March 30, 2023

The Gun Didn’t Work Excuse Won’t Fly

Arm chairing the unfortunate event in a Wyoming forest…

All right here we go… Bring on the donkey… Now the predator cult are claiming the gun didn’t work either.. Uh huh…

“And we can also look at the bear spray/gun debate. Actually neither worked as the bear spray was not utilized in time, and the gun could not be fired, at least from accounts provided. We weren’t there, so the chaos that was experienced by men and bears likely something none of us will ever experience.”—Immer Treue

The gun would have to be in the possession of a skilled shootist to have not worked in this situation.. Not in his back pack some yards away from his position.. The client failed to control his panic.. Then throwing the gun away.. And running away…

Speaking from experience most of the clients that can’t go into the back country on their own and get it done on their own are greenhorns who want to go home with an elk so they can brag to their greenhorn friends and appear to be modern day Davey Crocket’s rather than what they really are, babes being baby sat in the woods.. This particular client tossed away the best defense they had and ran off to dial 9/11…



Lies Public Lands Grazing Does Not Displace Native Wildlife



Political Propaganda!


Michael Finley: Recipient of the Golden Horse Excrement Award

horsepoopsmallMichael Finley, chair of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission, and former superintendent of Yellowstone National Park when illegal “GI” wolves were dumped there, receives my never coveted Golden Horse Excrement Award for the following statements.

“No one took any joy in this action,” said Finley, who retired from the National Park Service in 2001 and moved back to Medford, Ore., where he grew up.

“No one I know on the commission or on the professional staff wants to see wolves killed, period,” Finley said. “There are just places wolves can’t be and times they can’t be there. It’s a simple fact of wolf management.”

Aside from the utter nonsense printed in an online media outlet about “Trophic Cascades” I call out Finley on making such BS statements. It’s very easy, now that wolves were criminally introduced in the Greater Yellowstone Area, of which he was a part of, to state that “no one took any joy” killing wolves that were destroying private property, as well as making statements he doesn’t believe in that, “There are just places wolves can’t be,” calling it a “simple fact of wolf management.”

When you consider the pages and pages of lies fed to the public in the Environmental Impact Statement and the repeated lies given to the public at meetings and spread through fervent propaganda blitzes, by this criminal act, THEY got their damned wolves. They promised everybody that there would be no more than 300 wolves and/or 30 breeding pairs and with that number of wolves there would be no impact on game, i.e. elk, deer, and moose. And we mustn’t forget the complicit Congress told the wolf pimps that there can be no impact on ranchers, residents, etc.

Now they have thousands of them and they know that not only have they got their wolves but they also own everything about wolf reintroduction and the ongoing protection of them – including the USFWS, environmentalist groups, Congress and the media. They now are comfortable in the fact that nothing is going to harm their precious, nasty, diseased wild dogs and so, it takes a very brave man to step up to the press and say, “no one took any joy” in killing four wolves and that it’s a “simple fact of wolf management.” HS!!

Incorrectly stated at the beginning of the article, Finley don’t know squat about wolves. All he knows is how to play the political environmentalist game of power control over people.

The entire act of wolf introduction was criminal….PERIOD. Anyone involved in the act were criminals…PERIOD. They should be charged for the criminal actions. Wolf introduction has been nothing short of a disaster, regardless of the lies fed to us by environmentalists and the media they own and control. Now that they got away with it, the lying bastards are presenting themselves as some kind of heroes.


Using VooDoo to Justify Screw-ups With Illegal “Wolf” Introduction

*Editor’s Note* – This is mostly just nonsense…BS actually. Even the concept is foolishness and the lack of intelligent reasoning is void. The idea that there could actually be any kind of “control” over an experiment, even of this size, to have any concept of what is taking is place, is bunk.

First, there is no such thing as a “pure” red wolf. (As a matter of fact, by scientific definition, there is no such thing as a “pure” wolf, or coyote. We just dumb down the requirements for the money.) Most scientists believe the red wolf is nothing more than a cross-bred wild dog. Even the canine animals the Feds “introduced” were half-tame, mixed-bred, dogs. The nonsense is the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is spending millions and millions of dollars attempting to illegally dump mongrel, semi-wild dogs into North Carolina, calling them red wolves and hiding behind the dysfunctional Endangered Species Act claiming they (USFWS) is required by law to “recover” the red wolf.

The latest science on coyotes, wolves, cross-breeds and hybridization shows the impossibility to protect separate species (if in fact any of them are) from cross breeding because there are too many of the beasts to begin with. With millions of coyotes/cross-breeds and tens of thousands of “wolves” (cross-breeds) the more they grow and are protected the more it is impossible to separate species regardless of how many thousands of “placeholder” coyotes are introduced. (Notice the misleading title placed on sterilized coyotes.) One would think that the Environmentalist would be fighting to actually ensure fewer canines in order to preserve the gene, but they are not. Instead, they are hinting toward continued protection and dealing with the result, naming it a new species. Is that science or politics?

Presenting some fanciful, non-workable, ridiculous notion that cross breeding can be prevented by sterilizing coyotes and placing them between packs of viable wolves and coyotes is about as smart as putting up a fence on the Mexican border thinking it will stop illegal immigration.

It is my opinion that this experiment is nothing more than a means of distracting and somehow substantiating the disaster the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service created in North Carolina. Now that they have screwed everything up in a really bad way – bad for the people/property owners and bad for the wildlife – the USFWS is going to attempt to legitimize their incompetency.

In response to this announcement, Dr. Valerius Geist commented, “Grasping for straws! And what a muddle to begin with. How much manpower will be required to keep track of “placeholders” and mating pairs? One biologist per red-wolf breeding pair? and are red wolves actually wolves?”

This nonsense deserves the “Golden Horse Excrement Award.”


One of the most endangered species is the red wolf, Canis rufus. Reintroduction of the red wolf began in 1987, but in 1993 hybridization between coyotes (Canis latrans) and wolves was documented. To reduce genetic introgression, coyotes and coyote–wolf hybrids were captured, sterilized, and released as “placeholders”. Placeholders held territories until either displaced or killed by a wolf, or management personnel removed them before releasing a wolf. We evaluated the placeholder concept by examining the number of animals sterilized and released, likelihood of displacement by a wolf, factors influencing displacements, territory fidelity of placeholders, and survival rates and causes of mortality of placeholders and wolves. Of the 182 placeholders, 125 were coyotes and 57 were hybrids. From 1999 to 2013, 51 placeholders were displaced or killed by wolves, and 16 were removed by management personnel. Thus, 37% of the placeholders were displaced leading to occupancy by a wolf. Most displacements occurred in winter (43%) and were always by the same sex. Males were more likely to be displaced than females. Home range characteristics influencing the probability of displacement included home-range size (i.e., more placeholders displaced from larger home ranges) and road density (i.e., more placeholders displaced from home ranges with lower road density). Annual survival of placeholders was higher than wolves in 12 of 14 years, with cause-specific mortality similar among wolves and placeholders. Placeholders provided territories for wolves to colonize, yet reduced the production of hybrid litters, thereby limiting genetic introgression to < 4% coyote ancestry in the wolf population.

Source: Using the “placeholder” concept to reduce genetic introgression of an endangered carnivore


And the Golden Horse Excrement Award Goes to…..


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Mark McCollough who, according to the Associated Press, says about Canada lynx:

“…the goal is to recreate the conditions to prevent a big drop in the number of lynx in Maine.”

The devastation of the spruce bud worm outbreak of the 1970s, resulted in large areas of clear-cuts to clean up the dead timber in hopes of retrieving some value before it all turned to tinder. The regrowth of those clear-cuts created an environment where moose and Canada lynx (and other species) have thrived. Those clear-cut regrowths are maturing and the moose populations are disappearing, partly due to winter ticks and loss of ideal habitat that was created from the clear-cuts. The Canada lynx grew in numbers, mostly because that habitat was ideal for snowshoe hare, the favorite food of the Canada lynx – the lynx follow the growth of snowshoe hares.

McCollough is living happy these days now that he has his lynx protected and he can get all kinds of money and piss off a lot of people by doing it. (Think trappers and landowners) The lie here is that “the goal is to RECREATE the conditions.”(emphasis added) That will NEVER happen. He and environMENTALists would never allow for anything that would closely resemble that same kind of habitat.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service dithers on the Canada lynx (they still have failed to produce a recovery plan) How do you recover an endangered species with no idea how many animals exist and a plan to recover? Typical government horse excrement. Therefore, the award goes to him/them.

Additional question that cannot be answered honestly: How to you list a species for federal protection when nobody knows how many of the creatures exist? Corrupt &$^@#!s








I Want You to Give Up Half Your Land for Wildlife

“Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and Harvard scientist E.O. Wilson says we need to abandon half of the globe to nature or face an extinction event that makes the one that wiped out the dinosaurs look like a blip on the radar.”<<<Read More>>>

I do believe this utter nonsense deserves the “Horse Excrement Award.” (Here’s looking at you, Sweetheart)



Tom Remington Golden Horse Excrement Award

Yes, it’s been awhile. What used to be the Black Bear Blog Golden Horse Excrement Award has been rightfully renamed the Tom Remington Golden Horse Excrement Award. It is only fitting, in more ways than one, that this renamed award be first awarded to Al Gore, a pile of horse shit in his own right.

In a recent interview with the Public Broadcasting System, Algore described those people who don’t believe his tripe about global warming as, “an alcoholic father who flies into a rage if alcohol is mentioned.”

They say the first step toward recovery is admitting you have a problem. I wonder when Algore will admit he has a problem? I’m talking about his fits of rage. He’s a moneyholic, a greedaholic, a liaraholic, and a jerk thrown in for good measure. Plus he flies into rages when anybody disputes his nonsense.

In awarding this treasure to Algore, it only fitting as well that it be presented to show that Algore is mired in his own shit. I wonder if all his money can get him out of it?