August 15, 2020

Moose Being Killed in Snare in Newfoundland

Several moose have been found dead in what officials are calling snares tied to trees in the Trout River area just south of Gros Morne National Park. Authorities have found 5 dead moose entangled in the snare and left to rot, while one official was able to get a yearling moose free.

The idiots that are doing this obviously have no regard for life at all. A poacher would at least utilize the animal it illegally killed. This is a clear case of someone just trying to kill moose, it would seem.

The moose are large enough and strong enough to survive running into the snare even if they were actually moving at a pretty good clip. They get tangled up in the ropes and wires and can’t get free. From there they either exhaust themselves to death, starve or a combination of both.

It is hopeful officials will be able to find those responsible for this. Perhaps they should be snared and left to die.

Tom Remington


It's Official! It's a Grolarpizzly…er uh, a Prizzlyolar…er uh, a Pizzolar…er uh

Remember this story about a guy from the U.S. who paid $50,000 to go on a polar bear hunt and killed a bear that appeared to be part grizzly and part polar bear? Well, the game officials confiscated his bear and threatened that he would be charged with a crime for killing a bear he didn’t have a permit for.

The same officials have run DNA tests on the bear and determined that the bear is a 50-50 mix of grizzly and polar. So does that mean Jim Martell, who shot the bear only gets half the amount of jail time and a half fine? No, they returned his bear to him and he will now be the proud owner of a very unique, one-of-a-kind bear – skin, rug, stuffed, whatever.

Discovering a cross breed between these two species is not heard of in the wild but happens in zoos sometimes. What makes the event rare is the fact that the habitat for the two bear species doesn’t really overlap that much and the mating process of the polar bear is some different. The polar bear has to go through a bit of an engagement process for at least a week, sometimes more, before it becomes fertile. The chances of a grizzly and polar bear having a one night stand is not heard of. So these two bears got it on for a while before heading their seperate ways.

What is not clear and evidently can’t be determined is which species sired and which conceived and bore the offspring. There is also the distinct possibility that there was more than one offspring and did the offspring mate with other bears and if so, which kind?

As humorous as this all can be made out to be, it could be devastating to the species. Studies have shown that the grizzly bear has adapted to some of the polar bear ways, like seal hunting. As a matter of fact, the bear that Martell killed had remnants of seal meat in its stomach.

One name for this bear that has been tossed around is “nanulak” a cross in native Inuit names for the polar bear – “nanuk” – and the grizzly – “aklak”. The natives in the town where the guide who lead Martell on his hunt, just call it “half-breed”.

Tom Remington


A Bear Walked Into a Grocery Store the Other Day And…….

In Alberta, Canada the other day that’s exactly what happened. A black bear walked into a grocery store. The store was equipped with automatic doors and of course when the bear got near the doors, they opened. He figured it was a clear invitation to some good eats.

What would any red-blooded Canadian bear do? Head for the dairy case of course, jump in and help themselves to 15 cakes and some strawberry mousse. He had his fill and left.

The store was open 24 hours and it was just after midnight on May the 2nd. The bear wore no disguises and didn’t appear to be armed. You know in Canada, they don’t necessarily have the right to “bear” arms – oooh sorry!

Officials were summoned and attempts were made to capture the bear and kill it if it returned. So far, the junk food addicted bruin has stayed away and the traps have been removed.

Tom Remington


Grolar Bear or Pizzly Bear?

No, it’s way too early in the morning to have had too much to drink. Actually, anytime for me is the wrong time to have had anything to drink, so what’s up with the title?

A big game hunter forked out about $50,000 for a polar bear hunt. He acquired all the right permits, got himself a reputable guide who has been at this business for a long time and set out to bring home a polar bear.

During their hunt, both men spotted a polar bear. Jim Martell, the American hunter, hesitated for a second and the guide told him to shoot. So he did. BANG!

Martell had himself a polar bear, or was it? It looked like a polar bear but it wasn’t the bright white normally seen on the arctic beast. It was kind of a dirty blonde. The guide told Martell he may have shot a cross-bred bear – a polar bear and grizzly cross breed, which is extremely rare.

Only the beginning! A wildlife officer has confiscated the hide from Martell and has sent it for DNA testing to determine which species of bear he has killed. If it is determined to be a grizzly, he faces charges of illegal possession of wildlife because he didn’t have a permit for grizzlies. That could bring him a $1,000 fine or one year in the pokie!

The moral to this story? A bear in the hand makes you wish it were back in the bush. Or try this one: Confucious say, “Bear who look dirty lead to grizzly mess.” Or, “Don’t look a gift bear in………ah, forget it!

Tom Remington


New Restrictions on Entering Canada to Hunt

If you’re planning a trip into Canada to do some hunting and are planning to fly, you need to be aware of several changes in how you can legally bring your gun and ammunition.

Effective June 1, 2006, there will be a one-way handling charge of $65.00(Canadian).

Rifles and shotguns are accepted as checked baggage only. The guns must be unloaded and you will have to sign your life away stating that they are unloaded. What’s different now is you must provide a secure locking device for each weapon so that it cannot be fired.

The gun has to be transported in a special made case that you can’t see through, open, or that can be broken into.

Ammo is only allowed through checked baggage as well. The ammo has to be transported seperately from the firearms and each passenger is limited to 11 pounds. The ammo has to be packed in a strong wooden, metal or fiberboard container, clearly marked, “ammunition”. The container has to be packed in a suitcase and surrounded by clothing to avoid movement.

You can’t bring gunpowder of blackpowder pellets either.

Other than that, have a great time!

Tom Remington