December 8, 2022

Playing Dead Just Before You Die?


Former Marine, 66, survives bloody hand-to-claw combat with black bear

“I thought, ‘This bear is trying to kill you. You’ve got to fight,'” Larry Yepez said.

Source: Former Marine, 66, survives bloody hand-to-claw combat with black bear – The Washington Post

And above all “try to look big!”


Bears Are So Soft and Cuddly




Alaska Bears Expected to Attack, Lower 48 Bears Attacks Rare

Why is it, it seems, that when a story of a bear attacking a human in Alaska, we get a report like this one? A woman is out jogging and comes upon a mother grizzly and two cubs. The mother bear stands to defend her cubs and subsequently attacks the woman wounding her. It could have been more serious than it was. This report says this about the event and others:

Sledge[military base conservation officer] reminded people to be aware of their surroundings, because spring in Alaska can be dangerous. It’s a time when wildlife such as bears and moose will aggressively defend their young.

But when something like this happens in areas of the Lower 48 states and southern Canada, conservation officials and media fall all over themselves to say how rare it is, under any circumstances, to have an encounter with a bear. Don’t bears and other wildlife in the Lower 48 defend their young?


Mass Man 76 Charged With Illegally Killing a Bear

If Richard Ahlstrand’s story is true, the Auburn, Massachusetts gestapo (police) have wrongfully charge Ahlstrand with, “illegally killing a bear, illegally baiting a bear, illegal possession of a firearm and failing to secure a weapon.”

This is, once again, further proof that animals remain more protected and with greater rights than wild or even domestic animals. We live in a perverse society; a regulation nation that cares little of rights, human and property rights, and protection of those rights. Instead, our despotic rulers and the totalitarian-minded, brainwashed people who insist on such regulations, would prefer administering all rights first to a bear rather than a human.

I suppose this is what living in a progressive society is about. Society would prefer this man be attacked and mauled and/or killed, than remain safe.