December 6, 2022

Black Leadership Group Condemns Attack on Houston Deputy Constable Alden Clopton

Project 21 Black Leadership Network Statement on Savage, Senseless Attack on Houston Deputy Constable

Washington, DC/Pine Grove Mills, PA – The following is a statement by Project 21 founding member Council Nedd II on the ambush attack on Harris County Deputy Constable Alden Clopton late last night:

I am appalled at the senseless willingness to harm and to risk loss of life. I am especially appalled when a sworn peace officer is wantonly shot in the back, for no other reason than wanting to serve his community.

It’s bad enough when officers are killed or injured responding to the commission of a crime or during an investigation, but to be shot in the back as Alden Clopton was is cowardly. I have no doubt that the Texas justice system will handle the shooter appropriately.

The Right Reverend Council Nedd II, Ph.D., TOSF is an elected Pennsylvania state constable, having been sworn in to the position in January 2016. He is also an Anglican archbishop, and serves as the rector of St. Alban’s Anglican Church in Pine Grove Mills, PA. He is a founding member of the black leadership group Project 21, and has been an active member since its founding.

Project 21 has been a leading voice of black conservatives since its founding in 1992. Its volunteer members come from all walks of life. Contributions to the National Center are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated, and may be earmarked for the use of Project 21.


Pack of wolves attack man in dogsled in Russian national park

A pack of wolves attacked a dogsled with a man in Beringia National Park in Chukotka, Russia’s Far East. Such an incident has happened in the park for the first time, a message posted on the website of the natural-ethnic National Park said.

The incident occurred on March 9, when a highly experienced musher Mikhail Telpin, a winner of Russian and International sled dog races, was riding a team of dogs in Penkigney bay area. All of a sudden, a pack of wolves appeared on the way – two adults and three juveniles.


Source: Pack of wolves attack man in dogsled in Russian national park – PravdaReport


Wolves attack dog near Gwinn, Michigan

A Forsyth Township man is looking for help from the Department of Natural Resources following a wolf attack on one of his dogs. Dennis Stachewicz was out walking one of his German Shorthaired Pointers Sunday afternoon, when two wolves surrounded his dog, Gabby.

Source: Wolves attack dog near Gwinn | News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | WLUC


Feds Immune In Deadly Mountain Goat Attack

 SEATTLE (CN) – The National Park Service is not responsible for a mountain-goat attack that killed a hiker in Olympic National Park, the Ninth Circuit ruled.
A divided three-judge panel on Monday found the Park Service had no duty to destroy the animal despite numerous complaints about its aggressive behavior.
Robert Boardman was hiking with his wife, Susan Chadd, and a friend in Washington state’s Olympic National Park when they encountered the goat in October 2010. They were on a popular trail near Klahhane Ridge when they encountered the goat, known as “Klahhane Billy.”

Source: Courthouse News Service

*Editor’s Note* – In a related email, Dr. Valerius Geist was quoted as saying, “I was involved as an expert witness for the plaintiff in the first court case, and discovered – again – that the park had no biologist experienced in animal behavior. Nobody in charge recognized what the billy was signalling, long before it attacked. The billy had begun a very long time before the attack signalling its dominance over humans, initially in a weakly expressed dominance display. That’s what a big billy will do testing a rival. It means that – eventually – it will attack. That’s a guarantee. Nobody in the park understood that, and probably still don’t! A mountain goat displaying to humans has to be removed. That was not done, and the tragedy continued to its predictable end.”


Wolves Attack Dogs Near Pacific Rim Park

“UCLUELET — At least three dogs have been attacked by wolves in the area around Pacific Rim National Park in the past week.

The park issued a wolf advisory on Thursday after two wolves attacked two off-leash dogs on Wickaninnish Beach Wednesday morning. One of the dogs was killed while the other is still recovering from injuries.

The incident occurred just days after a wolf attacked a dog in residential Ucluelet.”<<<Read More>>>


Two Shepherd Dogs Attack Bear Win Hall of Fame Award

A woman out for a walk with her two German shepherd dogs was attacks by a bear. The dogs fought off the bear and saved the woman. The dogs were given some Purina brave dog award or something.

Perhaps if the two dogs had followed the advice of authorities and barked loud and looked big, the bear would have run away and NOBODY would have been hurt. The report says nothing about the condition of the bear.




Colt Killing – Dog mangling wolf is finally brought down!

The wolf that killed the Swigert’s valuable colt on 2-13-2014 finally met its end on 3-21-2014 at 1:50 PM. The wolf was killed near the approximate location that it attacked two of their dogs on 2-23-2014. Hunters from around the region have been assisting the Swigert’s in dispatching this aggressive brazen wolf. During these 36 days, two sets of seasoned hunters became extremely unnerved when this same wolf snuck in on them from behind, coming only, “feet away,” and giving them a shock of a lifetime!<<<Read More with Photos>>>


Two Wolves Attack Dog Near Twisp, Washington

It’s difficult to confirm this story, however, Hunting-Washington is reporting that two wolves attacked a dog, or two dogs near Twisp, Washington. The only other media report I have been able to find was at The Wenatchee World. That report is extremely brief and only states that it was NOT an attack by wolves.

Hunting-Washington says:

She immediately saw 2 wolves holding one dog on the ground. One had the head and the other had the rear. She screamed and the wolves let go and headed up the hill into the woods.

A fish and game biologist at the scene went to the defense of any wolves saying that this was an incidence of neighborhood dogs or perhaps coyotes. But an animal specialist called to the scene declared otherwise:

The animal conflict specialist showed up and examined all the tracks and skuffle in the snow and quickly declared it was 2 wolves. Agent Treser also agreed it was wolves.

The attack happened about 40-yards from the house where the owner’s children often play.


Snowmobiler Gets Attacked by Moose, Shoots Moose With Pistol

Dang! I dunno man! I wasn’t there but was this necessary?


After Collaring a “Baby” Moose, Moose Attacks Man

This video shows some of what happened to the man. Follow this link to the story and more pictures.