heaven that is given authority of take peace away from the Earth and that people will begin killing each other. Is there a better reason than to label any and all “unvaccinated” (think of the Mark of the Beast) people as the source of the world wide pandemic? I heard just this morning that the Biden Administration said that we are all going to die if we cannot get everyone to take the vaccine. Does that bother you? Isn’t this insanity?

People are being told to make sure they have ways of contacting family and friends other than through the Internet or cell phones because, as part of censorship, the Internet will be shut down. Truth is the Serpent Race’s enemy. If truth exists to degrees that become a serious enough threat to the Serpent Race and their plans, they will do ANYTHING. I know the majority of people are clueless as to the seriousness of this.

Rioting exists over the promotion of transgenderism. The Serpent Race, that is the race of beings that have taken over this world, IS transgendered. Is there any wonder the confusion that exists in a world run by the head Serpent?

Censorship has cascaded completely out of control while governments and deranged (that is delusional) people demand more censorship. Those demanding are members of the Serpent Race who cannot function with any Truth. Truth is their enemy just as the pyramid is mine. COVID and all lied-about “variants” are convenient reasons to lock people up, humiliate them, and cause more and other health issues by requiring “masks.”

(COVID-19 is not a virus as being sold to the public. COVID-19 is an “operation,” like a military operation. It is the spreading, worldwide, of a biological weapon. The worst part of that weapon has yet to be seen. I feel really badly for those who have taken the vaccine AND are not born-again.)

I briefly saw a news article this morning that asks the question, “Can science cure death?” Seriously? The Scriptures tell us that it is appointed unto man once to die and after that the Judgement. The Almighty El created these scientists. Can we believe that He would allow man to undue his mandate of death? That would render all Scripture void, so I don’t think so.

I could go on for hours pointing out what should be obvious but isn’t. There is an explanation of why it is not obvious. Let me share it with you. 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12:

9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

The guilty parties here are those who choose not to follow Christ and let the Holy Spirit be the dominant spirit in their lives. Those who made that choice, the LORD God promises to send “strong delusion.” Are we capable of understanding what strong delusion is?

Our existence is a lie. The fleshly “image” that we were created in is an illusion. Most don’t know that. Because, as verse 12 says, we “…had pleasure in unrighteousness,” His delusion will cause those who don’t believe His Word, to continue to believe any and all lies from Satan, which will end in eternal damnation.

Certainly we are living in a time where the “strong delusion” can be witnessed. Therefore we are living in the Final Days. It is time to repent, receive the Holy Spirit as the dominant spirit in your life and enjoy the guarantee that there is no sting in death of the flesh.