January 20, 2022

Trick or Treat Bear – No Warning for Kids?

In Middletown, Connecticut people are worried about a bear that’s been eating and smashing pumpkins, hanging out in neighborhood trees and generally milling about the area. From this report on NBC Connecticut, it sounds, by description, that there may be more than one bear taking up at least part-time residence in this central Connecticut town.

Here we are only 4 days away from Halloween, when kids by the gobs-full head out trick or treating….and no warnings being issued to parents and kids to be on the look out? Seems to me a bag full of Halloween goodies would make good fodder for a hungry bear.



Grizzly bear entered Claudia Huber’s house before fatal attack

“The grizzly bear that killed Claudia Huber on the weekend came into her house through a window, then pursued Huber and her spouse when they ran outside, says ?Yukon’s coroner.”<<<Read More>>>


In Colorado, The Call to Control Humans Not Bears

Further proof that Americans are living in a totalitarian socialist state and that animals are more important than people and the lifestyles they choose to live, people cry out for more control over humans so animals can be protected at all costs.

In Colorado, bears are a problem. This year it is being blamed on a shortage of natural food. However, authorities admit there are too many bears…period. If we lived in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, we’d go kill some bears and bring the population back down to manageable levels for public health and safety. But that doesn’t fly with the totalitarians who hate rural America, the heritage that goes with it and the common sense of letting people protect their property and safety. This is insanity in full force.

In Glenwood Springs, Colorado totalitarians are calling for further restrictions on humans. No that’s not a misprint. I said humans. Because there are too many bears, fines should be levied against anyone who allows a bear to come on their property looking for food. If the homeowner isn’t complying with all the ridiculous gestapoesque regulations, they get fined. Humans must seriously alter their lifestyles and pay fines to protect an animal species that authorities say there are too many of them. How does any of this make sense?

Evidently the program that city officials implemented isn’t working out so some are suggesting turning enforcement over to the police department.

Hey, idiots. You have a bear problem. Why don’t you just run the people out of town or force them into intern camps and let the bears have their way? That is your goal isn’t it?

One city council member suggested that what should be done is a repeal of the bear hunting ban. I’m sure that will not go over well because totalitarian idiots love their bears.

And all the while this is going on, in Maine, the Humane Society of the United States is allow to lie through their teeth about what is going on in states like Colorado that banned bear hunting like these fascists want to do in Maine. HSUS goes unchallenged. HSUS has filed a lawsuit in Maine to stop the fish and game department from opposing the referendum, saying it’s unethical. How about a counter lawsuit to stop HSUS from lying repeatedly. Oh, yeah. I forgot. Lying is readily acceptable these days. The end justifies the means.

So long as we continue on down the road of mythology, that we NEED “reasonable” regulations and restrictions, compromising our existence for the sake of animals, there is little hope.

Nothing to see here. Move on. More important things to be seen on your smart phones and eyepads.



Can Black Bears Be Aggressive?

Note* – I was sent an email yesterday from a women who asked me if bears can really be aggressive. It came on the heals of an event in which a bear came out of the woods, running toward two people and making “strange noises.” I took the time to reply and this morning, after thinking about it, I decided it was worth sharing what I wrote.

I think the key words here are CAN THEY BE aggressive? Yes they can under certain circumstances. Unfortunately, for the animal lovers they refuse to accept that premise…I suppose fearing it somehow will jeopardize the existence of bears.

Generally speaking all animals, yes, even your little doggies, have the potential to attack, even if it’s a quick snap. Why? The obvious answer is because they are animals. I see it all the time where people insist on putting their face into the space and face of dogs and cats or any animal for that matter. Perhaps the dumbest thing to do.

Back to bears. Hard to believe there are 30,000 plus bears in Maine because we seldom see them and won’t under ideal circumstances. We all choose to apply human traits to animals, which is nonsense, but sometimes helpful to get people to understand circumstances can change. Just like with humans, when circumstances FORCE you to move outside your comfort zone, you do what you need to do. Animals are no different except they react and don’t reason.

Bears prefer their natural surroundings and that includes natural food. They are opportunistic [hunters] and yes, especially during this time of year, are gorging themselves in preparation for hibernation. If natural food is in short supply, we see more bears and hear of more human/bear conflicts.

Then we need to better understand the REAL behavior of bears not the Romance biologists’ perspective of things. Even this event that you describe, may not have ended in a bad way….or it may have been devastating. Bears, as with other large predators, i.e. coyotes, wolves, mountain lions, etc. go through a progression, actually, before they will attack a human. That is USUALLY. Those bear attacks on hikers etc. do not qualify here as probably the animals felt threatened and reacted.

However, bears and others actually have to learn how to attack a human. They don’t look at you or me and say, hmmm, human = food. They see us as another moving object. They don’t even know if we are good to eat or if they are capable of killing us. So, they take themselves through a process of “testing” to find out what that moving creature (human) will do.

The most obvious “testing” predators do, not just with humans but other prey species, is called “prey testing”. In this regard they do things to see how the prey will react. If a bear approaches a human and the human shoots, yells, throws rocks etc., the bear might get the message this isn’t going to be easy. On the other hand, if the human doesn’t offer any kind of resistance, the bear moves on to the next test to see what you will do.

Perhaps this bear that came running out of the woods was merely testing these humans to see how they would react to a charge. We read about it quite often. That is why we are told not to run when a bear does this. That’s what they want you to do. However, who has the [guts] to stand up to a charging bear? Perhaps this charging bear had already done some testing before this. Predators will quietly and secretly observe potential prey before being bold enough to come out and begin fighting like a man. LOL

Under most conditions bears are harmless. What bothers me is that because of that repeated statement, people refuse to accept any other description of bears. People really need to understand that there is ALWAYS potential danger with any animal – wild or domestic. If we learn about their behaviors and what they mean, we can reduce our risk of what might happen in dealing with that occasional bear encounter or coyote encounter or fox or marten, etc.

People love to focus on the rarity of such events. Rarity involves the perspective of the person making the claim. What is rare? You pick up the newspaper and read about a bear incident. I can almost with certainty guarantee that the articles will state that bear attacks are rare and yet seldom offer any education about them.

So again, I ask. What is rare? Is it rare because you don’t personally know anybody that got attacked by a bear? Is it rare because there are 6 billion people in the world and only 5,000 have been killed by bears? How rare do you think it would be for this family had the bear killed one or both of these people? And does it matter about rarity? Whether it’s rare or not a human might have been killed. Was it preventable? More than likely and part of that prevention is to be able to keep bear hunting going and just as importantly to allow the fish and game people to be able to use tools available to help keep us all safe.

My work takes me all over the world and perhaps contrary to what you are reading in papers in Maine right now, in places were bears aren’t regularly and effectively hunted, bear populations are increasing and so are the numbers of bear/human encounters. Don’t believe those lies.

If Maine passes this referendum and there then becomes so many bears that attacks like what you describe become more common, somebody is going to have to KILL bears to stop them. Why not let people who could use the bear do it?

I have described above that bears, when abundant natural food is available, we seldom see. What happens when Maine’s bear population grows from 30,000 bear to 40,000 and then one year, there is little natural food? 40,000 bears all competing for little food. What do you think will happen?

Thanks for sharing the story. I’m certainly glad nobody was injured. Many stories like this are heard and most end with little or no harm done. It’s the real tragic ones like the Rutgers student in New Jersey that really get you to thinking. Rare or not, it didn’t need to happen.


Experience Vs. Romance Biology

A letter writer from Morristown, New Jersey, has a piece in MyCentralJersey.com in which he reluctantly says that the recent attack by a black bear on a Rutgers University student in a park/preserve, was predictable. He claims he has sent “at least” 12 letters since 2007 warning that this event would occur under present bear policy.

Bob Guinter brings up a few good points. The first is in response to a person from the Sierra Club continuing to claim that black bears are docile, timid and afraid of humans.

…after spending over 10,000 hours in the North woods of Maine at my uncle’s wilderness cabin…, My experience is different. Black bears are unpredictable and they are both scavengers and predators as circumstances allow. Perhaps those who believe they are docile and afraid of people simply choose to ignore behaviors they exhibit commonly in their indigenous environment where they are at the top of the food chain.

The second point is in response to a claim that bears become aggressive, slowly over time, because they learn that humans are a source for food.

During my time of hiking and fishing the East Branch of the Penobscot River, it was a rare event to see another human; sometimes not seeing anyone outside of camp for weeks at a time. Yet bear encounters with them exhibiting aggressive behavior toward humans were common. There, they only seemed afraid of anything in the fall when the hunting-dogs were running.

This is perhaps a very good example of romance biology versus actual experience. In this day and age where real science has been shown the door and replaced with computer models and romantic theories, rooted in nonsensical idealism, what we are seeing here is the fruit of that planting.

The masses of people have been propagandized. Some may think propaganda a harsh term in this instance but when you consider that the definition states that it’s bad information being used to promote a cause or belief, it surely fits nicely. The problem here is that this propagandizing has been taking place at all levels of society for a very long time. The result is too many people have never been taught the real truth. Nobody wants to admit they were lied to and that what they believe is false. It’s like admitting a weakness, like alcoholism or drug addiction.

The real loser in all of this nonsense of “new understandings” is the beneficial-to-all scientific community. A true scientific method involves the advancement of a hypothesis. Real scientists then choose to discover if such a hypothesis holds validity. Changes to the hypothesis begin and over time, what was once a mere theory, begins to have credibility – not the lie we have been fed that “the science is settled.” Such a statement, as has been used with climate change, is completely dishonest and borders on criminal.

Today’s new science, called by some “scientism” creates computer models based on an ideology or political agenda. Money is injected and what once was a tried system of peer review, has become a support system propped up with money and promises to arrive at a desired outcome.

Unfortunately for all of us, we are left having to decide who we should believe. The result being this divide pitting totalitarian-minded people, armed with propaganda, attempting to force the rest of society to follow their ideological beliefs, through such things as voter referendums. How does this at all resemble a credible scientific process?

In the letter written that I’ve linked to above, the writer wants to know how the person with the Sierra Club can state that, “bears are usually docile and are more afraid of people than we are of them.” He asks, “How does he know?” And therein lies the difference between knowledge and understanding, through real experience, and fabricated propaganda being used to promote an agenda.

It’s really not all the far away from the story of the two guys who had hiked back into the wilderness to do some fishing and are being chased out of the woods by an attacking bear. One man says, “I don’t think I can outrun this bear!” The other man replies, “I know I can’t. I just need to outrun you.”

Which man is dealing with truth?



N.J. Bear Attack Got Em Runnin’ Scared in Connecticut

In New Jersey, a bear attacked and killed a Rutgers University student and evidently it’s got people in Connecticut running scared out of fear it could happen to them. (Must I remind people to “look big?”) And then afterward blame it on global warming.

After reading this article at NewsTimes.com, by the standards and logic used by those who would prefer to marry a bear than kill it, this wildlife biologist should be fired for stating such nonsense.

The habitat is not shrinking, it’s expanding,” said Paul Rego, a wildlife biologist with the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

“I receive calls every day from people concerned about bears in their yards and pets attacked,” Rego said.

“As the population expands, it will include more developed parts of the state, and the probability of injuries increases as the frequency of contact increases.”(emboldening added)

Who ever heard of such a thing as expanding habitat? Such talk does nothing to promote the agendas of the predator lovers, those whose ideas about animals tip the scales to the point of perverted animal worship and preference of them over humans and human safety.

Using their logic, perhaps all that habitat should be destroyed in order to prevent the bears from being killed because they are a nuisance and a public safety concern.


Old Hunter Says Action or No Action Has Consequences

Ironic, in a way and yet tragic. A guy sends a letter to a local Maine newspaper claiming, in part, that too many humans is what the problem is with bears.

All the while, I guess the letter writer should be somewhat relieved that one human, from his home state of New Jersey, is dead and not so much because the bear he wishes to protect was killed too.

As tragic as it was in the death of the individual, it is a sad commentary on the human condition that a human life is expendable to save that of an animal.



Colorado Continues to Have Issues With Too Many Bears

As I have pointed out numerous times, the Humane Society of the United States and all other bear/predator protectors, lie to the public and tell them that in states where bear hunting and the use of bait have been banned, there are no issues with overgrown populations of bears. This simply is not true.

And just like the stupid claim to “look big” when encountering a bear, continued bear attacks, nuisance bears and deaths caused by too many bears and denying and lying about it, just isn’t going to work.

One person who lives in Florida and summers in Aspen, Colorado opines that killing nuisance bears in Aspen isn’t the right thing to do because she likes to “observe bear behavior.” Seriously, what’s natural about observing a bear licking out some plastic food container while ass-up in a dumpster? Precious!

Also in Colorado a man driving his motorcycle gets run into by a bear and the man dies. There are no bear problems in Colorado due to the fact the animals are not hunted. Just keep telling yourself that and don’t forget to look big just before a bears decides he doesn’t like the look of your face.


13 Dead Bears in July Alone in One Colorado Zone

Another problem bear entered a house in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and did some breaking. Contrary to the lies perpetrated by extremist animal protection groups like the Humane Society of the United States, banning of bear hunting over bait has caused bear populations to grow out of control. According to this one report, there have been 13 bears killed due to being a nuisance in just the month of July in only one zone.



“All Black Bears in Steamboat Springs Are a Problem”

Animals rights liars tell people that in states that have banned bear baiting and trapping, bears are not a problem. They often cite Colorado as a great example of that. Maybe that lie is coming home to roost.

““We’ve had four home invasions in one night,” Haskins said.

“I’ve never seen that.”

(emphasis added)

“People who live in bear country are encouraged to keep windows and doors that can be accessed to a bear closed.” (forced lifestyle change)

“an incident Sunday in Aspen served as a reminder that black bears are wild animals, and they can be unpredictable.”<<<Read More>>>