February 7, 2023

States With Right To Hunt And Fish Constitutional Amendments

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U.S. ConstitutionOver the years I have been asked countless times which states currently have amendments to their constitutions guaranteeing the right to hunt, fish and trap. (Not all states are all inclusive)

Recently I was asked again by a reader from Arkansas, B.J. Hardy, who is also actively concerned about his state passing a constitutional amendment. I explained I just hadn’t had time to pull all this information together but I provided him some contact information where he could begin. It wasn’t long before he began emailing me with information he had retrieved from his leg work. Thank you, B.J.

This is my attempt at pulling all this information together for readers. I will also make every attempt that I can to keep it updated. For that, I am requesting your help as I can’t be everywhere all the time. Send me information you have that would lend toward making changes to this information. I will also try to create a permanent page here at the blog so that this information can be easily accessed with a link on the home page.

The below information comes from Douglas Shinkle of the National Conference of State Legislatures office in Denver, Colorado.

States That Currently Have Constitutional Amendment to Hunt and Fish (includes state and year passed)

Vermont – 1777
Alabama – 1996
Minnesota – 1998
North Dakota – 2000
Virginia – 2000
Wisconsin – 2003
Louisiana – 2004
Montana – 2004
Georgia – 2006

Right to Fish

Rhode Island – 1844?
California – 1910

States That Have Attempted and Failed or Are Still Active

Arizona (active)
Idaho (active) *Mar. 21, 2008 – Pulled for this legislative session. Will be introduced next season again.
Michigan (active)
New Jersey (active)
New Mexico
New York
Oklahoma (active)
Pennsylvania (active)
South Carolina (active)
South Dakota (active)
Tennessee (active)
West Virginia

Tom Remington