September 30, 2022

N.H. Bear Killing Chickens

And all the blame for increased levels of bear encounters is being placed on stupid humans and not on the fact that the bear population is rising. <<<Read More>>>


Connecticut Considering a “Controlled” Bear Hunt?

With first year bear cubs staring at a survival rate of 80%, the bear population, with no real predator except man, is growing out of control in some places. In a report found today about Connecticut bears and the number of problem calls received by fish and game officials, it states that, “The University of Connecticut is currently conducting a study to pinpoint the exact population of bears in the state, which is the to close to 700. This data will be used to revisit the prospect of a controlled bear hunt.”


Connecticut Has Its Hands Full of Bears

“In the past year, there have been 3,618 black bear sightings in the state, with most of them in Farmington and Avon in central Connecticut with 397 and 339 sightings, respectively.”<<<Read More>>>