October 20, 2019

Virginia Lawmaker Embarrassed

John S. “Jack” Reid is embarrassed and also thankful that no one was injured yesterday when his handgun, a .380 caliber, accidentally discharged in his office at the state building where it is located. He was attempting to unload the weapon when it went off striking a bullet-proof vest hanging on his door.

Virginia law allows lawmakers to carry weapons into the buildings where they work. Reid had acquired a permit for concealed weapon carry a couple of years ago over concerns of some kind of threat of which he would not elaborate.

Some lawmakers began talking about taking a new look at the rules governing handguns in the state houses but House Majority Leader H. Morgan Griffith had this to say.

“The truth is you’re more likely to get hurt in a car accident than by a gun,” he said. “So why restrict people’s freedoms?”

Amen, to that!

Tom Remington


The Hypocrisy of Gun Laws

This morning, John Dougherty of World Net Daily, has a commentary and story on the hypocricy of gun laws everywhere and cites San Francisco as an example of that.

He tells a story of a woman wanting protection from an abusive husband. Follow this story of the events that landed her in jail and stripped her of her right to own a gun and the hypocrisy that follows. This is sure to turn your stomach.

Tom Remington


It Not My Fault – It Not My Fault

I am soley responsible for all my actions – period. And so are you. If this is true, why do we continuously blame someone else? Boston blames the other New England states for their gun violence. New York blames the rest of the world for their gun violence and Canada blames the U.S. for its gun violence.

We go about dealing with criminals in this country the same way that we deal with terrorist – we think they think like law abiding people who are respectful of laws. Not true! We can make laws forever but if they are never enforced what is to become of the criminal?

When we refuse to enforce existing laws and our ideologue fails, let’s blame someone else. This is what the world has resorted to.

Let’s use the same thought processes as Bloomberg of New York and David Miller, Mayor of Toronto. They believe that if you go to the rest of the planet and remove guns from the lawful, gun crimes will cease. Let’s apply that same theory across the board.

If we prohibit families from having baby girls, there won’t be dirty old men preying on them and we can reduce of sexual predator problems drastically.

We can take cars away from the general public and that would stop many things – bank robberies using get-away vehicles, accidents that kill innocent people, speeding, car theft. Just think of the possibilities. Car are evil, man!

Let’s take food away too! Fat people cause us all kinds of problems and no more method of poisoning someone you don’t like.

We now need to remove the sale of baseball bats from stores nationwide because we have seen on video, teenagers beating up homeless people in Miami with them.

And speaking of homeless, let’s get rid of park benches. Let’s get rid of parks for that matter. How many crimes are committed in parks everyday? Take away the parks, no more crime. This is easy. Why haven’t we thought of this before?

If we didn’t have lobbyists, there wouldn’t be a problem with illegal campaign money changing hands. Oh, wait a minute! That actually might work. My bad!

Maybe you’ve gotten my point. Bloomberg, Miller and others need to pay attention to what’s going on at home and stop blaming the rest of the world’s innocents for their lack of enforcement problems.

Tom Remington


Do You Sight-In Your Rifle Before Hitting the Woods?

If you don’t maybe you should and here is proof of what could happen. Rod Davis who blogs for us at Maine Outdoors Today’s “Blogging the Outdoors“, sent me this short video.

Tom Remington


Big Brother Wants to Watch More of What You Do

Well, that’s if you live in Boston but Boston and the state of Massachusetts haven’t figured it out yet.

Boston City Councilor Rob Consalvo wants gun manufacturers to install gps tracking devices into all guns manufactured and sold. No, I’m not kidding. But Boston don’t get it. Their arrests involving gun related crime has risen 37% and crimes committed with guns has risen 77%. What they are too stupid to understand is right in front of their faces. The more rights they take away from lawful citizens to arm and protect themselves, the more the thugs and crooks move in to further their careers as criminals.

If I were a hunting guide, I wouldn’t move to Boston looking for work. On the same token, if I were a criminal, like a bank robber, or a cat burglar, I’d go where nobody is allowed to own a gun. But they can’t figure it out. Neither can other cities around this country. Statistics show that the safest places to be is wear the citizenry are armed.

I wonder if the ACLU will jump on this wagon? Doubtful! Or any other civil liberties group. What other items in our society do we track the whereabouts of? Some people CHOOSE to have tracking devices put in their cars in case they are stolen – the key word being choose.

I guess if I wanted to have a device installed in my guns, that should be my choice.

I say end this foolishness now!

Tom Remington


Interview With Senator George Allen

Judson Cox of the Conservative Voice interviews former Virginia Governor, now U.S. Senator George Allen. Most of the issues discussed were hot button items about the war on terror, gas prices, jobs and the economy. He was also asked a direct question about gun rights.

NCC: What are your views on gun rights?

I support concealed carry laws. Virginia has an excellent concealed carry law – I signed it into law as governor. Law abiding citizens get concealed carry permits to protect themselves and their families. Law abiding citizens do not commit crimes with guns. I am a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment, and all of the rights and responsibilities it entails.

You can read the entire interview here.

Tom Remington


Seniors Across The Country Surveyed About Gun Rights, Abortion and Homosexuality

Researchers at Hamilton College and Zogby International have teamed up and conducted a survey among 1000 high school seniors across America to get their opinions on “hot button” topics such as abortion, gay rights and gun rights.

I only want to focus on the gun rights issue but will comment about my overall opinion of the results of the survey.

About 90 percent of high school seniors would impose a 5-day waiting period and mandatory registration on purchases of handguns. Is this how our high school seniors think when it comes to gun rights in the country? If you read the entire survey, you might be able to get a complete picture of the mindset and ideologue of this group. Take polls for whatever they’re worth.

When you compare this with other views, it becomes quite clear that I don’t put a whole lot of faith in this poll. Opinions were all over the place and contradictory, which makes me tend to believe that these high school seniors don’t have a complete or at least a mature enough understanding of the issues being polled.

You can get a copy of the complete poll from Hamilton College web site here and you can read the press release here.

I would like to give a hat tip to The Revolution via Prolifeblogs.

Tom Remington


Democrats in Sheep's Clothing?

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Democrats. I try to treat them like human beings (insert smiley here).

For decades, the party line of the democratics has been, among other things, in favor of gun control to outright banning them completely. Enter Bill Clinton, master of disguise. He knew how to “convince” the populace that he was or wasn’t for or against certain issues and can you believe a politician did such a thing just to get votes?

I’m not here to get into a debate about political party lines but this morning I was reading an article at Bloomberg.com about a sheriff in Indiana who is considering a run for the U.S. Congress this year. He is running on anti-abortion, pro gun and family values.

I’m not opposed to any of these issues but after reading the article and not knowing the candidate, I would have to say to readers, be sure you know the candidate well enough to know if they actually believe and practice what they preach.

Take this excerpt from the article.

The recruitment of Ellsworth and candidates with similar views is “the party making a decision to be more inclusive,” said Elaine Kamarck, a former adviser to President Bill Clinton and to Vice President Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign. “It is the lesson of 2004.”

That might send up a red flag or two but the bottom line is to know your candidate and know them well enough to tell if they are for real in what they say or just putting on some “sheep’s clothing”.

Too often we see politicians saying what they think people want to hear for votes. It’s impossible to change the stripes on a zebra unless you cover them up with paint or maybe put a blanket over them for a time. Sooner of later, the stripes will show up.

Tom Remington


Mayor Bloomberg Says He'll Work For Tougher Gun Control Nationwide

Oh, really! Has he lost control of New York City and figures he’ll impose his ineffective gun control laws on the rest of the nation?

A criminal is someone who commits a crime and a crime as defined in the dictionary is: Unlawful activity, a serious offense especially one in violation of morality, an unjust, senseless or disgraceful act or condition. Does this sound like someone who is concerned about the laws of the land? Why do people like Mayor Bloomberg continue to believe that passing more laws will stop the criminal? Try putting them in jail and keeping them there. That would be a novel idea.

Perhaps much of what the mayor is pledging is nothing more than feel-good rhetoric coming as part of his second inaugural address and invoking his sympathy on the families who have lost police officers in the line of duty.

One can only speculate that this kind of talk is what you would expect to find when someone is aligning themselves for a run at a higher political office. The only problem with this issue is it’s dead. It is quite clear that the vast majority of Americans want to arm themselves for protection, they want to see harsher penalties handed out to criminals who use guns, they want to see repeat offenders locked up and kept there and more and more citizens don’t have faith that police departments across the country will protect them.

The National Rifle Association is already promising to fight Bloomberg on this initiative as are lawful citizens, gun manufacturers and businesses involved in the sale of guns and associated products.

The mayor cites crime figures in his own city to try and justify the need for stricter gun laws, yet he and others refuse to use the same facts to understand what works and what doesn’t.

There were 3,303 gun-related arrests last year, up from 2,894 in 2004. This is good. That means more is being done to get gun toting criminals off the street. Do you think this had anything to do with more cops being on the street doing their job? How many times over the past year did police, along with Homeland Security, hit the streets in masses to thwart suspected terrorist activities? Could this play a role in those numbers of arrests? But more importantly, what did authorities do with these criminals after their arrests? Figures indicate most of them were back out on the street in short order – a liberal justice system that thinks criminals have the same rights as lawful citizens.

There were 540 homicides in New York City last year, police said, the lowest total since 1963. Again I ask why? It certainly isn’t because of making more laws to disarm the lawful people who want to protect themselves.

As we all know, statistics can be used to prove whatever we want to prove for our own personal agendas. Gun issues are no different but time and time again, the facts show that armed citizenry is the greatest factor in curbing violent crime. It is a deterrent to criminal activity. The same facts show that each time new laws are passed to restrict gun ownership, crime rises.

The bottom line here is Mr. Bloomberg needs to pay more attention on what goes on in New York City and get his own house in order before he goes about spewing his senseless ideologue on others.

Tom Remington


No Surprises in MTV's Program About Guns

Not that any sensible person would have expected differently, MTV aired its program of what they perceive as reality TV, about 4 people and how guns have impacted their lives.

CNS News carried the story yesterday, warning us the program would be on and this morning they critique the program. They did say that the two people who are law abiding and own guns were treated fairly but that was about as far as it went.

Is it any surprise? First of all, I would have suspected that a far left program such as MTV would present guns in two ways. One, as most antis do, that guns actively walk around seeking whom they may kill and two, from MTV land, you’d expect them to present guns as a tool for thrill seekers. After all, this is the same television network that has a program glorifying idiots doing obscene and dangerous acts – just for the fun of it.

Enough time spent on talking about a television program that I loathe.

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Tom Remington