September 28, 2023

Bill Maher: Cherry Picking Defensible Rights

Maybe the “rights” Maher enjoys, i.e. his right to “free speech”, making jokes and pissing on people’s feet, hit a bit too close to home with Charlie Hebdo. False anger and bravado doesn’t mean squat when you only have the bravery to defend pet rights while dissing others.

“We have to stop saying ‘We shouldn’t insult a great religion.’ First of all, there are no great religions, they’re all stupid and dangerous. And we should insult them, and we should be able to insult whatever we want. That is what free speech is like.”<<<Read More>>>


Animal Pervert Bill Maher Supports Anti Human Referendum

Another city-dwelling pervert has stepped up to show that humans are scum and animals rules. While visiting Maine and trying to be funny – he claims to be a comic you know – he allowed his name to be placed on a press release that he obviously didn’t write:

““I can’t believe in Maine there are people who put almost 7 million pounds of rotting food, pizza and jelly donuts in their woods each year to lure bears to a bait site, trap them with cruel wire snares and then kill them at close range. How can you call that hunting? That is nothing but an execution. That is almost 70 million pounds of garbage in the last decade alone. Being the only state in the entire country to continue all three of these inhumane hunting practices – I’d say it’s time for a change. Mainers, vote YES on Question 1 and replace those millions of pounds of garbage with the millions of dollars the state will make from tourists going to Maine to see the pristine woods – not garbage dumps.”

This release prompted a statement by “Old Hunter”:

“I can’t believe there are people who put millions of pounds of junk food, drugs and alcohol into their bodies while wasting their lives away sitting on a couch watching some guy who he and others think is funny. These Hollyweird types bait their audience, and trap them behind media machines designed to brainwash the masses, snaring them with cruel statements, lies and human-demeaning comments, causing them to spend millions of dollars buying products that puts even more millions of dollars into this man’s pocket. How can you call that entertaining?”