November 29, 2021

Bill and Hillary’s Coyote Problem

Take notice that coyotes aren’t a problem when they threaten people with attack or disease. But when the coyotes begin to mess with people’s doggies and kitty cats, people begin to demand action.

And thus, like always, we are told we must learn to live with coyotes and tolerate their intrusions. So, go out and practice yelling and “intimidating” those coyotes. And while you’re at it, figure out how you are supposed to change your lifestyle in order to accommodate the nasty wild canines.

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Mentally Preparing for a Grizzly Bear Attack

Did you read the news of the wildlife biologist, who was with his wife and 3 children, ages 7-months to 11 years, out on a birding trip in the Kenai region of Alaska and were attacked by a grizzly bear? Read more of the story from the Newshound.

A man and his family out in the middle of grizzly country, was prepared evidently to fight off any attacks with his spotting scope. The whole family was lucky nobody was seriously injured as somewhat oddly the bear just quit his attack and left. Authorities located the bear and killed it.

Two things of note. The Newshound quotes ABC about what, supposedly the family did to “protect” themselves from a charging grizzly.

“We were raising our arms and made loud noises,” Laura Burke said. “That’s supposed to scare the bear away. Instead of running away, it came right towards us.”

Shucks! I guess that animal-loving method of self preservation isn’t too reliable. Maybe they should have had pepper spray, provided the wind wasn’t blowing too hard, rendering it useless. Or, as a friend mentioned to me, he might have been better prepared with a .454 Casull revolver.

Instead, the family man said he was prepared……mentally.

“We weren’t terrified only because we always knew it’s a reality when you live up here,” Burke said. “We knew this day may come one day. Mentally, we were prepared for that.”

I’ll bet that grizzly bear much prefers the taste humans that are not mentally prepared to be eaten alive. Those mentally prepared humans, I’ve heard, are much too bitter tasting. I suppose that is why the bear broke off his attack.


Rudolf With Your Nose So Bright

Humane: “characterized by tenderness, compassion, and sympathy for people and animals, especially for the suffering or distressed.”

Being that people want to believe that animals are sentient beings, that think and have feelings, then for them it only seems right that I should ask what it is about this reindeer, that is being eaten alive by wolves, is humane?



Washington State Senate Approves Bill to Kill Wolves Without Permit to Protect Property

As an update to a story I published earlier this week of two domestic dogs being attacked by wolves in Twisp, Washington, the Washington State Senate, by a vote of 25-23, passed a bill that would allow a person to kill wolves that are attacking or threatening their animals and livestock.

The bill now goes to the House.


Twisp, Washington: Wolf Attacks Local Pet Dogs

*Editor’s Note* Get an update on this information of the status of a bill being voted on that would allow better protection from attacking wolves.

Below is the copy of an email, with photos, I received yesterday with what is described as a true account of what took place in Twisp, Washington, when a wolf attacked two domestic dogs. Please take notice of the portion I highlighted that states that members of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) suggested this man couldn’t tell the difference between a wolf (dog) and a mountain lion (cat). It is this relentless put down by wildlife officials all across this country that gives them the terrible reputation they deserve. They treat the people who pay their salaries like a piece of ignorant trash while placing themselves on a pedestal above everyone else. If for no other reason than this, why don’t these fools just keep their mouths shut?

Here’s the email account:

Sunday morning, at approximately 1:00 AM, John Stevie was awakened by one of his dogs furiously barking and growling, while still inside the house, at their living room sliding glass deck doors. John hurried to the door and saw a very large wolf up on the ten-foot-high deck, savagely attacking his blue heeler dog. He opened the door in an attempt to rescue his dog, but his other dog pushed past him out to the attack. The wolf and dog fought out on the deck for a short time before the wolf lept off the deck and headed toward the creek bottom with John’s dog hot on his heels. The blue heeler, “Shelby” was taken to Daniel Deweert’s Valley Veterinary Clinic for treatment. “Shelby” is still in critical condition with deep puncture wounds to her head and neck..

WDFW was called. Mr. Stevie told them that he was within two feet of the wolf in an attempt to save his dog, but WDFW suggested “perhaps it was a cougar instead of a wolf!” Mr. Stevie assured them that he was within very close proximity to the wolf, and that he had numerous wolf sightings close to his home and knew a wolf when he saw one. John asked WDFW if they would be paying any of the vet bills, their reply was, “We will have to send this information to Olympia to see if it will be called a wolf attack or not.”






In Tuscany, Italy Wolf Attacks Near ‘Crisis Levels’

It was George Bernard Shaw who said, “If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience.” Many pretend to have truth as to why settlers all across America and around the world went out of their way to kill wolves. Not intending to discuss those reasons, the fact remains that wolves were killed by the people and rational thinking leads us to believe it was for good reasons…..mostly.

But we have failed miserably as a society, “incapable” of “learning from experience” and thus a handful of “True Believers” insist on recreating history and the misery endured by the people of decades ago by protecting wolves and large predators, seemingly at the cost of human life.

In reading an article this morning in the AOL Travel section in the United Kingdom, it seriously took on the image of reading history from the adventures of settlers moving into the landscape of the West, except in reverse.

Due to circumstances in the Tuscany region, wolves are being forced into populated areas, where the food is. As a result, livestock and pets are being killed and attacks on humans are imminent. Once again I am reminded of Dr. Valerius Geist’s seven stages of when wolves become dangerous to humans. We must learn.

According to the report, heavy snows and cold have driven the prey base of the wolves to lower elevations. This of course being the living habitat of humans. As a result…..disaster!

Perhaps the words of Conservation biologist Claudio Sillero at the University of Oxford say it best:

There are wild wolves galore in Europe.

‘They have recolonized vast areas of their former range and live almost unnoticed in populated areas.’

‘While we think of wolves as masters of the wilderness in Europe, they thrive in human-dominated landscapes.


Golden Eagle Snatches Kid

*Update* I have been informed that this video is a fake.


Wild Turkeys Fighting Back

Tell me this is some kind of April Fool’s joke on Thanksgiving. Or tell me it could only happen in Brookline, which isn’t all that far from Plymouth Rock.

People are complaining because “aggressive” wild turkeys are attacking them.

“They were attacking the vehicle,”

“Then, the turkeys came and started attacking my front door,”

“I looked back and three of them charged me,”

“The turkey flew in my face and scratched my neck,”

“There was a gentleman who took a picture with a flash and they flew right into his face.”

“I can’t believe we’re living this way,”


Stupid News Headline Makes Me Laugh

Every so often, we run into funny news headlines simply because of the way they are worded. For example, I found this in the Critter News this morning. A Russian woman, who had, it seems, been drinking (too much) decided to go feed a polar bear some chicken legs she had left over and got attacked by the bear instead.

However, the headline read: “Polar bear attacks drunken lady with chicken legs in Russia“. I think it bad enough the woman made a very stupid and alcohol influenced decision to go feed a polar bear but to add insult to injury saying the woman had “chicken legs” isn’t fair…..or very professional.


Don’t Mess Around With a Deranged Moose