October 5, 2022

Bloomberg: Ultra Fascist

Most envision the false Left vs. Right paradigm as a straight line, a continuum, with Leftism on the left and Rightism on the right. I have contended for years that even this continuum is misrepresented; that it’s actually a circle. That’s how we should be seeing this vain shit show. If the Left goes far enough to the left, they eventually reach an existence once thought to be held by ultra rightists – fascists. If the Right goes far enough to the right, they eventually will overtake Fascism and wind up in a communist dictatorship rule situation. Left and Right pass each other and actually end up assuming each other’s past political ideology. Think about it.

Welcome to the 21st Century, where some on the Left have gone so far as to become fascists. Such is the case of Michael Bloomberg.

It should be apparent, but isn’t, that when, on those rare mistakes, a politician screws up and gets caught doing and saying things that represent their real persons instead of the liars they make believe they are for election purposes and how they present themselves to the public.

The latest screw up for Bloomberg seems to be some audio that has shown up of him addressing the Aspen Institute (BUT DON’T GO LOOK, at who and what the Aspen Institute is all about. It might reveal some more truths…if you can handle the truth.) in 2015 where he appears to be supporting his “Stop and Frisk” fascist law he enforced as mayor of New York City.

Mind you, the Rightist press (because all press is controlled by the same ultra fascist Global Power Structure) is attempting to present Bloomberg’s comments as being “racist,” and little more. What a convenient distraction.

Here are some of the comments that can be found in the article I linked to above:

“Ninety-five percent of murders, murderers and murder victims fit one M.O. You can just take a description, Xerox it, and pass it out to all the cops.”

“They are male, minorities, 16 to 25. That’s true in New York, that’s true in virtually every city (inaudible). And that’s where the real crime is. You’ve got to get the guns out of the hands of people that are getting killed.

“So one of the unintended consequences is people say, ‘Oh my God, you are arresting kids for marijuana that are all minorities.’ Yes, that’s true. Why? Because we put all the cops in minority neighborhoods. Why do we do it? Because that’s where all the crime is.”

“And the way you get the guns out of the kids’ hands is to throw them up against the wall and frisk them … And then they start … ‘Oh, I don’t want to get caught,’ so they don’t bring the gun. They still have a gun, but they leave it at home.”

“If you can stop them from getting murdered, I would argue everything else you do is less important.”

Today, Bloomberg is trying to walk back his racist/fascist comments by saying that he was “totally focused on saving lives,” that he thought destroying the rule of law was necessary from his perspective.

There’s a certain degree of argument that can be made by flat out stating that fighting real crime is fighting real crime. And, if it so happens that fighting that crime brings law enforcement into minority neighbors or the high rent districts, then such as it is. But is that what’s really going on here?

Fighting crime is one thing. Treading all over privileges that, in past recent history have been supported, presents a brand new problem that cannot be exposed when the press insists that the Obama approach to pulling the racist card is more effective than calling a spade a spade.

Any government official with enough power and control to disregard previous adherence to such privileges as due process, illegal searches and seizures, willing to willy-nilly stop someone and, “throw them up against the wall and frisk,” in my opinion is pressing the actions of a fascist on his way to dictatorial rule under the oppressive strong arm of communism. This, I would consider ultra fascism. When we see such actions, we should be asking ourselves, what else is this man capable of doing or any person of the “Posterity” who understands the Constitution they know and not the one we have been lied about its meaning?

For the same reason, when Donald Trump made comments after the Florida school shooting to “take away their guns and worry about Due Process later,” an honest question might be to ask in what direction is this country going and someone please tell me who is on whose side? Have both ends of the political spectrum actually gone full circle and both have met at the fascist meeting house?

Instead of burying your head in the sand, why don’t you pull it out and look around and search for the truth of what is going on. Things are NOT as they might appear. If you are so immersed emotionally in your preferred false Left and Right vain shit show that you cannot see the truth that is being presented, I will say that I think you are in trouble.


Old Hunter Asks: What The Hell Do You Know About My Safety?

I Love Old Hunter. Don’t You?


I’m reminded of the “Bitter People” clinging to their guns and religion. It’s those “Bitter People” Obama and his followers despise and want to rid the world of them.



Bloomberg’s Marching Orders



Maine: Bloomberg Gun Control Initiative Headed to November Ballot

Yesterday, March 24, the Maine Senate joined with the House of Representatives to indefinitely postpone the Bloomberg gun control ballot initiative, which has been introduced as LD 1662.  This procedural vote by both Chambers to reject the legislation will allow the measure to go on the ballot for the November General Election. <<<Read More>>>


Out-Of-State Money and Signature Seekers Illegally Promote their Gun Ban Effort

According to the Portland Press Herald:

“Leading the pack in terms of total payout as of Dec. 31 was Maine Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, a group that wants to require background checks on private gun sales.

The organization, which submitted more than 85,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s Office last week, had paid the Washington, D.C.-based campaign consulting firm FieldWorks LLC more than $570,000 between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31. During the same period, Maine Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense received $750,000 from Everytown for Gun Safety, the national gun control group founded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The Maine Moms group used both volunteer and paid signature gatherers.

“Maine Moms Demand Action was delighted to have more than 200 Mainers volunteer their time to gather signatures, which allowed us to collect signatures from all 503 cities and towns across the state,” Beth Allen, field director for the campaign, said in a statement. “We saw up close how committed Mainers are to bringing criminal background checks for all gun sales to our state. There are always start-up costs associated with a ballot measure campaign.”

The Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine responds:

“Abuse of our Referendum System Exposed

“Last year I wrote this expose that revealed how the Humane Society of the United States exploited our referendum system by using paid signature collectors from all over the country. It names individuals and groups that took advantage of Mainers, our Constitution and lack of real laws governing paid signature collectors. You might be surprised how many legislators and ex-legislators make money off our system.”<<<Read Expose>>>

The Ellsworth American explains the law and the abuses:

“State law requires that persons who collect signatures for citizens’ referendums be residents of Maine and that their names be listed before the signatures are gathered.

“Right now we don’t have individual names,” Kristen Muszynski, director of communications for Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap, said Jan. 19. “The form is supposed to include the individual names.”



Bloomberg Anti-Smoking Campaign Has Been a Failure for Years: New Government Numbers Prove It

Press Release from the National Center for Public Policy Research:

Government Should Embrace, Not Demonize, E-Cigarettes to Help Smokers Quit

Washington, DC – New York City smoking rates have gone up among adults, again, according to newly-released government numbers.

“This failure in public policy provides the most striking and objective evidence to date showing that Mayor Bloomberg’s aggressive anti-smoking campaign has been ineffective,” said Manhattan-based Jeff Stier, senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research.

The Wall Street Journal reports today that this is “the third straight year that tobacco use has crept up in a metropolis once known for its innovations in getting people to kick the habit, according to government data released Monday.”

The article, by reporter Mara Gay, further says, “City officials and public-health workers blamed a steady drop in funding for anti-tobacco programs for the highest rate of smoking since 2007”

“Actually, I’d beg to differ,” says Stier. “Since 2007, New York City has had some of the most aggressive anti-smoking campaigns anywhere. The city has some of the highest tax rates in the nation, the most restrictions on tobacco displays, and regularly advertises and gives away nicotine gum or patches at taxpayer expense. And New York City spends like a drunken sailor on anti-smoking ads.

Stier argues that it’s not that the city wasn’t spending enough money or that the laws weren’t restrictive enough. Rather, he says, “while Mayor Bloomberg was busy punishing smokers and squandering taxpayer money, the city was among the first to ban the use of e-cigarettes in public places. Yet the emergence of e-cigarettes are perhaps the most promising developments that could help people quit,” says Stier. “But instead of supporting their use to help people quit smoking, the New York City public health establishment spends resources demonizing e-cigarettes and making them less appealing to potential ‘switchers.'”

That is the third straight year smoking rates have increased in New York City, according to the government’s own numbers. This is a big defeat to Mayor Bloomberg on one of his signature issues, Stier says.

“I, for one, am not surprised that the nanny-state approach was ineffective in New York City,” said Stier. “Public health officials should learn a lesson: Put your hands back in your pockets, stop asking for more money and more tax increases for your ineffective policies, and instead show some humility given the new findings.”

Stier says the public health community in New York City and beyond should take heed of the latest numbers and embrace private-sector driven solutions such as e-cigarettes.”

The National Center for Public Policy Research, founded in 1982, is a non-partisan, free-market, independent conservative think-tank. Ninety-four percent of its support comes from individuals, less than four percent from foundations, and less than two percent from corporations. It receives over 350,000 individual contributions a year from over 96,000 active recent contributors.

Contributions to the National Center are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.


Gun Grabbers Paying for Fake Studies

Dear MSSA Friends,

As you have learned, I don’t send out pitches for financial assistance. I just don’t, for a variety of reasons.

However, I’m making an exception in this instance. I’ve known John Lott for 30 years. He’s the author of the authoritative book More Guns; Less Crime, wherein he proves that crime is reduced in states that enact “shall-issue” concealed carry laws. John deserves whatever support you can afford. Here’s the pitch:

Gun Grabbers Paying for Fake “Public Health” Studies
to Justify Banning Guns in an All-Out Info War

The courts have delivered a series of defeats to the gun control movement in recent years causing gun control lawyers to cry out for evidence that gun control works and needs to happen in the U.S. Hearing their cries, Bloomberg, Soros and Obama have recently invested HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, paying academic scholars in major universities to produce fake academic studies that will “prove” we need gun control.

The problem for them is THE FACTS DO NOT SUPPORT GUN CONTROL, so these clever academics will have to COOK THE STUDIES to “prove” we need gun control. It will take academics with great knowledge of statistics to be able to FIND THE TRICKS in these BOGUS academic studies.

This is why Dr. John R. Lott, economist and author of More Guns; Less Crime, and Board Members Ted Nugent (musician) and Brad Thor (NYT Best-Selling Author), announce the formation of the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) to EXPOSE AND CRUSH THESE FAKE STUDIES. CPRC is the ONLY organization of this kind!

Dr. Lott is the best person for the job. In Forbes, Milton Friedman was quoted as saying, “John Lott has few equals as a perceptive analyst of controversial public policy issues.” Ted Nugent says, “John Lott is my academic hero.” Sean Hannity remarks on one of Lott’s books, “If you want the truth the anti-gunners don’t want you to know… you need a copy of The Bias Against Guns.”

Dr. Lott needs you to help fund this organization to hire staff and cover the costs of getting CPRC analysis out to the public.

Receive Founding Member Status by donating $50 or more today, CLICK HERE TO DONATE and choose a perk! For every dollar you give, we get a matching dollar from a generous donor up to $200,000

Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana


Mayors in Mayors Against Illegal Guns Quitting Because They Were Lied To

Find the story at the N.Y. Post


Day Fourteen – No Executive Orders


Nothing posted yet.

Batistaist Bloomberg ain’t going to give up his armed protection.