January 20, 2022

Divine Justness In The Pursuit Of Lawlessness Still Unfolding Before Our Eyes

True Yeshua Enlightenment For me still is the most amazing spiritual experience of the transformation of myself from the darkness of this false world into the Light of true life…

Babylon is falling before our eyes.. These truths exposing these liars are becoming more than they can bare.. We are in the last days of these last days.. The end draws near.. They will fight to the death and take all who wander and wonder after them with them shortly..

Claiming Yahweh chose Don Trump as the leader of the U.S. is miss applying the scriptures such as Psalm 21 which states the earth is the Lord Yahweh’s and the fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein, some conclude that this must be Yahweh’s world, although Yahweh created the earth he is allowing Satan to act as the god of this world to rule over it for a purpose.. Consider this astounding statement that Satan made to him which is Yeshua the real Christ; all this power I will give you and the glory of them for that is delivered unto me and to whomsoever I will give it if you therefore will worship me all shall be yours; that’s Luke chapter 4 verse 6 through 7, this shows that Yahweh has delivered to Satan the devil all the world’s kingdoms and the glory of them and that they are his to give as he chooses… Thus Satan is allowed to control this world and Satan picks this worlds leaders through his demonically influenced leader minions managing his massive NWO corporation.. Trump therefore is a satanist leader acting as president of the privately owned U.S. corporation.. Which has their satanic occult logos all over it.. Along with it’s Biblically adverse legalese system of goat/sheep management…

Trump is of the seed of Cain…


The Most Despised Truth Teller Of World History


Do You Still Beliiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeevvvvvvveeeeeee NASA?


Controlled Opposition World


Stephen Hawking Hoax Ends

Apparently the ACTOR that played Hawking was tired of playing this character Hawking.. Maybe the Holy Pontifical Hoax himself decided the Hawking show should end.. Who knows.. No more Stevey Hoaxing Hawking.. Finally.. Scientism kept him alive.. GRIN…

Stephen Hawking


a lifetime member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences,

Pontifical Academy of Sciences


Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts


Lucasian Professor of Mathematics



Millions likely fooled by the Stephen Hawking Hoax…


Bird Of Prey

They’re the treaty breakers.. Always used clever terms always make up what their terms mean so those terms always benefit them.. Contracting with them for their privileges is a fools game..


This Is The GD Idiot YOU Voted to be YOUR President

This is a definite qualifier for my Golden Horse Excrement Award – Trump’s the Winner

“I like taking the guns early, like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida … to go to court would have taken a long time,” Trump said at a meeting with lawmakers on school safety and gun violence.

“Take the guns first, go through due process second,” Trump said.<<<Read More>>>

And what else in this country does he like to shoot and ask questions later? What a fool. And you’re a fool to stand behind him.

He’s a lying snake just like all those that came before and all those that will come after. I tried to tell people that 3 years ago, but just like nobody wanted to learn the truth about Obama, like the suckers they are, they took his pro-Second Amendment bullshit lies as truth.

We will NEVER learn.

The insanity here is that we exist in a rigged system, but think we can fix that rigged system by asking the rigged system to change itself. The choices we are given by the “posterity” are the only options made available. And if it appears the “Manchurian” candidate “they” want in office isn’t going to make it honestly (if there actually exists such a thing), they just rigged the voting.

It is insane to think that you can operate within a rigged system believing you can use the rigging to fix the rigging.

What was the FAKE RIGHT saying? Trump will never do anything to take away our Second Amendment rights. He’s showing that’s not true and also telling us he doesn’t give two pieces of horseshit for “Due Process” or the rule of law.

What’s next?


A New Day For Wildlife

From the 1970s.. Nothing new under the sun…

“To anyone who has attended meetings where the question of game scarcities is the important issue, the events just described are a very familiar scenario. The same kinds of participants and the same kinds of familiar lines are heard wherever similar meetings are held. The way it  goes is this: People in a given area, after watching their wildlife go down hill ,and after seeing serious damage to farm animals from the ravages of increased predators, schedule a local meeting. The meeting is always well attended because now, for the first time, something may be done via group action. The meeting is called to order, and one after another people stand and give first-hand accounts proving that predators have greatly increased. A serious situation unfolds as witness after witness describes the damage being done to both wildlife and farm animals. Some kind of predator control is called for by person af­ter person. A few call for curtailed hunting as an aid in improving the situation, even though they may question its worth when predators are the problem.”

“Then, from among the audience there rises to the floor a mem­ber of the wildlife establishment. One or more representatives is bound to be in attendance. You can be almost certain he is a proponent of Plan-One, and this very quickly becomes evident. In true Plan-One fashion, he proceeds to ignore all the previous ac­counts of increased predator numbers and growing predator damages. He assures everyone that he is for increased game, but quickly launches into the usual Plan-One routine about today’s lack of “habitat.” It makes no difference whether the primary concern is with big game, waterfowl, or upland game, it will be lack of habitat that will be his main emphasis. Then, in line with Plan-One dogma, he goes on to say that controlling predators will do no good, and proceeds to condemn any action along this line. Quite often, he will have one or two disciples of the Plan-One credo in the audience who will voice their support. Because the wildlife establishment person is supposed to be the expert, what he says has a confusing effect.  Knowing what they have seen with their own eyes, the people tend to be left somewhat aghast. {realizing they’ve just been lied to} What they don’t realize, however, is that the wildlife es­tablishment person is speaking in support of an ideology in which facts make little difference. Plan-One must be sustained above all else!” Lester J. McCann PhD..


We’re experiencing “environmental” fascism gone postal.. The persecution of others over this rewilding insanity.. Science real or fake is not going to save the earth the wolves nor mankind… And neither is the corporate controlled environmental opposition groups… Fickle ethics by so called naturalists convinced their ethics are best so they try and socially engineer their manipulated “consciences” into whoever will accept it while persecuting and demonizing anyone that does not buy into this new age don’t protect yourselves from the predators BS biology based in nothing more than appeals to emotion.. Science is but one lens for discovering knowledge…EXPERIENCE equating into real KNOWLEDGE being another… The origins of this modern era pseudo environmental philosophy deservedly causes it to be highly suspect…

Game biologists who pretend to be psychologists and Santa Claus have something in common, nobody believes in either one anymore…

Time to Cry Wolf

A New Day for Wildlife

Yes, a new day for wildlife has arisen here, it is an environmentalist orchestrated wildlife holocaust of epic proportions… Thank the United Nations Faustian Environmental Polices and the UNEP controlled corporate environmentalist movement…


The Lavoy Finicum Psyop

As I’ve said since the beginning, this ‘Bundy Standoff’ and the Oregon occupation were ‘masonic rituals’ and purposeful propaganda. Including sting operations for prosecution of profane dupes tricked into supporting a rebellion against federalism. The staged shooting of Robert LaVoy Finicum on the 26th, was also a subliminal to provoke the ‘flag’ loving Patriots of the United States. Of course in the picture below, the flag is also present.

Flag = 6+12+1+7 = 26
God = 7+15+4 = 26

Robert = 18+15+2+5+18+20 = 78
LaVoy = 12+1+22+15+25 = 75
Finicum = 6+9+14+9+3+21+13 = 75
Robert LaVoy Finicum = 228 (United States of America)

The sun symbolism in this picture of Robert LaVoy Finicum is perfectly obvious. The pythons{pythagorans} also tell us via their scientism the sun is 93-million miles from the earth. Also, The 2014 Bundy Standoff was a controlled opposition psyop, played by Masonic actors. A masonic appeals to emotions psyop.. The colors of the king, red white and blue, the sun RA directly behind the son of gods head. signing the cosmos and other symbolic meanings with hand..

Robert = 9+6+2+5+9+2 = 33
LaVoy = 3+1+4+6+7 = 21
Finicum = 6+9+5+9+3+3+4 = 39
Robert LaVoy Finicum = 93 (Propaganda) (Crucifix) (Sunny) (Waco, ’93) Finicum meaning son of god was 54-years old at the time of this psyop..

Sun = 19+21+14 = 54
93 million miles away

The hand symbol he is making above, in terms of Masonic gestures, could be interpreted as “V Sign”, which represents the 33rd Degree in Freemasonry, among other things, such as victory. Also sign of the cosmos.

Robert = 9+6+2+5+9+2 = 33
The Sun = 2+8+5+1/10+3+5 = 24/33 (Killed 24-days after standoff began)
Oregon, the 33rd State (OR = 15+18 = 33)


Baal.. Up is down and down is up.. Sign of the cosmos..

Above the Twin Posts represented on the brush popper shirt.

Notice that CNN’s video on his death is 2:23 seconds long, also ‘Masonic’ coding.

Masonic = 13+1+19+15+14+9+3 = 74
Burns = 2+21+18+14+19 = 74
Oregon = 15+18+5+7+15+14 = 74 (No other state has gematria of 74)






The character Robert Lavoy Finicum died in the ongoing Bundy series.. The actor, whoever played the part is alive and well and likely playing other parts in other TV  and movies and likely fake news.. Now if a man can be your hero after that man read the COTUS for two years proving he was no COTUS scholar, was irrefutably misquoting and misinterpreting legal aspects of that COTUS, and refused to accept arrest, charged into a road block, repeatedly tells the police to shoot me, shoot me, gets out of the truck and is apparently refusing to comply, and was actually killed.. he was no hero he was a moron.. Or he was an actor playing a role with several other actors, including actors playing police officers.. This type of fake news, fake death, fake trials, fake funerals, fake crimes, fake assassinations is normal business for the masonic cults working their deceptions against the profane masses..

The language of the Hegelian Dialectical also includes, the legal aspect of double speak, reverse language. The use of numerology via gematria mathematical symbology.. The language of the enemies of YHWH and Yeshua.. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if YOU believe in numerology, or if I believe in numerology; what matters is that THEY believe in numerology, and use it as a symbolic language to covertly message each other and to control every story line they are managing from news, legislation, congressional activity, State of the Union speeches, entertainment, sports, politics, wars, terrorism.. You name it…

Also, they are using video and voice technology to disguise these crisis actors. The actors use facial and body appliances.. Hair appliances. Body suits.

Thats right, never forget…

“They who have put out the people’s eyes, reproach them of their blindness.” – John Milton

Sentient not lucid…thinking equals strength; while feeling equals weakness. Look what they have done to us with their appeals to emotion…

If you do not know their language how can you know their lies?

Peace out…





Beam Us Up Scotty!! We Gonna Sue The S[s]tate We Gonna Sue The S[s]tate

Listen Carefully, for only $26.00 You Too Can Save America….

Today being 19 hours ago..Yesterday.. Scotty gonna save Hunting ranching farming fishing and America with A copy of Brooms Maxims of the law 8th edition 1882… Shit man if I’d only known all these years I could have thrown my copy of that trash at them and ended this chaos…

# 57122 at lawbookexchange dot com for only about $26.

It is Broom’s Maxims of the Law, 8th ed. 1882. The maxim discussing sovereign immunity is “the king can do no wrong”.

I will be ordering it today. Thank you!
S. Rockholm~

Absolute 100% waste of time.. But go ahead.. It’s the only way you are going to FINALLY catch up…

Who owns the common law? You’re gonna find out…We already did years ago…

The Traditions of Men Are Laws For Fictions –
The ownership of law is the ownership of the ‘traditions of men’, and as traditions, law are personally owned private fictions –

It is most instructive to read –
Of American Canon Law, or of the National Canon Law of the United States, pages 53 – pages 54, which in part reads as follows,
Q. What is meant by American canon law ?
A. By the national eccl. law of this country we understand the various derogations from the ” jus commune, ” or the different customs that exist among the churches in the United States, and are sanctioned or tolerated by the Roman Pontiff. We say, ” are sanctioned or tolerated by the Roman Pontiff ” ; for, as was seen, no national law can become legitimate except by at least the tacit or legal consent of the Pope. Again, the ” jus particulare ” of a nation always remains subject to the authority of the Holy See in such manner as to be repealable at any time by it. Hence, the jus nationale, or the exceptional ecclesiastical laws prevalent in the United States, may be abolished at any time by the Sovereign Pontiff.
The entire book is worth a read.

The common law still remains a ‘civil law system’ in the ownership of fictional traditions originating with man – the clergy being the fountain of its issuance – when we read,
The phrase “the common law of the civil law systems” means those underlying laws that create a distinct legal system and are common to all its elements.
Jus commune

‘In the civil law. Common right; the common and natural rule of right, as opposed to jus singulare, (q. v.) Mackeld. Rom. Law,’
Whose common and natural rule of right ? That is to say, common and natural right belonging to whom; in whose interests ?

The owner.. They own the State, the states, and they own the law.. All of it…

In the officially sanctioned encyclopedia of the Church, ‘Catholic Encyclopedia’, we read, second paragraph –
“Canon law may be divided into various branches…”
Under the fifth bullet-point, we find bracketed –
“( jus universale et particulare)”, meaning – jus universale (universal law or jurisdiction); jus particulare (particular / local law or jurisdiction).
This concurs with the terms used on page 53 in Elements of ecclesiastical law (1895) of the section titled, ‘ART. II – Of American Canon Law, or of the National Canon Law of the United States’.
New Advent Encyclopedia endorsement at bottom of homepage, reads –
“The Editors take occasion on the appearance of this first volume to express their gratitude to all who have taken part with them in this enterprise; in particular to the hierarchy for their cordial endorsement…”

Have a nice and pleasurable time trying to sue the state with their own intellectual property.. This has been tried countless times all throughout this nation/states history starting as early as the Whiskey Rebellion.. All the way until now…

Hurry Scotty… You’re a slow fking learner but at least someday you’ll catch up with reality…

Meanwhile the circle jerk rolls on down the highway paved with good intentions…