October 5, 2022

Disgusting PSA Endorses Committing Crimes to Promote Anti Gun

The Washington Post article asks, “How many crimes can you see being committed in this anti-gun ‘public service’ ad?”

Forget for a minute whether you agree or disagree with the right to keep and bear arms. Consider what the brainwashing piece of propaganda is promoting. Is this the direction you want your country to be going in? And how is this different from “What do we want? Dead COPS?”


Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Position Toxic in Elections

Candidates backed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg in political campaigns across the country, seemed to have been hurt by that support and that of Bloomberg’s opposition to Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. More information can be found at the Free Beacon.


Once Again Nobody Shows For Bloomberg Anti-Gun Rally. Second Amendment Supporters Take Over

At an recent anti-gun, pro fascist rally sponsored by the fascist himself, Michael Bloomberg, about 10 brain dead supporters showed up to promote more stripping of American’s rights. But when the rally began, it became clear that the majority of the other people in attendance, where there in opposition to Bloomberg’s cry for more gun regulations and took over the rally drowning out the speeches of Bloomberg’s puppets.


Obama Calls For Ban on Assault Weapons

In case you missed last night’s debate.