December 3, 2021

Wolves preying on dogs in Whitehorse area

“Over time, sooner or later, there’s going to be wolves in the area, and they will certainly look towards dogs as prey.

“Bakica said there are likely more dogs that have gone missing but it hasn’t been reported because the owners feel responsible.

Source: Wolves preying on dogs in Whitehorse area – North – CBC News


Adams Co. Wisconsin: Second Wolf Encounter Report

A second wolf encounter in the Colburn Wildlife Area of Adams County, Wisconsin, by a father and son hunting, prompted an investigation. The report of that investigation can be found by following this link.


Wolf attack on livestock in Southern Oregon confirmed

The wolf OR25 attacked three cattle in Klamath County last weekend, killing one and wounding two others, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has confirmed.The incident marks the first example of wolf depredation in Southern Oregon and the most western case of depredation since the animals were reintroduced to Idaho in 1996 and began spreading across the West.

Source: Wolf attack on livestock in Southern Oregon confirmed


Wolf Attack on Dog Caught on Camera


One Simple Tip on Dealing With Attacking Bears

On the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (hat tip to Critter News) website, I was directed to the “dos and don’ts” about bears. In particular this absolute charmer:

If you come in close contact with a bear:

Stay calm and avoid direct eye contact, which could elicit a charge. Try to stay upwind and identify yourself as a human by standing up, talking and waving your hands above your head.

It’s easy to tell people to “stay calm.” Does anybody who makes up these tips ever experience the realities of life? Nobody is going to stay calm when they “come in close contact” with a bear.

Supposing you do stay calm enough and can remember all the other nonsensical advice; “avoid direct eye contact.” What human being is going to WANT to have DIRECT eye contact with a bear at close contact? By the way, what is close contact?

So, while I’m staying calm, looking over at the blooming Queen Anne’s lace, so as not to make direct eye contact, I wet my pointer finger and cast it to the wind in an attempt to determine the direction of the wind – so I can “stay upwind.” I demand the bear stays where he is while I maneuver around so he can smell me. (Note: This might actually be good advice. Seeing the bear, in close contact of course, you have just shit yourself. What bear would want to hang around and whiff that odor?)

“Identify yourself as a human.” “Hello, there. I’m Tom. Are you new to the neighborhood?” Oh, wait. There’s a bit more to that isn’t there – “standing up, talking and waving your hands above your head.”

Evidently when I first encountered this bear at “close contact,” I was down on the ground looking at the Queen Anne’s lace. Maybe I was having a picnic, eating a can of sardines or a tuna fish sandwich. Now I can stand up, remain calm, while still admiring the bountiful crop of lace, testing the wind, introducing myself, and waving my hands above my head. Dang! I forget to remember to stay calm.

And then I hope?

But, if I begin waving my arms, I might spill my sardines and drop my sandwich. And there is no step here of what I need to do with my cellphone. You do realize there is extreme danger and risk at dropping your cellphone if you begin waving your arms above your head?

I’m still texting. It’s next to impossible to stop texting. Do I text somebody, calmly of course, and tell them that you are testing the wind, avoiding eye contact? Or take a picture or shoot some video. It could go “viral” and you would be a giant Youtube/Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat LOSER!

Tip number one and the ONLY tip should be: Do not, under any circumstances, allow any damned bear to get your cellphone.

That should be about it. Anybody who thinks a bear is about to mess with their cellphone probably would kill the friggin’ bear.

Now wasn’t that easy?


Wolf snatches puppy in ‘scared’ Swedish town

After a baby Jack Russell was snatched from his front yard by a wolf in central Sweden, the man who was dogsitting the puppy has told The Local that his town is growing scared about the number of attacks in the area.

Source: Wolf snatches puppy in ‘scared’ Swedish town – The Local


Fight off Wolf Attack With House Key?

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, along comes another beauty.

Along the shores of Like Winnepeg, in Manatoba, Canada, resident’s pet dogs, some German Shepard, have been attacked and killed by wolves..or at least that is what officials are calling them.

One official said that if you go out, carry a big stick.

Verbiwski said people should never walk alone and should carry a stout stick and even bear spray when outdoors.

Another said that you should never run from a wolf attack. You should stand your ground and fight aggressively with…..?

Use anything like keys or a pen.

Maybe you shouldn’t even fight back at all, after all it YOUR OWN DAMNED FAULT!

Verbiwski and MacPherson said what’s attracted the wolves to the east beaches is an abundance of white-tailed deer, which have increased in number in the past few years. They blame backyard feeding of deer for their increase.


ID Fish and Game euthanizes bear believed to have bitten firefighter

*Editor’s Note* – There is nothing funny about being attacked and/or bitten by a bear. Being that I find humor in many things, please note below the emboldened phrase contained in the article linked-to below.

Was the bear last seen wearing a white T-shirt and denims?

It is a bit laughable as most people think that black bears all look alike, except for size. But then again unless the bear is quite small or quite large, most bears do look alike. I wonder if this particular bear had a limp, a nervous tic or growled with a lisp?

I’m sorry. I just can’t help myself.

The bear was trapped within a half mile of the fire camp and matched the description of the one involved in the biting. Fish and Game will attempt a DNA test to see if it can confirm it was the same bear by taking saliva from the bear and matching it to saliva on the firefighter’s small tent, commonly known as a bivvy sack, that he was sleeping in when the bite occurred. However, it’s uncertain whether there will be enough DNA on bivvy sack to get a match.

At the end of the article, you will notice a laundry list of things to do to minimize attracting bears to wherever you are. Missing from the list is what to do when being threatened by a black bear. Remember, always


Source: ID Fish and Game euthanizes bear believed to have bitten firefighter : The Outdoor Wire



Wait! You Forgot to “Look Big”



Grizzly shot, killed near family’s North Idaho home – Woman Failed to “Look Big”

*Editor’s Note* – Of course this woman should not be charged. She should be rewarded for caring more about her children and livestock than a damned bear. If the report given in this article is true, it appears the woman did everything idiot environmentalists (this includes law enforcement and wildlife enforcement) tell you to do when being attacked by a bear…save one thing. She didn’t take the time to “look big.” And don’t forget, we MUST blame this on a “bad berry crop.” Even WHEN environmentalists get tens of thousands of bears in everyone’s yards, those attacks on people and livestock will still be categorized as rare events.

A 2-year-old male grizzly bear threatening a North Idaho family was shot and ultimately killed on Tuesday. Now Barbara Casey, who shot the bear, is worried she’s in trouble for killing a federally protected species. “I don’t want to go to prison for saving my family and my animals,” Casey said.

Source: Grizzly shot, killed near family’s North Idaho home – Spokesman Mobile – Aug. 14, 2015