December 3, 2023

Killing Owls at $1,000 a Bird, To Save Owls

Insanity runs rampant these days and way out in front is the United States Government. It’s representative sprinter appears to be the Endangered Species Act, part of Team U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).

USFWS has “specially trained biologist” who have killed 26 barred owls, part of a $3.5 million program to “experiment” with killing one species to save another; in this case the spotted owl.

When one considers some of the outward display of insanity, doesn’t it become clear that there is something seriously wrong here? And why aren’t people questioning the insanity? Is it because it’s not recognized or doesn’t want to be recognized?

Remember the reason given many years ago, along with the abusive power of the Endangered Species Act, as to why the spotted owl was supposedly in danger of going extinct? It was that man was destroying “old growth timber.” Guess what? That didn’t seem to pan out well for the environmentalists fascists and so they are on to their next hypocritical trick; killing another species to save the spotted owl, hoping it might be the barred owl this time. But that’s only a guess, as was running the timber industry out of business in the Northwest (Oh, wasn’t that really the plan.)

So, at $1,000 a barred owl assassination, where are the environmentalists who claim balance of nature? Where are the environmentalists who claim that if man just minded their own business and left “nature” alone, everything would be alright? Where are the environmentalists who claim that wolves, coyotes, bears, lions and all large predators have no effect on the ecosystem that isn’t “natural?” Where are the environmentalists who demand that predators, like the coyote, can’t be trapped in order to protect the Canada lynx? The list is unending.

This is all insane. Trial and error wildlife management. And that’s found where in the Endangered Species Act these clowns love to manipulate for financial gain?


Breeding Stripes With Spots Yields Sparred Owls

And environMENTALISTS cannot tolerate this natural phenomenon, probably because they believe it is man-caused. As a result, these same mentally ill of the environment cult, plan to spend a cool $ 1 million of tax money a year and begin killing 9,000 striped barred owls because they are breeding with their fetish owl, the spotted one, and competing for habitat. Isn’t this insanity?