April 7, 2020

Wolf Hearing in Albuquerque, NM on Wednesday

Embassy Suites Albuquerque.

Please Register and get up there 3 PM Wednesday.

Anyone ranch associated in NM or AZ needs to try and make this thing.

Pre-hearing Americans For Prosperity, prep is at 3 and Fish and Wildlife Service hearing on wolf de-listing is at 5.


Laura Schneberger


Comment Period on Mex. Wolves Extended, New Hearing Dates Set

Gavin Shire
(703) 358-2649

*Service Extends Comment Periods for Gray and Mexican Wolf Proposals, Reschedules Public Hearings, Adds Hearing in Arizona *

As a result of delays caused by the lapse in federal appropriations, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today announced rescheduled dates for the remainder of a series of public hearings on two proposed rules—one to list the Mexican wolf as an endangered subspecies and delist the gray wolf elsewhere, and the other to improve recovery efforts for the Mexican wolf in the Southwest. Comment period deadlines also are extended until December 17 to allow these hearings to take place within the public comment periods on the proposed rules.

The hearings will take place on November 19 in Denver, Colorado, November 20 in Albuquerque, New Mexico and November 22 in Sacramento, California. Each will include a short informational presentation. The Service has also added a public information meeting and hearing in Pinetop, Arizona, on December 3. The hearings are part of the Service’s continuing efforts to provide an open, comprehensive public process for the two proposed wolf rules and will provide the public a forum by which to register their views.

A formal notice of these hearings and the extension of the comment period will appear in *the Federal Register* on October 28.

To learn more about the proposed rules, view the draft *Federal Register*notice with the details of the public hearings, and for links to submit comments to the public record, visit www.fws.gov/home/wolfrecovery.


“Wolves in Government Clothing” – a David Spady Film

Wolves in Government Clothing - CopyThe real tragedy? Two people can discuss or argue about whether or not wolves are a necessary part of “balancing” an ecosystem. Two people can discuss or argue about whether wolves brought and carry fatal to human diseases. Two people can discuss or argue about whether wolves kill for sport. Two people can discuss or argue about how many wolves are enough and where their habitat should be. Two people can discuss and argue whether the Endangered Species Act is doing the job it was intended to do. Two people can discuss or argue about just about every aspect of the wolf and the impact it has had on Americans since reintroduction. But, when a person chooses to discuss and argue whether or not wolves should be protected over the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for human beings, there is something there that is sub human, vile and disgusting.

In this film, the real tragedy is that humans, with a face, a name, with children, property, a livelihood, heritage, love, family and all that it entails, are threatened of having it all snatched away from them because mentally twisted people believe animals deserve more than humans.

My God, what have we become?


Calling in Javalina

Make sure to be prepared should one actually mistake you for another javalina as you’ll see in this video.


Coyote Bingo Gets New Category Name

It was brought to my attention by the creator of Coyote Bingo, that in the next full edition a new category or a new box will be added. On the website Predator Xtreme, an article appeared in which it wrote of 3 different people in Peoria, Arizona had been recently bitten by coyotes.

The article reads:

Game and Fish officials say the biting incidents likely stem from territorial behavior by adult coyotes protecting their young.(emphasis added)

Coyote Bingo designed by Richard Paradis