March 20, 2023

Rep. Kline’s Wolf Bill Proposal No Good

WolfIn an email exchange I received yesterday was a copy of an email supposedly sent from U.S. Congressman John Kline‘s office seeking support for a bill that, in the email, was given the title, “Western Great Lakes Wolf Management Act of 2015.”

I’ve searched quite extensively trying to find the text of such a bill and have not been successful. According to wording in the email, “This legislation would delist the gray wolf under any status of the Endangered Species Act of 1973 in the Western Great Lake states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan,” this seems to match with Kline’s 2011 proposal carrying the title, “Western Great Lakes Wolf Management Act of 2011” where it reads in summary, “Prohibits any wolf (species, subspecies, or population segment of Canis lupus) in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan from being treated under any status of the Endangered Species Act of 1973.

This action doesn’t seem to coincide with actions being taken by other politicians in other states across the Western Great Lakes and Wyoming. In addition, it appears that the Desert Southwest wants in on the action to get wolves taken out of control of the U.S. Government.

It would appear that if it’s Congressional action you want in order to control wolves then it would appear that Rep. Kline’s bill isn’t going to get the job done. However, without having the text available to read, I can’t say for sure, no more than I know about any other proposed bills. A lot of talk and not much action. This is usually when bills are buried in an omnibus bill and nobody knows about it until it’s too late.

So, what’s missing? As I said, if you want Congressional action that will work, at least for longer than it takes to file another lawsuit, any Congressional action must include a clause to prevent future lawsuits….of any kind. Without such, well, it’s “deja vu all over again.”

We saw the mistake made during the budget bill rider fiasco in the Northern Rocky Mountains, when similar action left Wyoming standing naked and alone; why not include them this time? Give them some new clothes. And, if you are going to include Wyoming, then why not Arizona and New Mexico. They’ve gone through hell with mongrel wolves eating up their livestock and wild game. Let’s throw in Washington and Oregon as well. Washington has a new pro wolf director of their fish and game. It would be good to yank that magic carpet ride out from under him. Even though North Carolina has told the Feds to get their damned mongrel mutts out of their woods, we had better include North Carolina in on the deal.

Oh, hell! Maybe Congress should just pass a bill to exempt any species or subspecies of wolf/dog/hyena from having anything to do with the fascist Endangered Species Act. One act of fascism deserves another act of fascism. Oh, and don’t forget to add a dash of no lawsuits allowed.

And you think you live under a constitutional government?