February 1, 2023

Al Gore Has Some “Splainin'” To Do

Algorism – the belief that Al Gore is right, that man is causing the planet to warm and we’re all going to die.

Algorite – a follower and eager participant in Algorism, blind, ignorant, non thinker. Basically hates other humans.

Of course the Algorites’ answer to extreme anything in weather is that it is caused by global warming. Makes sense if you’re stupid! Warming causes extreme warmth and extreme cold; sometime all at the same time.

Since I was a kid, I remember a favorite expression, when hearing the weather forecast on the radio or television was, “Don’t these people ever go look out the window?”

The Algorite’s need to go look out the window.

And I think Al Gore might be in the Antarctic saving his worshipers.

Below are three photos or screen grabs depicting the snow depths in the Northeast, the frigid temperatures and what one resident has to say about it. (All photos and screenshots were provided by a reader.)