June 16, 2021

Aiding and Abetting Second Amendment Enemies

Recently a Maine outdoor writer, willingly and eagerly, told his readers that Maine has a gun problem. His words were, “The only gun problem we have in Maine is the sale of our guns to the bad guys from out of state. We have ample evidence that bad guys come to Maine to buy guns in the private marketplace, sometimes lots of guns, and then use them in crimes.” Yes, those are the words people like Michael Bloomberg want to hear, especially coming from people who pretend to be supporters of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Such actions aid and abet the enemy.

Unfortunately, and is often the case when emotional clap trap makes its way into the media, no evidence was provided, even though it was stated that “ample evidence” exists.

Here’s just another one of those cases where we can repeat the often used cliche, “Statistic show that statistics can show anything.” And, if somebody published it in the media, it must be true.

I did my own research to see if I could find any truth to the statement that Maine has a gun problem. I figured what better nonsense to look at than the numbers idiots in the media like to wrongly embellish to promote their agendas. I went to the Trace Reports of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE). I located the trace data for Maine for the year 2014. Not that anybody else bothered to take the time to read the disclaimer about the trace data that the BATFE uses, but had they, within an honest approach, they might have disregarded the trace data because it really means nothing when discussing something like gun sales to out of state gun buyers, i.e. “bad guys.” But evidently to state that Maine has a gun problem, might sell more copies than to say there really are no data that points a finger at people coming from out of state to Maine for the purpose of acquiring a gun to use in a crime.

I have no idea where the writer, mentioned above, got his information that caused him to conclude Maine has a gun problem. You can do better.

Read the BATFE disclaimer: I don’t think it’s really that difficult to read and to comprehend, but I do understand many will not get it.

(1) Firearm traces are designed to assist law enforcement authorities in conducting investigations by tracking the sale and possession of specific firearms. Law enforcement agencies may request firearm traces for any reason, and those reasons are not necessarily reported to the Federal Government. Not all firearms used in crime are traced and not all firearms traced are used in crime.

(2) Firearms selected for tracing are not chosen for purposes of determining which types, makes or models of firearms are used for illicit purposes. The firearms selected do not constitute a random sample and should not be considered representative of the larger universe of all firearms used by criminals, or any subset of that universe. Firearms are normally traced to the first retail seller, and sources reported for firearms traced do not necessarily represent the sources or methods by which firearms in general are acquired for use in crime[emboldening added]

Other than using this data for the purpose of determining how many traces the BATFE put on specific guns, it tells us nothing else. The report tells us that in 2014 the BATFE “recovered and traced” 316 firearms in Maine…period. To make conclusions based on this, that Maine has a gun problem because it is a source for “bad guys” buying guns in Maine and using them in a crime, is bunk and nonsense.

How are 316 traces of guns in Maine a problem? It’s impossible to know how many guns exist/are owned in Maine by Maine people. Some estimates show that around 50% of all Maine households have at least one gun. The U.S. Census tells us that in 2015 there were 730,000 “housing units” in Maine and 553,000 “households” with an average of 2.34 persons per household. At a bare minimum then, if 50% of households have at least one gun, then Maine has 276,500 guns. Mind you, those willing to tell the census they have guns, probably is not representative of gun ownership. How many guns, on average, does each household, willing to say they have guns, possess? We know that Maine, last year had requests for background checks for gun sales of about 100,000. You can do your own calculations but it might not be far fetched to conclude that there are at least one million guns in Maine alone. Maine’s deep history of gun use and ownership should lead us to conclude that guns passed on from one generation to another, not registered – and never will be – perhaps numbers well over one million, with continued gun purchases, sometimes at a fever pitch.

But let’s use the 276,500 official number of guns in Maine. Of 276,500 guns, 316 ended up getting a trace – and we have no idea why any of those 316 guns were traced. How is that a problem? If my math is at all accurate, that’s about 1/1000th of the number of guns owned in Maine that get traced. How many of those traced guns were used in a crime? How many of those guns ended up out of state and used in a crime? We don’t know because the BATFE told us they didn’t know or at least wasn’t going to tell us.

Even, as I have read in other reports, to compare traces of firearms from one state to another, is meaningless. A Portland Press Herald report attempted to show that Maine has more gun traces than Massachusetts and that’s because Massachusetts has stricter gun laws. So what! To infer that a resident of Massachusetts who comes to buy a gun in Maine because it’s easier and faster, is a criminal and/or is intending to commit a crime, is the work of biased journalism combined with ignorance of the facts. At the very least, the report is extremely misleading.

When anyone is allowed to print stuff in the media that leads people to think that Maine is guilty of promoting crime because people from out of state go there to buy guns, that is the real crime. Somebody shut these morons up. Everyone start asking the tough questions. We need to stop these criminals from getting away with their propagandizing.

Also stated and implied in other reports, people are led to believe that criminals come to Maine, buy a gun, and then go commit a crime. That’s not true. The BATFE trace report says the the average length of time from sale of a gun in Maine that is traced, until it is recovered in some kind of crime, is 12 and a half years, two years longer than the national average. So, in that 12.5 years what was the life history of the gun?

If Maine has a gun problem, it’s probably that there are too many people in Maine willing to give up more of their rights because they read nonsense like “Maine has a gun problem” and without expending an ounce of energy, blindly believe it as truth. Oh, my!

The fact is that Maine has guns – not as many per-capita as a lot of other states. It’s a little easier and faster to purchase a gun in Maine, but so what. Even if “bad guys” were coming to Maine from Massachusetts to buy guns to use in crime, whose fault is that? Massachusetts has strict gun buying laws but a crime rate higher than Maine’s. Massachusetts is forcing residents to go to neighboring states to buy their guns. Those eager to state that Maine has a gun problem haven’t a clue as to whether or not anyone coming from out of state to buy a gun is doing it with the intention to commit a crime or that any gun sale ends up in a crime.

Even not knowing which of the 316 guns traced by the BATFE were used in a crime, we don’t even know how many of those were the result of an out of state gun purchase by “bad guys.” Why do even self-proclaimed Second Amendment supporters spew this nonsense? It doesn’t make any sense at all.

I have done the work for you and provided most of the links for you to examine for yourself…..



Because I’m a Lying, Ignorant, Idiot



Ballot Question 3 Is About Control

“The proponents of this legislation try to make you think you will be safer if there are more laws on the books regarding guns. This is absolute rubbish. What these individuals really want is ultimate control, and the only way they can have that control is to disarm the American people. But no one should be subservient to any government entity.” (emboldening added)<<<Read More>>>


Bucky Owen a Paid Lackey for Michael Bloomberg?

Former Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) commissioner, Bucky Owens, went on the attack recently calling well-respected outdoor writer and former information officer for MDIFW, V. Paul Reynolds a liar about facts concerning the upcoming Question 3 on the Maine ballot that is described as “Universal Background Checks.”

David Trahan, Executive Director of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, in defense, accuses Bucky Owen as being a mouthpiece for former mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, in efforts to disarm America.

Below is a clip of Trahan’s article. And this is just the beginning. I’m sure Mainers who aren’t that familiar with fascist Bloomberg and his billions of dirty dollars, soon will be.

*Editor’s Note* – For those with courage, seeking Truth, and a better understanding of who and what Michael Bloomberg is and his “Everytown for Gun Safety,” read a short expose I wrote back in April 2016.

“In addition, he [Owen], not so subtly, threatened to use ex-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s lawyers to go after the respected outdoor writer and editor of the Northwood’s Sporting Journal for libel. Owen’s personal attack on Reynolds was a typical bullying tactic and one New York billionaire Bloomberg uses to silence anyone that has the nerve to oppose him in his efforts to ban guns.

“But worse, it was a well-orchestrated use of one respected Maine outdoor leader, Owen, to try and destroy the credibility of another outdoor leader and divide the outdoor community.”<<<Read More>>>


Text of Maine Ballot Initiative to Require Background Checks on all Gun Sales

Below is a link to fascist, idiot Michael Bloomberg’s ballot initiative that will be up for a vote in the upcoming November election. As you can see, if you go look, criminal fascists like Bloomberg pay big money in order to write laws and proposals for laws in language the common man cannot understand…all for a purpose. When laws like this are passed, ignorant voters only bother to read what it written on the ballot – all written in a fashion that sounds really good. This is common and as such our own laziness and ignorance results in finding us all living as slaves in a fascist/totalitarian/police state. But we must like it.

Here’s a link to the ballot proposal and the complete text of the proposed law that would go into effect in 2017.

Here’s a link to one man’s idea of what he thinks the law says.

And another link to another man’s opinion of what this law would mean.

Note: One of my readers sent me an email expressing their concerns over this proposed law:

Tom,  [My wife] and I have been married nearly 40 years.  She has hunted with me almost all that time.  She uses my Remington 740A that my parents gave me when I was less than 15 years old.  It is still my rifle but we could run into all sorts of problems with her using the rifle (or being alone with it) if this guy is correct in his reckoning. [meaning the guy who wrote the Bangor News article]  Or would all the problems just go away if I registered my weapons as the next (unspoken) step in the plan to disarm us proposes.  What would happen in a hunting camp with only a couple of guys there but with 3 -5 others away hunting and having left some back-up guns at the camp?



PA residents have tried to buy 97 guns every hour

In the past three months, Pennsylvania residents have tried to buy 97 firearms every hour. Additionally, the number of requests this quarter through the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS) is up 26 percent from last year. Since PICS was established in 1998, the number of background checks has incrementally increased from 200,000 at it inception to over a million by 2013. That was mostly due to the post-Sandy Hook talk about gun control

Source: PA residents have tried to buy 97 guns every hour « Hot Air


A Criminal Background Check to Buy a Hunting License?

Our social engineering (brainwashing) shows its very ugly head when calls go out to, once again, punish law-abiding hunters because criminals, crooks, thieves and liars, bought a hunting license, illegally.

If you read this article found in a Maine newspaper, it doesn’t take too many sentences to discover that those involved are habitual offenders, crooks, bums, thugs, killers and liars – just to mention only a few of their better traits.

And learning of these incidents, where one of the convicted felons, who cannot legally possess a firearm, was able to buy a Maine firearm hunting license, the jerks are reacting in knee-jerk form.

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) commissioner, Chandler Woodcock and Rep. Skip Herrick, R-Paris, are considering forcing anyone who purchases a hunting license to undergo a criminal background check. This is the typical idiotic, brain-dead response we are used to getting from ignorant, emotional, mental midgets who still haven’t figured out yet that punishing lawful citizens for the acts of criminals does nothing to alter the actions of the criminals.

Here we have a bunch of criminals, who probably, due to lack of good and thorough law enforcement and judicial review, remain on the street acting and behaving as criminals. At least one of the crooks cannot legally possess a firearm but is able to buy a hunting license and because he can buy a hunting license someone thinks that if Maine put license applicants through a national criminal background check, criminals wouldn’t commit more crimes.

It has been pointed out before that those who hate anybody who doesn’t think the way they do will find a way, directly or indirectly, to put a stop to that way of life. They are called totalitarians. Much like how driving the cost of ammunition to levels completely unaffordable would seriously alter a person’s right to keep and bear arms, adding the cost of a criminal background check onto the price of a hunting license, would drastically reduce the number of people wanting to go hunting, and for no good reason.

One has to wonder if punishing hunters was the first thought officials had in response to this latest incident of legal abuse. Obviously having a law to prohibits a felon from owning or possessing a firearm doesn’t have any effect on criminals. Why then would anybody think forcing hunters to undergo a background check before you can buy a license, stop a criminal from going hunting with a gun he/she cannot legally possess?

Perhaps the first thoughts should have been, why are these criminals still walking the streets? When you consider the criminal records of these loathsome outlaws, wouldn’t any problems, real or perceived, be solved by locking them up where they belong? Not in this psychopathic society that believes punishing lawful citizens is the answer.




Sportsmen Step Up to Willingly Destroy More of the Second Amendment

In a George Smith article yesterday, he quoted former Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) commissioner, Bucky Owen, as saying, “I believe strongly in the Second Amendment,” he said, “and in keeping guns out of the hands of the wrong people. This initiative includes safeguards for us and will not lead to gun registration.”

It is impossible to “believe strongly” in the Second Amendment, while at the same time supporting actions that further erode the constitutional guarantee. I know of nobody who doesn’t agree with the notion to keep guns out of the hands of the “wrong people.” Who are the wrong people and who gets to decide? Yeah, I know. Everybody falls back on we are a democracy – two wolves and a sheep discussing what’s for lunch. (BTW, if we truly live in a democracy, why didn’t “we the people” have a vote on the constitution? A document so important, the people didn’t get to vote on it?)

A proposal is in the works to require background checks on all private gun sales in Maine. And this action will keep guns out of the hands of the “wrong people” how? What is wrong with people’s heads? Don’t tell me. I already know.

You cannot be a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and then support ridiculous limitations that accomplish nothing accept finding more reasons to disarm the public.

To think that such a proposal would “not lead to gun registration,” is akin to saying that colder Maine weather will not lead toward thicker ice.



Obama Cries Over Violence, Americans Should Cry Over Lost Freedom

CrierInChiefWhile President Barack Obama sobs like a baby over dead children in Sandy Hook, it’s unfortunate he doesn’t have the same feelings each and every time a child dies in Chicago, Baltimore, New York, etc. He robs Americans of their rights, including the right to choose, forcing his subjects to have even more faith and trust in his government. And if his sincere concern is over senseless violence and killings, why doesn’t he give lip service to addressing that crime, by enforcing existing laws, in order to save lives?

There must be something wrong with a man’s mind, that would find ANY reason to trust man-government.

Such is the constitution of Obama’s newest exercise in Fascism as he attempts to convince people that strengthening background checks and intruding into the lives and privacy of senior citizens is going to make anybody safer.

Oh, yes. I’ll expect that there will be those who will demonize me because somehow, in their pea brains, they think I am opposed to keeping destructive weapons out of the hands of those most dangerous to wield them. Because of their ignorance and blind willingness to trust in their mAN-gOD-gOVERNMENT, the brainwashing leaves them no alternative than to exclaim only what they have been forced to believe. I oppose measures that claim to address gun violence, when in fact, Obama’s Executive Order may make matters worse AND it ONLY further degrades the rights of Americans. How is this helpful?

The idea that guns and the freedom to own them – the only assurance man might have left to ward off tyrannical rule; rule so exemplified in this administration, as well as past ones – is somehow causing more violence is insanity because it is an unproven claim – a claim made by tyrants. Data confirms the opposite. But that will never stop the totalitarians bent on their own self-destruction, their own eagerness to give their all to their gOD-gOVERNMENT, casting their freedoms into the cesspools of political crime and hatred.

An examination of Obama’s Executive Order to Reduce Gun Violence and Make Our Communities Safer, shows what, on the surface, there are sensible cries to keep guns out of the hands of bad people. Only an idiot would read this call to Fascism and think it is going to accomplish anything the title says it will.

Who can resist calls to take “steps to address these horrible tragedies.” So, why don’t we? Why do we never address what causes bad people to do bad things? Why don’t we address violence in movies, music and video games. Why don’t we address the results of a progressive, liberal/leftist lifestyle rooted in immorality? To be so ignorant to think a person can become radicalized by visiting Online websites and not be radicalized by mesmerizing, brain-twisting American music, movies and video games is shameful idiocy.

But American Society hasn’t, particularly in recent years, been much interested in actually finding moral cures to immoral lifestyles. We are more interested in creating fake cures that assist us in releasing guilt we acquire from willingly participating in perverted, violent, decedent and careless lifestyles. Make a new law and it makes us feel better. But then we don’t.

Surely there are more things that kill us than guns. The math must show that there are probably more lives saved due to the existence of guns, than are lost. But that doesn’t matter. We have been programmed to think otherwise – guns kill people…period!

Odd, isn’t it, that most of us can watch a movie, play a video game, or watch our children play a video game that has guns and violence, and we are desensitized to it. It is, after all, a game. Mention a gun anywhere else in society and people freak out. This is planned mind manipulation through propaganda. We create false “gun free zones” and yet allow our children to enter the artificial world of digital violence, turning them into techno-zombies, somehow convinced it is benign.

The “wrong” people should not have guns because those “wrong” people do not value life. The “wrong” people should not drive cars, fly airplanes, have children, marry or be around those of the opposite sex. Why then, do we and this president, think that somehow, in any rational way, men can decide who qualifies and who doesn’t when it comes to guns. It’s always the damned guns!

Look at the Executive Order. Examine it for what it says and doesn’t say. Forget what you HOPE Obama’s idealism will accomplish. Examination should tell us that the entire concept of Obama’s vision to “reduce gun violence and make communities safer” is for us to trust him, his administration, Congress and some random man-gods who will be given the power to label whomever they choose as being undesirable to own and/or buy a gun. Man-gods will determine who is insane and who isn’t. The world is insane!

Some will call me paranoid or scared, perhaps insane, but please, somebody show me why, with the history of man-governments, you and I should trust anything they will do. Historically, what has happened to millions of dead people who trusted their governments – trusting them to disarm the “right” wrong people?

In Germany, based on propagandized fear, the government approached disarmament of the citizenry the same way. How did that turn out? This action is not endemic to only Germany. And, Obama and the rest of you totalitarians think I should trust government? Who’s insane?

When Germany began to create gun laws that would give power to somebody to decide who should and shouldn’t have a gun, examination of the history and facts show us the governmental abuse that occurred, when fine citizens had their rights taken away from them because the existing government saw anyone opposed to, or spoke out against them, as being “undesirables” and shouldn’t own a gun. They all were killed!

It matters not whether you want to think or accept the possibility that abuses will happen, the structure for the possibility now exists in this executive order. All it takes is one bad apple. Just like those few bad people who shouldn’t own guns, there are bad people who shouldn’t be placed in position of authority over other people.

This executive order will not reduce gun violence. This executive order will not make our communities safer. It may, possibly, make things worse. As a society, until we address the real causes of an immoral people, things will only continue to spiral downward.

I would like to see less gun violence. I would like to see less vehicular violence, less movie violence, less video game violence, less sporting event violence, etc. Making laws to take away man’s rights will not cure that problem, nor will executive orders exclaimed to be able to stop or reduce gun violence.

Obama, in his crying speech, said that people have a right to go to a movie or go to church – where gun violence has occurred – and that the Second Amendment shouldn’t have more rights than freedom of speech or religion. And yet, he obviously is a hypocrite because he has shown that it is okay to limit the right of one freedom over another, so long as it’s the one of his choice. Nonsense! Who’s insane?

His brain is so messed up to think that anybody going into a movie theater or a church to kill people, is exercising their Second Amendment right. They are criminals, of which there already exists laws to deal with that. How does it make it right that some Americans should have their right to keep and bear arms limited believing that right is bigger than any other, while making the others bigger? Using Obama’s logic, then why, if the gun lobby is so powerful and full of lies, as he claims, are they not lobbying to restrict where people can go to worship or watch a movie. Who’s insane?

I’m tired of never addressing the real cause of violence. This criminal president, his administration and all of Congress should stop restricting my choices to live free and safe while doing nothing to stop the root cause of violence and addressing crime with criminal laws that already exist.

Perhaps when a government continually exercises violence on its own people, and people around the globe, it fails to recognize the calamity of violence all around them. Crocodile tears will affect the children and those who are incapable of independent thought, while the rest of us watch the onset of greater, deep-rooted fascism.


Black Friday breaks record with 185K gun background checks

Since 1998, FBI data shows that the bureau has processed requests for more than 220 million firearm purchases.

Source: Black Friday breaks record with 185K gun background checks