June 5, 2023

The Bean Town Moose

A moose was seen sticking closely to the sidewalks of some suburban streets in the Boston area. One report said that police were ordered to not allow anyone to endanger the moose: “The officers were told to be on the lookout for the moose and make sure there was no traffic or anything that could endanger the moose.” I wonder if the officers were given orders to “shoot to kill?” – that is any person thought to be endangering the goddam moose. To hell with whether or not the moose might be endangering any man, woman or child! PROTECT THE MOOSE!

What good is this moose if it doesn’t know it shouldn’t be this far south? There’s global warming going on, you know!


I think the police should have been instructed to capture the moose and force it to take classes propaganda/indoctrination from Al Gore (YAWN!) on climate change and the environment. Wouldn’t that be “inconvenient?” All Americans have been so badly brainwashed that moose can’t survive in the U.S. anymore because of global warming. In Maine, Michigan, Minnesota and other northern states, we are told that global warming is killing the moose and that in these regions moose are at the southern fringe of their habitat. So why then are we seeing more and more moose further south? Maybe Al Gore forgot to tell us the inconvenient lie that the earth has changed polarities. Now that makes a lot of sense.

Also please take notice that any pictures or videos of the Boston Moose show the animal looking healthy and not at all affected by the dreaded winter ticks, said to be killing moose (because of global warming of course) in Maine and New Hampshire and other places.

I have said for quite some time that I thought there was a direct correlation between the high density of moose and the prevalence of winter ticks. Being that there are very few moose in Boston, and the state of Massachusetts, as a whole, and the climate is warmer in Boston than in Maine, perhaps the theory of global warming being the cause of increased winter ticks is plain old B.S.

Oh, yeah! And did I forget to say:




Which Crime Scene is Real?



This is related to another link provided by Rattler Rider, posted earlier today.

In an explosion in Ankara, Turkey, this man bled out.


During the Boston Bombing, this man “lost his leg” and is alert and seemingly enjoying his ride in the conveniently available wheelchair. Consider, if you can, that a person has their leg blown off. Bleeding commences immediately. How long does it take for responders to get there and how long does it take to get a wheelchair? Don’t know? How long does it take to bleed out? Would you be sitting up and alert, riding in a wheelchair, if you just had your leg blown off from a bomb? Even in the movies, this guy, if he was still alive, would have been riding on a gurney and triage wouldn’t have been set up “down the street”…affording the opportunity to parade fake victims in front of spectators and conveniently located television cameras. And ask yourself this question: With all the supposed victims at the scene, consider what each person in this photograph is doing and why.

I have talked with several medical professionals who all tell me they just don’t think trauma this great, would provide time nor the opportunity for what you are seeing in this photograph.


And Our Government Is Talking About More Restrictions on Guns?

American citizens should have been awakened to many realities during and after the events that have occurred over the past few days in the city of Boston and surrounding towns. What we know presently is that two men, one age 26 and one 19, plotted to blow up people and property along the route being run by the participants in the Boston Marathon. They succeeded.

One terrorist is now dead and the other captured last evening around 9 p.m. Now authorities will begin the process of telling us all the whys and wherefores of this tragic event.

It is ironic that this event happened at a time when the Obama Administration and several anti gun and anti rights groups and individuals are doing all they can to limit access to and in some cases to ban guns from the American people. They believe they have the authority to limit each of us in the implementation of the tools necessary to defend ourselves from all forms of threats.

Sandy Hook has been argued by some that had there been armed people in the school, perhaps the entire debacle would never have happened. The truth is that people have a right to defend themselves. During the manhunt for the two suspects in the Boston bombings, thousands of residents within the immediate area of the search were put at great risk by these two men. For some, all of those people whose lives were at risk, should not be able to possess a gun or the type of gun that would be best to protect themselves and their families from such terror.

While it is easy to blurt out rhetoric about how guns kill, it isn’t until events like Boston hit close enough to home, that we begin questioning the motives and the reasoning behind anyone wanting to go the extra step to put people at greater risk. It makes no sense.

Listening to the media and the so-called “experts” over the past few days, many of them, in their quest to perpetuate the “moral panic”, as it has been called, stated that what we saw in Boston is the new normal. Horrible Geraldo Rivera on television last night raved on about how “home grown” terrorism, as he wanted to label the two Boston terrorists, is what Americans can and should expect in our future.

If this is true, should we then be disarming the American people?



One Boston Bombing Suspect Killed



Day 91 – No Executive Orders


Day 91 and no executive orders on the White House website.


Unable to See Truth

Is the world going mad? Has it already gone to the dogs? Maybe we aren’t angry enough yet? Is the U.S. rotting from the inside out?

From the beginning of time, the evil nature of man has sought to control all people and all things. Some may argue that these power brokers were and are doing what they believed best for “their” people, but one could contend that merely the desire to control the masses, in and of itself, to be wrong and any so-called good intent is perceived only through a desire to reinterpret the Truth.

Control is the key word isn’t it? There have existed quotes from the ruling elites; such things as “control the food supply and you control the world” or “control the oil supply, etc.” How does that control come about? In order to control people, one has to find how to force the people, either knowingly or not, to submit to controlling features, even if in small junctures.

Perhaps foremost in people’s minds is the fallout from the events of 9/11. Fear struck people, as would be normal and along with that fear, our government took the opportunity to convince people they must give up some of their rights in order to be protected……..by the government. If only people understood they really need protection FROM their government. But, our society is now loaded up with people unable to think for themselves, nor be bothered with such things as who’s in charge and what the hell are they doing. Instead they want to be led. They like slavery, much because as time progresses fewer and fewer people have any idea what inalienable rights are.

Not much has changed since 9/11 and as we have seen since shootings in Arizona, Colorado and Connecticut, the control freaks our out in full force exploiting the fear factor in order to convince more Americans to give up even more of their rights; a move that in rational thinking runs contrary to the entire concept of inalienable rights. And isn’t that the plan?

Yesterday we had a terrorist bombing in Boston during the marathon and the smoke has yet to settle and already actions are underway to steal more of our rights. But how do you counter this nonsense when most of those with any amount of power, i.e. the media, bloggers, individuals, groups, etc., don’t understand what is going on. All too often those who may think they are doing good and countering an offensive against rights, are simply bringing in more fuel to add to the fire. Real change must begin with a better historical perspective. Let me cite an example.

A reader sent me a link to an article published on The Outdoor Wire by Jim Shepherd. The title is, “Terror Again, California Asks for Help.” (Note: You may have to scroll far down the page to find the article or do a site search to find it. The Outdoor Wire does a lousy job of creating links to stand alone pages for their articles.)

The author is saying that this is no time to be asking for laws that effectively or actually disarm the American people, when there still exist threats of terrorism, both foreign and domestic. I agree. But his reasoning on how this assault needs to be handled lacks historic perspective and as a result misdirects and misrepresents the attitudes of our people.

Here’s what the author said about Americans’ reactions over terror attacks.

Yesterday’s blasts in Boston didn’t just injure and kill innocent people, it reopened the issue of terror in the United States. As authorities raced around to reassure citizens they were doing everything possible, there was a question being asked around the country: do terrorists think the United States has forgotten about 9/11 and gotten weak-again?

I’m not going to speculate there, but the concerted efforts of some elected officials to disarm the citizenry would certainly embolden most of the “terrorist types” I’ve had the occasion to run across throughout 40 years in the news business. I recall the late Moammar Khadafi sitting around and telling reporters that he wasn’t concerned about the United States because the nation was “rotting from the inside out because of the corruption of the nation’s morals.” He was dead wrong on that a couple of decades later, but at the time, the nation was still shaking off the Iranian hostage crisis and the first serious attacks on US citizens abroad. He was sponsoring international terrorism, and he wasn’t overly concerned that the US would do anything about it.

It took 9/11 to get the United States angry. An angry American is an awe-inspiring though idea[?] in much of the rest of the world. Normally, the world really does consider us to generally be weak, too-comfortable with sustaining our lifestyle to realize we just might be rotting from the inside out.

The author dispels any notion that this country is “rotting from the inside out.” He also says that once Americans get angry they get back on track. One can choose to believe that and I suppose to some degree they do but they never got back on the right track. This is proven by our willingness to give up our rights in the name of safety.

I’m no Moammar Khadafi sympathizer but perhaps the dictator’s notion was more rooted in historic fact than that of this author. It is my opinion that what this author, and many others trying to get a grasp on some kind of sanity and understanding of what is happening around us, is attempting to describe a symptom of a bigger disease. That disease is, in fact, a loss of a moral compass to guide our people. This isn’t going to happen overnight. It’s a process and as the process muddles along, the people pay little attention. The result is they don’t see what has happened. In attempts to recall history, we are often laughed at that we don’t know our history and what they have learned is reinterpreted, edited history.

I’m not presenting new thoughts here. Nor am I trying to preach to people about their morals and chosen lifestyles. I don’t have to. All of these chapters and books have already been written. History repeatedly tells us that societies that lose their moral focus rot from the inside out.

Why is this not being seen? For the same reason it was seldom seen throughout all of history. We are all part of a slow moving social destruction and while on the ride, cannot see what is really happening and thus denial, such as the author here has displayed when he said in response to Khadafi’s comment, “He was dead wrong on that a couple of decades later.” That’s denial, the result of being immersed in the problem.

We can’t attempt to trump up anger thinking it is the catalyst to solve our problems. As a society in trouble, we refuse to see that others want to control us and in order to do that they must frighten us. A frightened mass of people, will pretty much do as they are told, because they have been taught, wrongly, to have blind trust in government. When in history has that EVER worked?

All the right and wrong things will be said as we mop up emotionally from Boston, while at the same time debating the need to disarm the people. But in the end, to only those keeping score, we will end up with fewer rights and less freedom that God intended us to have. So shall it be written, so shall it be done.