March 28, 2023

Are You Wondering Why the World is Full of Gender Confusion?

Gender confusion and all associated abominations are Biblical. Watch this Kleck video and it will help make more sense out of this nonsense.


It’s The Final Countdown

I have been telling other people that we must be at “RAPCON 1.” I got that from the military term presently, “Defense Condition 1, 2, 3, or 4,” or DEFCON 1, 2, 3, or 4, where one is the highest condition of readiness projecting that all conditions spell eminency. RAPCON 1 is the condition where the 100% true believers in the LORD God Almighty, will be snatched away to avoid the holocaust soon to come.

Don’t be fooled. Through my eyes I see things a bit differently. It appears real that the media, complicit now in the destruction of Babylon and the birth of the Beast System that will overtake the world, is doing all it can to paint a picture of Putin as a mad man and that his invasion of the Ukraine isn’t going very well, even suggesting such things as Russian soldiers giving up and crying like babies, lack of fuel, convoys burning up, tanks demolished.

I doubt these things quite seriously. What I don’t doubt is that the Media has been pushing Putin’s insanity along with his threats (are they real or made up by the Media?) of a nuclear holocaust. Why? Is this to create a scape goat to blame when a nuclear bomb(s) is exploded in NYC harbor, all eyes will be prepared to blame the mad man for it.

Note: I support nobody except the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. Putin be damned, Trump be damned, Zelensky be damned, Biden be damned. All of them be damned. All are under the control of the Almighty El. It’s all in his hands. His plan is perfect. You can’t stop it.

Things aren’t what they appear to be. They haven’t been for a very long time. The details are really immaterial. The end result is not. The Scriptures are never wrong. We are living the Scriptures out daily.

We are in the final countdown stages of RAPCON 1. Jonathan Kleck shows confirmation, reality and Scriptural truths, that substantiate the end is near.

Note: I apologize for the ridiculous “age restriction” YouTube has place here. The Kleck video is not age restricted. In his comment section, he provides a link that contains age-restricted content. Censorship!


Putin, Zelensky, Media, Segal, Ukraine, Who’s Next? Don’t Focus on the Puppet Show

The puppet show goes on. Where will it end? I don’t know. Only the Lord God knows. It’s all His plan.

Jonathan Kleck says we shouldn’t focus on this puppet show because none of it really matters. It’s the spiritual end game that is coming. We can’t stop God’s will and plans. We are there. That should be our focus. Get ready.

If you can somehow find 2 1/2 hours out of your (too) busy lives, I wish you would watch today’s video from Jonathan Kleck. It is jaw-dropping. It’s full of miracles and Biblically proven facts. Break it up into small segments if you must.

On a personal note, I can’t begin to tell you all of the confirmations the Lord God has given me over the years that tell me, without a doubt, Kleck IS the real deal direct from God Almighty.

Those who have the spiritual eyes, please slow down and look around. The presence of the Holy Spirit is so strong. It’s everywhere. He is preparing His Church. Nothing is a mere coincidence. All is of the hand of God. Embrace it. Find his peace. It surpasses ALL understanding.


UN/World Insanity

A seemingly mad man (is he or isn’t he?) in Russia, according to the maligned, complicit and insane media, says Putin has gone berserk over “NUKES.” And so how does the United Nations react? By releasing a report that attempts to spell out the negative climate consequences of any nuclear attacks.

YUP!! That certainly would be my biggest concern…the &%^$#@) climate. Here’s a question all those whacked out climate morons should be asking themselves. Do you think Hell will be concerned about Global Warming?

And on a related note: I went to the grocery store this morning. While I was there, about 20 minutes, the lights went out and camp back on quickly, two times…the second time when I was at the check-out register. A man behind me made some comment about somebody not paying their electric bill. I retort, or maybe the Russians are dropping a bomb on us.

Two things happened that actually surprised me. It was obvious to me from the cashier, the bagger, and those standing around, that they had deep and serious concerns over this Russian invasion thing.

The man behind me who had made the first comment, stepped up nearer to me and said, “I ain’t worried about no nukes getting into this country. This country’s got this and there’s no way they are going to let any bombs from Russia get us.”

As I then quietly began my exit out of the store, I noticed a young black man (an employee) standing in a group of other employees, making eye contact with me. He stepped out of his group momentarily and said, “You have a blessed day.” I believe he knows what’s going on and that he knows I know what’s going on.

So, what do you think is going on?

Jonathan Kleck, the LORD GOD’s End Time harbinger, shares with his followers what the LORD GOD has revealed to him.

Get ready!!


Just How Badly Does Satan Have His Hooks into the World?

A report out today says 6 out of 10 people “could not cope” without their cell phones for more than one day.

And people have laughed at me for years because I have always said the cell phone (and all related technology) were the instruments of Satan to bring this world to rubble.

Stand by!



Maybe you don’t get it.

Marching Illini director provides guidance on band safety protocols |  Illinois

No, it’s not the idol statue in the background. It’s the “aerosol-filtering” covers over the horns. All “wind” instruments in bands like this are required to cover to prevent the spread of the biological weapon the U.S. and leaders of the world released on the blind.


Reptilian Cannibalism

For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, I came across this jewel stumbling around the Internet awhile ago.

“Cannibalism can be a way of killing off competitors for resources, territory, or access to females, especially when the population density is high.”

Barack Insane Obama reminded his species on The View that we have a reptilian side of our brains.

Do the math.


I Was Watching a Freak Show, When a Rigged Football Game Broke Out

Last night I watched the Super Bowl. That’s nothing new. I often do and I must admit curiosity is the driving force as once television ads used to be funny and oftentimes entertaining, luring even the quasi sports fan to watch. That has changed…or I have.

What was different from last night versus all other Super Bowl games of the past 30 years, I opted, out of curiosity again, to watch the half time show. I wish I hadn’t.

All I will really say about the commercials and the half time show is it really drove home to me (and made me angry as hell) that I am an alien being held prisoner in this evil, confused, insane, decadent, immoral, disgusting existence. IT MUST END QUICKLY…IT MUST. I don’t belong here. I don’t want to be here. I relate to nothing.

And, to top off the evening of near uncontrolled anger, was the rigged football game. If you could not see the rigging, like all other things, you are willfully blind. Here’s what happened.

Aside from a couple of unsportsmanlike penalties (which is no surprise in this out of control society), there were no penalties called by the officiating crew…NONE, that is until the game got to be within the final 2 minutes. This is when, with a series of 3, or was it 4, penalties called against Cincinnati, it was to insure the Rams would score the winning touchdown. Buy Manchester United Tickets now and pick your spot inside one of the greatest stadiums ever built.

It was the most blatant display of corruption of a multi-billion-dollar sporting event. Should we be surprised? But most believed it was all real.

It’s morning now and I have tempered my anger and disgust over the evil display that obviously the majority of this continent totally loved and worshiped. It is time to go home. I wish desperately to return to my original habitats and get on with eternity void of all the filthy crap.

I hope you join me.


Predetermined Outcomes

Today it was announced that a record 31.5 million people are betting on the outcome of the Super Bowl. It was also announced that Pfizer, alone, profited $54 billion (from Covid) in just the last year. With so much money to be made, one might tend to question whether or not either, or both, of these events are rigged.



Turkey is a Bad Country?

I laughed hard and out loud. I was watching TV commercials when a program came on…. Actually, I saw a TV ad the other day that showed a man (at least I think that’s what it was), who was supposed to be an immigrant to the United States from the nation of Turkey. He was saying what a great country the United States was because in Turkey if you said or did things the government didn’t like, you could be punished.

Now laugh!!!! But if you’re blind, call the government-sponsored police state authorities and report me for saying something you don’t like because you don’t understand.