October 17, 2021

You Do Want This Boat


A Revolutionary New Bowhunting Product

Simply secure your .38 or .357 Magnum round into the Bow-Mag Arrowhead cylinder, turn until the casing threads lock in place, then attach to your standard arrow shaft or crossbow bolt. The Bow-Mag is designed with safety in mind, ensuring that rounds will not fire until they hit your intended target, delivering firepower, Magnum impact and maximum stopping force where you want it.<<<Read More>>>


Moose Just Aren’t Whistling Dixie

Here we go again! Someone must be promoting deer/moose whistles for cars that are advertised as a way to keep these big animals from crossing the road in front of us while driving our cars. The whistles mount on the front of a car or any vehicle and claims are it makes a whistling noise. Note: I don’t know if it actually whistles or not. Crawling out on the hood of the car at 60 miles per hour, the wind was rushing past my ears and making such a loud noise I couldn’t hear if the whistles were whistling.

Lee Kantar, Maine’s moose biologist, says they might make a noise but there’s no guarantee it will stop a deer or moose from running into the road confused by the noise.

But here’s a fact: I bought a used Subaru several years ago that had the whistles already mounted on the front bumper. To my knowledge the whistles had been on the car for several years before I bought the car (by the looks of the condition of them) and the car had not collided with a deer or moose. While I owned the car, it was never involved in a deer or moose collision, so the whistles must work. Right?

I have a bridge in New York I’m looking to sell. I’ll throw in a set of deer whistles for free to whoever sends the money for the bridge.


Bear Spray Manufacturers Pimping Their Products

I have yet to see any so-called bear spray data that wasn’t outcome based and usually paid for by the manufacturers of bear sprays.

According to The Outdoor Wire, the “Wildlife Management Institute (WMI) and Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee teamed up with renowned Hunting Journalist Craig Boddington and the Boone and Crockett Club” to make a video geared toward convincing hunters in grizzly bear country to carry bear spray for protection against bears instead of using your gun. Their claim is guns take too long, are cumbersome and in a “panic” situation, a hunter will be unable to shoot accurately to defend themselves. They claim spray is much more effective citing 92% effectiveness.

While carrying bear spray might, in certain circumstances, do the job and is certainly better than carrying nothing for protection, remember, this video and promotion of bear spray is nothing more than a giant advertisement campaign for bear spray manufacturing companies.

Proof of this can be found in the last paragraph of the Outdoor Wire article:

Additional financial support for production of the video was provided by bear spray manufacturers Universal Defense Applications Products (UDAP), Counter Assault, as well as the Montana Outfitters and Guides Association, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, and Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

This is also an effort to protect the grizzly bear. Due to the history of some of those involved in this advertisement campaign, I would NEVER trust any so-called outcome-based research they cram down the throats of people.

If you are going into grizzly bear country, take something for protection. If you are not comfortable with a gun, and know well how to use it, bear spray might provide a level of protection.

I wonder how bear spray works on wolves and mountain lions?


New Website Serves All Sportsmen

(Columbus) – To help and educate all hunters, anglers, trappers, recreational shooters, and persons with an interest in the great outdoors and conservation, the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance has launched “The Sportsmen’s Daily”—a new website covering all things outdoors. The new site focuses on issues and news around the nation and is updated frequently.

The site focuses on legislative issues insight and reports which sportsmen and women nationwide expect from the USSA. The site also includes information on USSA collaborative projects and programs (such as Trailblazer and Families Afield), and features cutting-edge news in the shooting sports and angling industries.

Visitors can also search the website for blogs that provide perspectives on Protecting What’s Right, and insider views on where legislation is—or could be headed—in the nation’s and states’ capitals. From time to time the website features special deals on gear and keen insight from the pro staff and manufacturers who comprise the important USSA Outdoor Business Council.

But it also includes many useful features to help you enter the field. An interactive map will take visitors to active and current weather reports, game laws, and regional information. Short videos will entertain and educate visitors on a wide variety of outdoors topics. The new website also provides a quick link to sign up for the USSA’s popular Sentry program and makes getting involved with USSA watchdog efforts easier.

“The Sportsmen’s Daily” offers a searchable database where you can determine what has been happening in your state. The popular “Eye-on-the Antis” articles continue to expose the methods and tactics of radical anti-hunting and anti-trapping groups.

The best news is that The Sportsmen’s Daily can be delivered to your computer each morning much like the newspapers of yesteryear landed on your door step. Use your mouse to make this your home page and to help you make accurate decisions on what action to take—or what to pursue that day.

Take a tour at www.ussportsmen.org.


Fly Fishing Film Trailer: “Low and Clear”

According to the information on the website for this movie and in the trailer embedded below, two friends from the past reconnect and go fishing. They are worlds apart in their approach and goals to fly fishing. One fishes to catch and is very much into that aspect, while the other strives to achieve the perfect cast and catching is meaningless.

It’s an interesting portrayal and a concept that is dividing the outdoor sports community in many other ways besides fishing.

I haven’t seen the entire movie.


Book: “The Legend of Grey Ghost” Now Available for Download and on Kindle

Many of you may already know that about 10 years ago my son and I coauthored a book called, “The Legend of Grey Ghost and Other Tales From the Maine Woods”. We sold quite a few hard cover and paper back copies but ran out of the print copies. With ebooks outselling print books, Steven and I have decided to make this great book available once again in ebook form.

If you will notice, at the top of TomRemington.com, on the menu bar, you will see, “Tom Remington’s EBook Sales“. If you click that link you will get information on “The Legend of Grey Ghost” as well as future books coming soon. The Legend can be purchased currently in two formats. At the bottom of the page, readers can click on the “BUY NOW” button. Through PayPal you will be able to purchase the book and download it to your computer hard drive. From there you can open and read the book or if you have other ebook reading devices, there are processes that exist to get this pdf version uploaded to those devices.

Or, you can follow the Amazon.com link and quickly and easily download “The Legend” to your Kindle.

Steven and I are excited about providing this opportunity for you. In addition, writing is underway and plans made for more ebooks coming soon. You don’t want to miss out.

Thank you.

Tom Remington


Capitalism Front And Center

Americans may be the world’s best inventors, creators of new business, and developers of ways to cash in when an opportunity presents itself. An example of that was when it became big business to create a T-shirt emblematic of an event or a person, etc. At times we as a society have questioned some entrepreneurial enterprises but nonetheless Americans will find a way to make money.

It is no secret that in many places across this great nation, deer are becoming a problem. This is evidenced in news report after news report of cities, towns and communities striving to find ways of controlling deer populations within the town’s limits. These overcrowding situations of too many deer and too many humans can pose some serious consequences and problems – starvation, disease and auto/deer collisions, to name a few.

Many different methods have been tried to address this problem and any and all methods have met with a certain amount of opposition from various groups and individuals. Often times a town finds itself faced with hiring sharpshooters to thin the herd. Although it is proven time and again that hunting deer is the most effective and least costly method of deer population management, there are occasions where hunting isn’t an option.

Much of the problem the local officials and wildlife scientists face in attempting to deal with this issue comes from the citizens who might oppose killing of animals. Some studies indicate that the majority of city residents prefer non-lethal means of dealing with deer populations. While I respect their opinions on how they think things should be done, too often these are based on lack of information and knowledge about science or even the best and proper way of living with the deer in their backyards.

Enter the Quality Deer Management Association. I knew sooner or later someone would find a way to cash in on this problem. Please don’t get me wrong. I am a firm believer in free enterprise and cringe sometimes when certain exploitations push the envelope of sanity. This venture by the QDMA is far from that, although I’m sure others will not agree.

According to an article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, QDMA has devised an education packet to be used in schools all across the country to teach our youngsters how to live with deer.

The Quality Deer Management Association plans to make available within the next month or so an education package titled “Living with White-Tailed Deer.” It consists of three DVDs and a lot of printable information. It’s meant to be used in high school civics, social studies and science classrooms.

The program, which meets National Education Standards, sets up a scenario in which a community park is faced with having too many deer. Students divide up into six groups — hunters, animal rights activists, biologists, homeowners, park officials and township officials — and spend three to five days coming up a solution to the problem.

Sounds simple enough but you can bet your bottom dollar that someone, no names mentioned, is going to raise a stir. According to the same article, when the program was piloted at several locations around the country, students were asked before and after about how they felt about killing deer as part of the methods.

The program was piloted at several schools around the country. When students were asked before going through the exercise how they might solve the deer problem, about 70 percent supported non-lethal means of control.

Afterwards, about 70 supported killing at least some deer, either with hunters or sharpshooters, Murphy said.

“Ultimately, I think this is going to make them far more accepting of hunting than they might have been otherwise,” he said.

For me, if through education we can get more people to understand the science and necessity of good deer management and that process increases the support for hunting to accomplish the tasks, I’m all for it. How long is it going to take for the opposition to put on their battle gear?

Tom Remington


Treestand Safety Products

Treestand safety is a big issue these days mostly because so many people use them and they use them improperly. The leading cause of hunting related injuries now comes from treestand accidents.

A new company and new product is hitting the market called the Gunslinger. It’s a tether that will let you get your gun safely in and out of your treestand.
The Gunslinger

You can visit the website of the Gunslinger here.

Tom Remington


All-Terrain Camping Trailer For Hunters

I know nothing about this product or the company that manufactures and markets it. I received this press release from the marketing department. At first I wasn’t sure how, if at all, to use the release, then I decided to print it here and let my readers add comment if they are familiar with the product and offer any feedback pro or con about it.

If you have a comment about the product and/or are familiar with it or the company, please let the rest of us know. Thanks.

Hunting Enthusiasts Set Site on All Terrain Camping Trailer
Campa USA, manufacturer of the off road camper trailers, is seeing steady interest for its highly mobile, self contained system from hunters and other related outdoor adventurers.

North Ridgeville, OH — For many hunters, the fall and winter seasons are the most exciting times of year. Increased frontal activity and big game hunt opportunities are just a few factors that attract these individuals to some of the most remote regions of the country. However, vehicle and equipment mobility in hard-to-reach areas remains a challenge for many. As a result, an Ohio-based manufacturer of self contained, all-terrain trailer systems is seeing continued interest from the hunting and outdoor markets.

If you are an RV owner you have to take a look to this website campingfunzone.com, it contains a lot of information regarding this vehicles.

The Campa All Terrain Trailer (ATT), manufactured by Campa USA, is a lightweight trailer designed to go anywhere a vehicle can. Made of stainless steel, it can be equipped with special options such as a hot water shower system, solar paneling, water filtration, and an electric refrigerator/freezer. Additionally, the product’s unique tent configuration offers the ability to sleep up to 10 people comfortably.

“We’re seeing a steady flow of interest from hunters,” said Chris Cole, president and founder of Campa USA.

“The ability to be self contained in remote areas is an attractive feature for them. Hunting is a sport that requires a great deal of patience and waiting. These units are designed to make someone as comfortable as possible in those situations without sacrificing the overall outdoor experience,” he added.

Because of its potential, Cole and his company plan to give greater attention the hunting market, which according to the National Sporting Goods Foundation, is estimated to be at $1.25 billion.

“This particular vertical market makes a lot of sense for us because the product is a great fit. And pardon the pun, but every time hunters see our trailer, they’re just blown away,” added Cole. However, before you make a choice we recommend you to check these Tips For Buying Your First RV.

Another attractive feature for hunting enthusiasts is Campa’s Rooftop-style tents. Portions of the tent, which are elevated above the trailer, have proved ideal for scouting and can even serve as a tree stand substitute.

In addition to the ATT, Campa USA offers its Disaster Reconnaissance System (DRS) to emergency management, military and disaster relief officials. Cole contends that both trailer brands provide applications across a broad spectrum of industries.

“Because of the modular design of our units, we serve a wide variety of markets. We see customers really get creative with how the systems are used,” noted Cole.

Founded in 2004, Campa USA has experienced recent growth and is actively seeking dealers and partners nationwide to help promote and distribute its trailers.

For more information, please visit www.campausa.com .

Tom Remington